Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

Joan waking up in the middle of the night with Rocky standing at the foot of her bed. He walks downstairs and Joan follows. She asks him what he's doing there in the middle of the night. He tells her that he made the newspaper and asks her to check it out when they receive it in the morning. She then offers to drive him home, but he makes the comment that she can't do that. Then, she makes the effort to at least get him a coat and as she turns around to do so, in the mirror Rocky vanishes and instead Adam is in the mirror. He says "so long Joan" and as she turns around, Joan wakes up. It turns out it was just a dream. Joan walks downstairs after waking up and finds her dad in the chair watching TV about the investigation that is going on due to Will blowing the political conspiracy. He turns the TV off and asks what she's doing up. She tells him that she had a bad dream. Will replies "Koala Bears?" Joan says that it was about boys and mirrors. In which Will says that maybe this isn't a dream that should be shared with fathers.

The next morning, Kevin is coming into the kitchen reading a part of the paper that describes his dad and the investigation that is going on. They start arguing about how they keep going back and forth between calling him a hero and a bad guy. Luke starts to babble about how no one should bother him when Grace comes over because they will be working on their science project together. Joan gets the part of the paper that Rocky told her to read in her dream. As Joan is reading, she starts to cry when she finds out that Rocky has passed away and that his funeral is that day.

At the police station, Will discovers that he has lost his job due to the investigation. And that there will no longer be a city of Arcadia police department

At the Girardi home, Grace arrives to help Luke with their science fair experiment. He tells her that they will be doing their project on the computer. Grace complains and says that she wanted to build something. An actual something, not just a cyber model on a computer.

At the newspaper, Kevin arrives to find a coworker and Kevin's boss, Rebecca talking about his father. She sends someone off to get a political comment from Will. Kevin says that he won't talk to them. Rebecca is like "why not?" She said that they'll make him look good. Kevin says, "this week, but next week they'll be back to calling him names." And they just go off on an argument for no reason whatsoever.

Later, at the cemetery, the pastor asks if anyone has any brief comments they would like to share about Rocky. Joan gets up in front of everyone and introduces herself, then begins to explain how he was "pretty much a weirdo" and how he knew about 10,000 ways you could die in your home. Joan said that Rocky made death funny. Then she starts to cry a bit, and says "until today." Rocky's mom gets up and gives Joan a hug and says thank you. As the pastor is reading the poem "Do Not Cry," Joan sees Rocky in the cemetery. He looks really happy, waves at her, and then runs away. Joan seems a little confused. After, the ceremony, Joan and Helen are walking through the cemetery when they run into Adam and his father. They ask if they knew someone who was buried there and Helen tells them that a little boy that Joan babysat had just passed away. Adam asks if it was Rocky and she says yeah. He says that it sincerely sucks and they walk off. Adam's dad explains that Adam stopped making his art. Adam said he could have his shed back. He says he's sorry about the little boy and then walks off. Inside a chapel, Joan is lighting a candle while asking God "why put us in a place where we get to know people and love them and then they're gone, we don't know if we ever get to see them again." God shows up and says that death is a dividing line. Joan gets that but says what we don't know is what it divides us from. God says that is one of our necessary mysteries. Joan then asks if the dream with Rocky in it where he tells her to read the obituaries if that was him. He says it was. She then goes to ask if him appearing in the cemetery was also him. He says it wasn't, that that is between Rocky and her. She asks if he is in a better place, but he won't say. She wants God to give her a hint, he says that there are hints everywhere, just as Adam showing up in her dream. Joan wants God to give her a quick look into the big picture. And God says "As you wish, Joan." Then all of a sudden the room gets bright, there is noise, and we see Joan laying on the ground mumbling while Helen is trying to help her up asking if she is alright. She looks confused for a second, but is all right.

At the Girardi home later on during that day, Will is issued a search warrant for his house. Will is guessing because the mayor is making accusations of his own and they are they to check them out. Yet, one of the detectives won't say exactly why. Luke follows a cop down the stairs with his computer in hand. Then are confiscating it because it may have information on it that they can't decode. So, now Luke has a problem with finishing his science fair project.

Sunday morning, Will meets the officer that is in charge of the sheriff's department, where they discuss a job offer for Will to work in the sheriff's department in Arcadia. He says that it is pretty much the same job as police chief, except for the fact that he won't get to leave the office. He tells him to get a list put together of demands, such as salary and perks. And that he will talk to him later.

That same morning at the Girardi household, Kevin is working on the boat out in the garage. Luke is going crazy trying to figure out what to do with the science fair project when Grace and Adam show up. Grace tries to persuade Luke to go with plan B, building a rail gun. Joan comes barging into the garage trying to speak to Adam about the dream she had a few nights ago. Adam tries to leave and Kevin grabs Adam's arm and tells him to just listen to her for once. Adam tells Kevin to let go of his arm and he tries to get out his grasp, knocking Kevin out his wheel chair completely. Kevin says something about needing to go to the gym and Adam tells them that he said to let go and then he just leaves. Joan tries to confide in Grace about her dream and how Adam is freaking her out. When Grace tells Joan how Adam's mother killed herself with pills and that she left Adam a note, that he still has not read to that day.

Kevin tries the wheelchair basketball again with Will's friend "Bear." He's doing pretty good when all of a sudden when Kevin is getting ready to make a basket, he falls out of his wheelchair.

