Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 15

Night Without Stars

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode "Night Without Stars" begins with the Girardi family catching a wheelchair basketball game that Kevin is playing in. Kevin is actually playing real well. While the Girardi's are cheering him on, A man sitting behind them starts yelling extremely loud. Will in a sort of rude way asks the man to be quieter because "he might need his ear later". The man tries to explain to him that it's a game. And then Will starts yelling at him even more. Helen and Joan look at him likes he's being a little too psycho. So, Will gets up and leaves because he needs a "hotdog". Luke who had only been there for several minutes, also abruptly gets up and says that he has leave, due to needing to study some homework. Then, Joan gets up to go get a drink. While getting her drink, the server getting the drink for her actually ends up being, you guessed it, God. Joan asks what's wrong with her father, and all God will tell her is to "work with children". Joan starts to walk off, and Will comes up and puts his arm around her, walking back to the bench with her. He asks for a sip of her drink, and Joan sniffs his clothes and asks if he's been smoking. He takes a drink and says "of course not". Joan then looks back at God and makes a gesture asking if he has been smoking. But, God doesn't say.

In the morning, Helen goes into the kitchen after just getting ready for her first day as the new art teacher. Joan tells her, her hair is all wrong, and then Helen takes it out. Helen starts saying how nervous she is. Joan doesn't really help with her sarcastic comments about her mom teaching at her school. But, Will assures her that that she will do fine. And the Girardi's will help out, making everything fine too. Kevin comes into the kitchen. Will and Helen make a big deal out of him being in the game. Luke comes in and Will asks him what he though of Kevin being in the game and scoring 8 points. Kevin just keeps making fun of him and calling him names, saying that he should stay at his game next time. Luke, states how he is "late for school, and how he is in the pursuit of knowledge, and that they should try it sometime".

At school, Adam and Joan are coming in walking arm in arm. Joan is pressing Adam if he got the tickets or not. Adam says that he "tried calling 4,000 times, yo". Jokingly, he tells her he got the tickets to the White Stripes concert for Thursday night. Joan sees a banner that says "work with children" and a girl standing next to it. Joan says hi, and Adam admires the girl's pen. She says she made it. Joan introduces herself, and we find out the girl is Iris. Joan says she wants to work with children. While she fills out a form, Adam asks Iris if she is in 5th period art. She says yeah, and Adam says he never noticed. Iris says "I know". And Joan just stares at the two like she might be getting jealous.

Kevin and The Bear are at a diner talking. Whispering, Kevin tells him how he has a date with Rebecca, and that he needs to know all the details.... He doesn't really finish his sentence. But, you can figure out what he needs advice about. The Bear tells him that he'll be aware of other senses that he never was really aware of before. And also that it's more about her, and taking pleasure in her pleasure. Kevin just keeps on nodding and they start smiling and laughing.

Helen, giving her art class, is of course nervous. We find that Adam happens to be in the class she is teaching at the time. And that Iris is sitting next to him. When Iris asks if it is ok to suck as long as they mean it. Helen says yes. And Adam just kind of stares at Iris, smiling. Helen says that they are going to go around the room saying something nice about each other's art. They start with Adam. He looks at it, and says it is bold. After he says that, some students start laughing, and Iris just turns and looks at him smiling.

Joan shows up at the school to help work with children. Iris tells her that it's actually a room filled with children that have been domestic violence victims. And that they do art therapy. Iris shows her the board that shows the work schedule. It turns out that Joan has to work on the day of the concert. She tries to change the schedule around, but who should appear? Little girl "God". She tells Joan to keep the schedule as it is. Joan tells God that she really wants to go to the concert. And that Adam will kill her if she can't go. Joan doesn't want Adam hating her again. But, God assures her that he won't hate her. God tells her to go if she wants, and starts to walk off. Joan scowls and then yells across the room "I'm not going you jerk". Everyone else thinking this only a little girl and not God, they look at her like she is weird and mean.

Will and Sgt. Williams are sent out to make sure the "details" of an investigation have been thorouly covered. He tries to argue that it's a cop in uniform's job. He then says that he'll do it, and they leave with Williams looking at their boss in a weird way.

