Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 1

Only Connect

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Joan sitting on a park bench looking around. She eyes several different people suspiciously. Adam walks up, and they greet each other with an uneasy hug. Joan gives Adam a lamp she made in "crazy camp." They talk briefly about their summers. Joan was away at camp, getting over her illness, and Adam worked full time at the hotel. Joan goes into detail about the camp, mentioning her insane roommate with a compulsive hair-pulling problem and Dr. Dan with all his wisdom about Joan's hallucinations. Adam shows her some books he has read about people throughout history who have also talked to God. He admits he now believes her, but she doesn't want him to, now that she has been through the camp and is sure it was all in her head. He thinks she's different. Joan tells Adam she has to leave, and as she steps onto the path, she almost collides with a skateboarder. The skater says, "Watch it there, Jane." Joan stares at him as he continues on the path, and by the look on her face, she is wondering if he overheard her or if he was God.

Next we go to the Girardi kitchen in the morning. Joan is fiddling with a lamp that she presents to Will as a gift. Will is informed that Helen left early to run an errand, and Luke left early because he has "a thing." Will talks to Kevin about playing golf, and Kevin is not interested because he'll look goofy. He would rather do something more adventurous such as surfing or skiing, and Will thinks that he is too old, but that golf will be something he and Kevin can do together.

We find out that Luke's "thing" is making out with Grace behind a short wall across the street from Mocha Mike's coffee shop. Luke and Grace argue about the secrecy contract they signed, and then Grace points out that Helen is across the street at the coffee shop. Luke notices she is acting suspiciously.

Outside the coffee shop, Helen asks a woman if she is Lily Waters. When she tells Helen that she is Lily, Helen is surprised, because this woman, a former nun, is dressed in punk clothes and smoking a cigarette.

At school, the whole gang is back in Ms. Lischak's class, but now she is talking about physics. Luke keeps glancing at Grace, so Grace tries to pop him with a rubber band and misses, hitting Glynis. Glynis and Luke argue after she calls Grace his soul mate. Friedman cuts in with his persistent accusation that Grace is a lesbian. Adam asks Joan to meet him on the roof after school, and she tells him she has to work. She explains to Adam that Dr. Dan told her that working is good for her, and he brings out a list of people who have seen and conversed with God. She gets upset and tells him that she is never going back to that place in her life again - she just wants to be normal.

Helen and Lily sit together inside the coffee shop. Helen wants to be confirmed in the church, and Lily wants to know what her family thinks about it. Helen has not told them, and Lily explains that she must before they can really begin the process. They trade some sarcastic comments, and Helen seems really offended.

At the bookstore, Joan is putting away books and muttering to herself. Sammy approaches, and a little surprised, he lists off all the tasks she has done that day. He asks her what they did to her at the camp, and from this he moves into a discussion about his wife and the possibility she is insane. While Joan explains she isn't really the person to talk to about that, the Old Lady God walks in and says, "Can anyone see me standing here?" Neither Sammy or Joan really wants to help her, but after Joan makes an excuse, Sammy turns to help her.

Will and Carlisle are at the station, and Carlisle asks Will how Joan is doing. As he answers, a man walks in and asks for Will Girardi. He hands Will some papers, and when Will asks what it is, the guy tells him he is a process server and that the papers speak for themselves. Carlisle reads over Will's shoulder and asks about Andrew Baker. Will tells him that Andy Baker is the kid who was driving drunk with Kevin in the car.

The next morning, Luke leaves for another "thing." Kevin is making jokes about adaptive golf and how humiliating it might be. Joan complains to Will about Kevin's crude comments. Will tells Kevin to just forget about the golf.

Luke and Grace are at the same spot, and again they argue. Grace is concerned that people know about the two of them. They spot Helen across the street at Mocha Mike's again.

Helen and Father Ken sit a table in the coffee shop, and Helen complains that Lily was rude. Father Ken tells Helen that maybe she should wait on confirmation because he believes that she thinks her lack of faith is the reason for Kevin's accident and Joan's illness. He goes on to tell her that if that was the case, he would be working for a big cosmic jerk and would have to find a new job.

The whole gang is walking down the hallway at school, and Joan is overly excited about her physics class. Adam is upset by the changes, and he and Joan argue. Friedman makes a comment about Lischak being hot, and he asks Grace if she agrees. Luke steps in to defend Grace, and after an awkward pause, Luke runs away. Someone walks by, and though only shown from behind, it is obviously Goth God. From the look on Joan's face, she is not happy to see him.

