Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Watch the conversation between Kevin and Luke at the hospital. In some of the scenes, when the camera is on Luke, Kevin appears to be resting his head on the bed. As soon as the camera cuts to focus on Kevin, his head is raised. This happens several times in that scene, with the exception of the very beginning and at the end.

    • When Adam comes to the Girardi's and is greeted by Will, his mother's letter is sticking out of the inside of his jacket. When he turns back from saying, "Hi, Chief Girard-", the letter is gone. After he sets down his backpack, the letter is sticking out again.

    • Joan has her dream, then the next day is the funeral, then the next day after that (Sunday morning) she meets Adam over Luke's science project. But she says she dreamed about Adam "last night" when it should be "the night before last."

    • Grace says she has known Adam since they were three, but she was as puzzled as Joan when Adam said he had a photographic memory ('The Fire and Wood'). Also, Grace knew about how Adam's mother died and about the note, but she didn't understand why Adam hated November? (Or maybe she just forgot.)

  • Quotes

    • Nurse God: You're right to worry about Adam. In his world, suicide is a reality. He's lived with it for three years.
      Joan: (long pause) Oh, my God.
      Nurse God: Some suicides are motivated by rage. At another human being or the universe... or me. Others come from a deep sadness--suicide seems the only way of stopping the pain. ...And then there are those who do not end their mortal lives, but still, they stop living. Which is also a kind of suicide. (walks past)
      Joan: (chasing) Wait!! W-w-w-wait. Adam's gonna... kill himself? Why?
      Nurse God: Rocky finished well. The... let's call them "ripples," the ripples Rocky left behind are sad... but good. Adam's mothers' ripples are not good.

    • Luke: Not here to spy. I'm not even in the science fair anymore.
      Friedman: Why not?
      Luke: FBI confiscated my project.
      (Friedman laughs)
      Luke: I'm not joking.
      Glynis: I always knew you had what it takes to contravene national security.

    • Kevin: (to Luke) When do you actually absorb information, 'cause it seems as if you're always spouting it out?

    • Joan: Excuse me, doctor, could you tell me how to get change?
      Doctor: Change comes from within -- but first you have to want to change.
      Joan: (believing Doctor to be God) "Death is a dividing line," "change comes from within." What is with your lame fortune-cookie wisdom today?

    • Luke: Look, I've really enjoyed our collaboration. I...I feel our intellects and approaches really compliment each other, and I was, you know, hoping you felt the same way.
      Grace: (sarcastically, in a seductive voice) Stop, stop, you're embarrassing me with your dirty talk.

    • Joan: (to Clergyman God) This is a mad, creepy look.

    • Luke: (after the FBI takes his computer) Any naked ladies are because of my friend Friedman!
      Joan: Narc.

    • Adam: (about his mother's note) I tried all night, Jane. I couldn't do it. I can't go out into the cold... I need some kind of warning.

    • Grace: (to Joan) Before his mother died, Rove was different. He was funny and... aware of his surroundings.

    • Adam: (in Joan's dream) So long, Jane.

    • Joan: (to Helen) I don't care what you say, I'm not eating bran. It makes me gassy.

    • Adam: (talking to Joan) Rocky died? Wow. Life sincerely sucks.

    • Kevin: He should be treated as a hero, not a pariah.
      Joan: One of those Amazonian flesh-eating fish?
      Luke: "Piranha." "Pariah" is an outcast, one of the unclean.

    • Creepy Guy God: I leave hints all over the place. I'm all about hints.

    • Joan: Do you believe in ghosts?
      Helen: Walking through a cemetery after burying a child – you bet I do.

    • Roy: This is my office.
      Will: You're the boss.
      Roy: I don't need you to keep reminding me. I know who is the boss.

    • Luke: Do you remember when you kissed me at the semiformal?
      Grace: (as she leaves) Yeah. Forget it.
      Luke: Can't unring a bell, baby.

    • Kevin: Dad, I remember when you loved your job. You'd come home at night, I'd ask you what you did. You'd tell me great stories, running through dark alleys, looking for clues, using your siren…
      Will: Kids are pretty easy to impress.
      Kevin: The stories changed, Dad, not me.

    • Priest: (after Joan's eulogy) Anyone else? No? (under his breath) Thank God.

    • Kevin: (regarding Rebecca) It's complicated.
      Bear: No it's not. You're an idiot.

    • Kevin: (to Luke) Quit talking like the Queen of England!

    • Will: So, what were you dreaming about?
      Joan: Boys and mirrors.
      Will: Maybe this is one of those dreams you shouldn't tell your father.
      Joan: Like Orlando Bloom in a Speedo?
      Will: Now I'm going to have a nightmare.

    • Joan: Are you thinking about killing yourself?
      Adam: (stunned) I thought you were going to apologize to me, yo.
      Joan: Oh, Adam, I've apologized a hundred times. We're both bored with that.

    • Helen: Whatcha doing?
      Will: I'm making a list of demands.
      Helen: Ohh. Who are we taking hostage?

    • Joan: I had this dream...
      Grace: Koala bears in hats?

    • Joan: (talking to Creepy Man in Church (God)) How soon will I know, exactly? Feburary 15th, 2066? Wait -- don't tell me! Like you would even tell me.

    • Will: Morning, Adam. Eat soom breakfast, make my wife happy.

    • (speaking about the letter Adam's mother left him)
      Joan: The ripples were good.

    • Luke: Oh, Grace. Uh, I was afraid your father wouldn't give you the message.
      Grace: Yeah, thanks for leaving a message with my father, The Rabbi… saying you wanted to spend the night with me building a gun.

    • Luke: When Grace gets here, we have to knuckle down with the science fair, so if you people could just keep it down...
      Kevin: Then you can make out with her?

    • Kevin: (yelling to The Bear) There's a list of women a mile long who have no complaints about Kevin Girardi between the sheets! (Will, Helen, Joan, and Luke are standing in the doorway) I'm on painkillers.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode in which Jason Ritter (Kevin) shares a scene with either Christopher Marquette (Adam) or Becky Wahlstrom (Grace).

    • This is the first episode where God doesn't give Joan a mission or assignment.

    • The poem read by the priest at Rocky's funeral:

      "Do Not Weep"
      by Mary E. Frye (1932)
      Do not stand at my grave and weep.
      I am not there, I do not sleep.
      I am a thousand winds that blow.
      I am the diamond glints on snow.
      I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
      I am the gentle autumn rain.
      When you awaken in the mornings hush,
      I am the swift uplifting rush
      of quiet birds in circled flight,
      I am the soft stars that shine at night.

      Do not stand at my grave and cry,
      I am not there,
      I did not die...

      (The italicized part was omitted during the actual reading in the episode)

    • We find out Adam's mother committed suicide by overdosing on pills.

    • This episode has the first kiss between Adam and Joan.

    • In this episode God gives Joan a "quick look at the big picture," at her request. As a result she becomes overwhelmed and passes out, thus learning one reason why God does not give her any more information than "hints."

    • Music in the episode included:
      "Deep City Dusk" by Trevor Howard
      "Across The Universe" by Fiona Apple
      "Perfect World" by Jude Crossen
      "Make You Dance" by Squad 5-O
      "Are You Livin'" by Gran Torino
      "Sleepy Sunday" by Jeff Lingle
      "I Need More Time" by Simeon Ross
      "Across The Universe" by Fiona Apple
      "Time" by Chantal Kreviazuk

    • New Gods: Creepy Guy God and Nurse God.

  • Allusions

    • Joan: Like Orlando Bloom in a Speedo?

      Orlando Bloom is a rising movie star having been in such blockbusters as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

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