In chem. class, the teacher is talking about chemistry stuff, and molecules, when she bangs her rod at Luke's desk. He really isn't paying attention and says "I'm sorry what?". She then explains it again, and he says "I don't know". Everyone looks at him weird since he has never missed a question. Friedman actually answers the question correctly. Then Joan tells Adam that she can't make it to the concert because she has to work. He is a little upset, but says he will find someone else. Walking out of class, Friedman is making a big deal out of Luke missing the question. When Glynis says that it was her fault because she coughed right before the teacher asked the question and it distracted him. He says that wasn't it, but she keeps going on and on about it. Then all of a sudden Luke just goes off on her and starts yelling at her that it wasn't because of her stupid cough. She looks at him and looks like she is going to start crying and then runs off. Joan, Adam, and Grace hear what he did and ask what's wrong with him. Luke looks at them and runs off. And then Friedman runs after him. Grace asks Joan what's up with her brother and doesn't know. Then, Joan says hi to her mom who's running past them, when Helen says that she can't talk because too late to class. Walking down the hall, Adam says hi to Iris who is standing at her locker. Iris says hi to Joan and Joan introduces Grace to her. Then Iris asks Adam to walk her to class, and they walk off arm in arm. Grace asks what is up with them, and says that they are a small group and doesn't want to know anyone else. Joan asks her what is she supposed to do? Grace says "kill it Girardi!" And then walks off.

Will and Williams are investigating an old crime scene, when they hear a noise. They both turn around, and Will pulls out his gun and points it at a child. Williams tells him to put his gun away. And Will hesitates. She tells him again, and he finally listens. When they get back to the station. Will is instructed to take counseling due to all the trauma he's been thru within the last couple of months by his boss. Will is angry that they would even suggest it. But his partner even agrees that it would be a good idea. Then will turns in his badge and gun and tells his boss that he can do a thorough investigation on him.

In the halls, Iris comes up to Joan and tells her that Adam invited her to the White Stripes concert. Joan says "really, that great!" Joan then looks at her and then says the same words again, only in a questioning way. Then Iris asks if it is ok if she goes with him. Joan tells yeah, and asks why wouldn't it be. Iris says that she senses a weird item vibe between the two of them. Joan says "no, no, no, we're just friends." Iris says "cool". Then Joan asks if she likes him. Iris says something about having to go to a concert to see a band that she's not really into. Then Joan says that she has to go. And walks off. Iris just looks at her and shrugs.

At home, Helen is talking about art to Luke when Kevin comes strolling in saying that he'll be home late for his date and not to worry. Helen asks Luke if he thinks Kevin looks nice. And he asks if he really has to be in on the conversation. Kevin tells Luke that if he ever needs advice on dating, and then Luke just cuts him off and says that he is in a very satisfying relationship with someone who is intellectually as well as physically. Kevin makes fun of him saying "with someone you don't have to inflate?". Helen then asks who is he with and Luke just runs out the door saying he is late and is going to be studying with Friedman. Kevin tells Helen not to worry because it is Luke. Then Joan comes down the stairs and Helen asks Joan if Luke has a girlfriend. Joan says, "yeah, Glynis". And then Joan says that "everyone is hooked up except for me". Then goes on this rant, practically having a conversation with herself because she doesn't want her mother commenting on anything when dealing with relationships. But, Joan basically says that she likes Adam, and how when they kissed, he thought it meant they were dating and they really weren't but then Joan might have wanted to, but now he likes some girl named Iris, and she doesn't understand what he sees in that girl, but she doesn't want Adam to be happy before her, but she also doesn't want him falling in love with someone else, and then she realizes that she likes him and it's too late, but then she also doesn't want to break him up from Iris just to go out with him and then realize that she really doesn't want to be with him and then he not like her again, because she really likes him. She practically just has that whole conversation and then her mom tries to help and Joan just says "mom, I can't have this conversation right now," and then walks off. (totally confusing people!).

After their date, Kevin and Rebecca are coming into her apartment building and are going over to the elevator. There is a note on it saying that it's "out of order". Rebecca says she's on the second floor, and Kevin tells her not to worry. Next you see them doing the wheelbarrow move. (I don't really know what it's called, but use do this move in like relay races). Anyway, Kevin drops to the floor and the two lay next to each other. Rebecca gets on top of him and tries to kiss him. Kevin looks away, and then makes a move and actually gets on top of her and start kissing.

Will comes home really late and tells Helen what happened at work and how they want him to take counseling. Helen actually agrees that that would be a good idea. And then Will gets mad at her and starts yelling at her. He tells her that "his only problem is you and this dam family that is suffocating me". He then walks out of the house angry.

Adam walks over to Joan who is at her locker, and says hi. Then Joan slams her locker and asks him why did he ask Iris to the concert without even telling her. She then asks him why didn't he ask someone else, like Friedman or Luke. Adam then goes on to say that she doesn't want him to go out on a date unless it's with her, and if he did ask her she would say no. Joan says that is absolutely untrue. Then Adam asks, "which part"? And then Joan says that she would want him to go out on dates. Adam starts to walk off and Joan follows. She then says that they don't know anything about Iris. Adam talks about her family, and says she's an amazing painter and likes weird French movies made like 50 years ago. Joan goes on to say that she could be a real psycho. That she wears mangled hangers as jewelry. Adam looks at Joan and asks "why is she doing this?". He says that he likes Iris a lot. And then walks off. Joan looks really sad and walks off too.