Will is meeting with his lawyer about the Baker lawsuit. He explains to his attorney why he and Helen decided to not sue the Baker family for what happened to Kevin, and he cannot hide his anger over them suing for emotional damages. His lawyer asks some questions which seem to lead into the fact that the Baker's may have a case. Will is sure they cannot win, and Tom (the lawyer) tries to be encouraging and explains that Will and Helen will need to write down everything they remember about Kevin and Andy's friendship, especially the night of the accident. Will does not want his wife to know about the lawsuit.

Joan is in the park laying down with a book open in front of her. Little Girl God walks up, and Joan assumes it is Adam. She is disappointed to find that it is not him when Little Girl God starts talking about the properties of physics and how they lead to proof of a divine existence such as herself. Joan tells her she is not real, and when her phone rings, God tells her it is Adam saying he is not able to make it because he has to work. Joan just stares at the phone and will not answer. She tries to count to ten to make her "hallucination" go away, and finally she just walks away from God.

At dinner, everyone is somber. To break the silence, Kevin jokes about the article he wrote. Will and Helen are both vague about what they did that day. Joan asks if everyone is being quiet because they think she is crazy, and her parents try to reassure her, but crying, she excuses herself to her room.

Later, in the kitchen, Helen is doing dishes and Luke confronts her about her suspicious meetings at the coffee shop. He believes she may be an alcoholic, and she tells him that he doesn't get to worry about her, but that she gets to grill him about his life. He drops the subject. Will walks in and tells her he is off to do paperwork at the office. Helen seems concerned.

Joan is in her room working on a lamp when there is a knock at her window. Joan is almost upset to find Grace and asks her why she couldn't have called or used the front door. Grace asks Joan if she is in love with Adam, and from the line of questioning, Joan suspects Grace is in love. She has no idea that Grace and Luke are together, because she eludes to Grace maybe having a girlfriend. Grace denies she is in love with anyone and leaves.

Each Girardi is in his or her own little world. Joan sits in her room, Luke looks over his and Grace's contract, Kevin lays in bed reading about adaptive golf, Will is at the office looking over papers, Helen is in bed and takes a rosary out of her bedside table.

It is morning, and Will walks out to get the paper. He has a flashback to the old house. He is walking up the driveway and sees Kevin and Andy playing basketball. He argues with Kevin about not finishing cleaning the garage. Andy agrees to help Kevin finish up. Back to reality, Kevin is on the front porch asking Will if he is going to bring in the paper. He has a goofy grin on his face - happy with life.

Joan and Sammy are arguing about where Joan has placed a book when Old Lady God walks in and asks Sammy if he has One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. While he talks to her, his wife Heidi comes in upset and acting crazy. She is yelling about how she knows he thinks she spends too much time with Lucinda, her rabbit. She goes on to tell him that he has nothing to worry about anymore and dumps the dead rabbit on one of the tables. He tells Joan and God to leave, and Joan watches through the window in horror. God just gives Joan a look and walks away.

Luke and Kevin are at a golf shop, because Kevin thinks Will has been pouting and wants to stop it by trying out the golf thing. Kevin asks Luke about the girl he is seeing, and even deduces that it is Grace. Kevin's advice to Luke is to take a stand and be a man.

At the station, Helen walks in and blurts out to Will that she is seeing a priest and a nun. He pulls her aside, where she explains that she wants to go back to the church. He goes off on a tangent about how he cannot deal with this right now, and how he is more certain than ever that there is not a God.

Luke goes to Grace's house - per Kevin's advice. She tells him, "You're dead," and slams the door in his face.

Cute Boy God walks into the bookstore where Joan is sitting at the counter. She tells him she is ignoring him, and he tells her he'll be in religion.

Helen is in the kitchen when Will walks in. He apologizes, but she is still upset. He does finally tell her about the Baker's suing them, and while they are crying and hugging, Luke comes in and tells them he has something to show them. They reluctantly follow him to the garage where Kevin is decked out in golf gear and strapped to a cart. Kevin begins to slip, Luke helps him, and they both find the whole thing hilarious. Will becomes upset and tells Kevin to stop.

At the bookstore, it is time to close. Joan shouts for everyone to get out. Cute Boy God is the only one there, and he offers to walk her home. She declines, telling him that he is not real. He walks with her anyway. He tells her that she has always known she isn't crazy. He also says that now that she has seen true insanity, she should realize it is about tearing things down, where as he tries to build them up. He continues on to tell her that he wants her to build - relationships, and then he shows her the beginning of Howard's End where it says "Only connect." This touches her, and she starts to cry. She tells him that he hurt her, and that she just can't see him anymore. He says he misses her - her true self. He walks away with the signature wave, and Joan puts on her headphones and walks in the opposite direction.
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