At school, at the science fair, some of Luke's friends are working on their projects. Luke tells them of how his project was taken by the police so now he isn't in the fair anymore. His friends offer him to help them with the last minute touch ups of their project if he still wants to be in it. But, he declines because he and Grace may still do something.

Back at home, Will is making a list of demands. Helen and Will discuss the job opportunity he was offered. Will doesn't really want to do it, but with Kevin starting to finally come into his own, he decides it would be for the best of the family if he took the job. Will's cell phone rings, and they find out that Kevin is at the hospital due to the basketball injury he suffered on the court. Nothing seems to be broken, he has a hematoba on his hip so they're going to keep him for a few hours at the hospital just make sure they won't have to drain it. On his way to his room, Rebecca his boss and "bear" are waiting for him. She asks if he is all right and Kevin asks what she is doing there. They go into a little argument and she says she doesn't know why she is there and then leaves. Kevin tells Bear that it is complicated. Bear says no it's not, you're an idiot. Bear thinks Kevin is scared to go into a relationship with anyone because he is scared as to how exactly he is to "perform." Kevin says he isn't afraid. That there are "lists of women a mile long who have no complaints of Kevin Girardi between the sheets." And he just happens to be yelling that when his entire family shows up at his hospital room door. Kevin boasts that he is on "painkillers." Joan leaves to get a beverage. While Joan is trying to get change at the vending machine, God shows up. "She" explains that it is right for Joan to worry about Adam wanting to commit suicide. God says that it comes from different places. Joan asks God "Adam is going to kill himself? Why?" Then God explains "Rocky finished well, lets call them ripples. The ripples that Rocky left behind are sad, but good. Adam's mother's ripples are not good." Luke is talking to Kevin about how he can either work with his friends on their project or try to do the project with Grace. If he does it with Grace, all Luke sees is contest. Kevin tells him to get over his fear of women. Luke says that not everything is about sex. Kevin says "not everything is about science." Luke and Grace get started on the project at the Girardi home which takes all night. Back at the hospital, Will tells Kevin about the job he is going to take. But, Kevin knowing that this isn't the kind of job he would love tells him not to take the job if it is because of him.

At Adam's home, in his garage, Helen walks in and asks Adam for a favor. She knows that he doesn't want to talk to Joan but she asks him to talk to her just once for her. He agrees and Helen leaves. Right after Helen leaves, Joan walks in. She asks Adam if he is thinking about killing himself. He asks why she thinks he was going to kill himself. She asks him why isn't he doing his art anymore? He says because it is stupid. And because he used to build these things for his mom. And that when Joan destroyed his best one that maybe it was because his mom can't hear him or because she wasn't listening. Joan then goes on to say that "how do you know if she's not listening if you won't hear her answer". He doesn't exactly get what she's saying. Then Joan says that she knows about the note that his mom left him that he never read. Joan asks him why he hasn't read the note. Adam says that he can't because he is afraid that if he reads it, it will say that what she did was his fault. Joan says "that it seems to her, that what it says is worse than knowing for sure". And she goes on to say that she is sorry again for destroying his art, that she didn't know what it meant, and that she hopes they can be friends. And that she really wants him to have "good ripples."

The next morning, when they are finished, they end their time together with a deep stare at each other. Luke tries to talk about that kiss they had, but Grace runs away almost scared to talk about it. Adam shows up at the Girardi household with his mom's letter. He says that he tried all night but he can't. So he gives it to Joan to read to read. She takes on look at the letter and then gives it to her mom to read. Here's what it says:

"Dearest boy, my Adam,

I dreamed a dream. You and I facing each other and a tiny yellow boat on green water under blue sky. Me, my son, and a yellow boat, and we laugh, and the boat rocks, and the ripples spread from boat to pond to sea to sky and nothing can stop them and nothing ever will. When you think of me Adam, know that in a world of pain, you were and always will be, my joy. Love, Mom"

With all of them crying, Adam then thanks Helen and they hug. Joan and Adam look at each other gratefully and Adam leaves.

At Kevin's work, Kevin tells his boss Rebecca that the arguments they have about his father aren't really about his father. He says that it's really just sexual tension. She tries to get out of it, but then says that she feels it too.

Will turns down the job that what offered to him, but he also put in a good word for someone else who would be great for the job. That person then comes in and asks why he would do such a thing. Will says that he wouldn't be happy sitting behind a desk all day. Also, that since he is the boss now, he could offer him a job to run the detective bureau. And so he does. And everything is great with now Detective Girardi.

At the science fair, the teacher, judges, and students are walking around looking at all the projects. Joan motions to Adam to come on and they walk off holding hands. Luke and Grace finished their project and are pretty happy with it when getting ready to test it. Helen is also walking around the room, and sees Adam and Joan holding hands. She seems very happy with this. Right as Grace and Luke are getting ready to test their project, they find that something is wrong with it and Luke tells everyone to get down. One of Luke's friends however, just stands there and the teacher has to run and push her out of the way so she doesn't get hit by their moving project. It hits his friend's project, which sets off a chain reaction of other projects being destroyed as well. One of the projects hits a project full of feathers and a blower which blows feathers all around the room. Grace and Luke are laughing at this as well as Joan and Adam. When all of a sudden Joan and Adam kiss with the feathers falling all around them.