Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 8

Friday Night

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Luke sneaks into the anarchist meeting and looks for Grace, he approaches 1st a blond hair girl, mistakes, and when he moves back in next view, that blond girl is seen behind him instead right from the camera, the person hes moving back is a dark haired male.

    • Didn't Grace, Luke and Friedman find it weird that Joan just left them to talk to a mysterious dog walker?

    • When Joan is talking to Helen in the art room, she says that her date with Adam is "tomorrow night." But in the next scene, Luke and Friedman are at the Film Festival. It's possible that they skipped ahead to the next day, but Luke and Friedman are both wearing the same clothes they have been wearing the whole episode.

  • Quotes

    • Dog Walker God: Did you ever hear the riddle about the man, his boxes, and the bridge?
      Joan: S-stop, I... I just want my friend back.
      Dog Walker God: A man had three boxes, each box weighed five pounds, the man weighed 190. The bridge could only support 200. How did the man make it across the bridge with all his boxes?
      Joan: This is just cruel.
      Dog Walker God: How did he get across, Joan?
      Joan: He juggles! Yes, okay, I get it, he keeps one box in the air the whole time! Yes, I get it! What are you saying? That if I juggle boxes across a bridge, I'll see Judith again?
      Dog Walker God: Joan, the bridge is Life. The boxes: all your feelings. Your love. Your joy. Your pain. Your loss. Everyone is crossing a bridge with more weight than they can bear. So, you juggle.

    • Joan: I know you call the shots, but I need you right now. Okay? I really need you.
      Nigerian Doctor God: I'm here, Joan.
      Joan: Why did you let this happen?
      Judith: It's not his fault, Jo Jo.
      Joan: You make sure that she's okay.
      Judith: Jo Jo...
      Joan: No, he can fix this.

    • Friedman: (to Luke and Grace) Just give it up. Hold hands or something.

    • Joan: All right, I'm going to ask you something, but you're not my mother, okay? You're just some random old lady.
      Helen: I'm not… old.
      Joan: Fine. Elderly.

    • Luke: "Anarchists Unite." Isn't that contradictory?

    • Grace: What happened to your shoes?
      Luke: They were made by kids in Central America. I burned them.

    • Judith: (to Adam) Dude, you are the shock and awe of cute.

    • Grace: I'm going to have to start another woman's movement. The first one didn't take.

    • Waiter: How would you like your steak prepared, monsieur?
      Adam: Um… in a pan.

    • Joan: Well, I know that you are going to come inside, but, um... do you think maybe we could do the good-night kiss thing out here first?

    • Joan: What happened? Did you throw up on him?
      Helen: No!... I... Well, my hair kind of caught on fire.

    • Grace: (while hugging Friedman and Luke) Okay, this just got weird.

    • Joan: (Judith) didn't kill herself.
      Adam: Some people do it all at once, some do it a little bit every day.

    • Judith: I'll do your hair, and your makeup, and then I'll give you botox, and I'll do your boobs!

    • Grace: (to Friedman about her and Luke dating) You know if you give us up you'll never be able to have kids.

    • Grace: (about 'Robot Monster') This is totally inept, dude. It makes stupid look stupid.

  • Notes

    • Music featured in this episode included:
      "House Of Cards" by Ben Arnold
      "Flying In Slow Motion" by Nick Nolan
      "By The Fire" by Jeffrey Lingle
      "Words Like Water" by Lauren Hart
      "Keep Me In Your Heart" (cover of Warren Zevon song) by Jorge Calderon & Jennifer Warnes

  • Allusions

    • Luke: Plan Nine, Robot Monster, Cat-Women of the Moon...
      Referencing three classic bad movies. Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) was directed by Ed Wood and was Bela Lugosi's last film (sort of), and later immortalized in Tim Burton's biopic Ed Wood.
      Robot Monster (1953) features an alien invader represented by a guy in a gorilla suit wearing a robot helmet (like the one Luke is wearing at the theater), and wiping out almost all of humanity with a billion-dollar bubble machine and a violin bow.
      Cat-Women of the Moon (1953) is a 3-D flick starring the immortal Sonny Tufts with music from Elmer Bernstein, and is one of the "men travel to a distant place to introduce alien/unnatural women to sex" sub-genre of films that were inexplicably popular back in the 50s.

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