At work, Rebecca gives Kevin some work due by 3 o'clock. And he says "yes mam". Rebecca tells him to keep work, work. And says ok. She starts to walk off, and she then tells him that last night was...and Kevin finishes with: "weird, great, and, uh, no one sprained anything. And it was the first time I've trusted anyone outside my family to see without my chair". They both look at each other and smile, and then Rebecca walks off.

In art class with Mrs. Girardi, Adam and Iris are working together on their art. Helen comes over and tries to find something wrong with Iris' art, and tries to get her to do something different. After Iris asking if there is a problem, Helen says no, and walks off. Adam can kind of tell there is a problem, but doesn't say anything. Helen then watches them work together with a sorrowful expression.

As Joan is leaving school, she runs into a hippie looking man with a group of dogs, who actually turns out to be the one and only, God (Russ Tamblyn). Joan complains about how he can't believe he let Adam take Iris to the concert. God then says that he didn't make him take her that he wanted to take her. God says that there are more important things to worry about than the date. Joan says "like?". And then God tells her to continue working with those kids. And then he walks off without giving her anymore answers.

Working with the kids, Joan is cleaning up a kid and a puddle he made (a peeing accident). Then Joan complains to the kid about how she couldn't go to a concert because she had to be there with them to watch them. The kid says that "Iris doesn't talk so much." And Joan just goes off on how she isn't Iris. The kids say that Joan is mean, and Joan disagrees. Then Joan tells them to throw blocks at each other or go write on walls. The children look at her, mad, and then ask if they can make a pinata. Joan says no, and the children say that Iris always said no too. In hearing this, Joan lets them make the pinata.

Kevin shows up at the school to pick up Joan, who is a little late coming out. And then Luke comes out and asks him what he's doing there. He tells him and then says for him to get in. That he'll give him a ride too. Luke says that he'll walk but Kevin yells at him to get in a quit being a jerk. So, Luke gets in. Kevin talks asks about Luke's girlfriend, but Luke doesn't want to talk. Then, like always, Kevin makes a sarcastic remark to him about teaching him some basketball to make his girlfriend happy. Then Luke just goes off on him and tells him to stop acting like that. That he isn't a jock anymore and he never will be. Kevin tries to get him to talk about what's been bothering him, and sort of pushes him. And then Luke goes off again. Luke says that that's what the problem is. That he would always push him and make fun of him, and that no one would do anything about it because he was the big star and he was just some geek. And that when he found out he would never walk again he was happy,. Then Joan gets into the car all happy and sees that something was wrong but didn't know what.

Will shows back up at his bosses office. He tells him that he think he should get some counseling. Because he said some hateful and mean things to his wife that he should have never said.

Joan is hanging the pinata that the kids made saying that they did a great job. After she hangs it, she lets a few children take turns hitting it. When Iris walks in. She starts shouting at them to stop, and asks Joan why would she do this? Joan says that it was just for fun. Iris says that her dad thought it was fun too hitting the two of them. Iris starts crying and then runs out of the room. Then Joan sees little girl God and tells her that she is in charge. Joan walks out of the room to go talk to Iris out in the hall. Joan tells her that she wouldn't have done that had she known. They make up to each other saying that it's neither of their fault. Joan tries to break the ice asking how the concert was. Iris said it was fun. And they talk and laugh.

Kevin tells Luke that it wasn't his fault. That he was an ass and that not having legs doesn't let him act the way did. Luke says that still doesn't excuse him for thinking the way he did. Kevin says "yeah, it does, doesn't it?". They look at each other and wheels off.

At school, Joan is watching the children leave. Adam shows up and Joan asks what he is doing there. He apologizes when telling her that he's there to get Iris, and wouldn't have come had he known she'd been there. Joan says it's ok, and apologizes for the way she's been acting towards him with this whole Iris thing. He says that it was rude of him to not tell her that he was taking her to the concert and her finding out through Iris. He then asks her if she is alright, and how is it going work. She says it'll they'll just have to see how it works, and that she has to be ok. Iris walks out and the clasp their hands together and leave. Then little girl God comes out and offers to walk Joan home. So they leave together.

Will comes home and sees Helen on the couch. He takes her hand and she gets up. They hug, and he sort of cries. But, them just looking at each lets them know that everything is alright.