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Q: About opening song

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    Curious: Seeking opinions (if applicable) or facts (if available).

    The song, "What If God Were One of Us?" is a particularly ironic choice for the show, since it is specifically about a God who is distant, cold, and detached from us. One who does not understand our problems and suffering.

    The show, however, aims to show that God is no such thing, that He really does care, but that we don't always see the basis for it due to our own limitations. That it all really does have a "deeper meaning".

    So my question is: Was the choice of the song cluelessness on the part of someone on the production staff (hey, it might have been mandated from on-high by some idiots at the studio), or was the very strong irony unintentional? If it was cluelessness, that would seem unusual for the producers, who usually show an impressive level of talent.

    If anyone actually knows of any "official" commentary about this, it would be nice to read it. If not, feel free to chime in your thoughts or opinions.
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    I think this confusion comes from the fact that the song doesn't really paint that picture of God. In my opinion, it is about a God that is real, and is not this completely distant, omnipotent figure. And he is only being seens as this distant, unreal entity by us, and we don't embrace the possibility that he is all around us, just waiting for people to call out to him. Like the line 'no body calling on the phone, 'cept for the Pope maybe in Rome' is about how people have rejected God, something that is touched upon in so many episodes of JoA. When the chorus refers to the 'stranger' on the bus, I think she is saying that we make God a stranger, we don't want to get to know him. And what Joan does is effectively do what we all could do, and that is, befriend the stranger. Obviously this isn't the official commentary, but I don't see any irony. It is for me the perfect song choice.
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    I don't think the song describes a cold distant god rather the fact that that is what people have began to see god as in this world and they don't expect or look for any oppurtunity to find god, hence the line what if god was one of us and that furthers the point in the showthat by doing everyday little thing we can be doing god's work
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    I definetly agree. I always though the Osborne song was about us ignoring God in one another. In our surroundings. Just passing on by, which is what the television show does.
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