Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 2

Out of Sight

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

We begin with Joan talking to Dr. Dan. She is telling him that God is back, and he explains it is just a hallucination. She is now in the park with several people laughing at her. Dr. Dan turns into Cute Boy God, who tells Joan he has a list of things for her to do. Joan runs away and ends up in the kitchen at home. Her family makes jokes and comments about her being insane, and Goth God appears on her bowl. She pushes it away, and looks up to see, instead of Helen, Old Lady God. Joan runs out to the porch to find Adam, whom she hugs from behind. When he turns around, it is Cute Boy God. She gets in the car, and drives off quickly, only to run into Old Lady God crossing the street. She steps on the gas, and then wakes from her dream.

Joan is in the kitchen the next morning, staring at her English muffin. Kevin takes a bite, and tells her it was about to grow mold, so she licks it and pushes it toward him. She is being cynical, and Will asks her what happened to her more positive self. She tells him Dr. Dan said she should let her feelings out. Helen walks in and asks Joan to get her some books when she goes to work. Luke comes in, and he and Kevin run into each other. Kevin questions his musical taste when he picks up the Abba CD Luke dropped. Will reminisces about an Abba concert he and Helen attended, which grosses out Joan. Joan asks if the former nun had recommended the books on the list, and when Helen confirms this, an argument begins about religion. Joan once again quotes Dr. Dan, and Kevin joins the discussion, asking why the lawsuit is happening, if God really cared.

At school, Grace and Joan walk towards some lockers. A few lockers over, Joan sees Cute Boy God. She leaves Grace at her locker, and as she walks by God, she just flips her hair and looks away. As she turns the corner, she finds Goth God waiting against the wall. She tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him, and he tells her he thought she might have changed her mind. He tells her to keep her eyes open, and she still just walks away, telling him she chooses a life without him.

Will and Carlisle show up to a crime scene. An 8 year old boy was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting. Will talks to the boy as they put him in the ambulance, but he doesn't remember anything. Will asks everyone standing around if anyone saw anything, but everyone just kind of looks away. Will admonishes them, and then one woman tells him that the little boy was out selling wrapping paper. Will asks her if she saw what happened, and she just gives him a look and walks away.

Grace and Luke are at her locker talking. He tells her he thought she would like Abba because everyone else hates them. She does not, and comments he better not have BeeGees music, too. He tries to defend himself, and she walks away. Friedman walks up with his usual stupid comments, this one about trying to get a look up some girl's skirt. Luke just walks away from him.

Adam is at his locker, and Joan comes up behind and gives him some kisses. He seems nicely confused. When she asks if he will skip with her and go for a picnic, he tells her he has a history quiz and an art project. The argue a little, and she explains that it upsets her that everyone expects her to return to life where she left off before camp because she doesn't want to. Adam thinks she is breaking up with him, so Joan tells him to just forget about it. A girl calls out to Joan, and it turns out it is her friend Judith from camp. Judith was kicked out of her old school, and she and Joan get very excited about being in the same school. She asks Joan if that is Adam, and they are introduced. Judith tells her that everyone called her and Joan Joanith at camp because they seemed to click so well. As they walk to physics, more of the gang shows up. Grace, as usual, isn't thrilled there is someone else she has to talk to. Friedman thinks he has a shot at the new girl.

Joan is working at the bookstore, and the new Sammy, who is less friendly than the other one, complains that she put a book in the wrong section. She comments on how weird it is that the new boss and the old boss are best friends who both have the name Sammy, then she asks when the old Sammy will be returning. Judith shows up to tell Joan that she is having a party while her parents are out of town that weekend. Joan questions whether Judith will get in trouble, but Judith assures her it will be okay. While they are talking, Joan sees Old Lady God. She tells Judith to hold her thought, and she goes over to God. Joan tells her to get out, rather loudly. When Sammy sees this, he runs over, and to cover, Joan tells him Old Lady God was stealing. She goes back to Judith and tells her she's up for the party.

In the garage, Joan gets a box down for Kevin. She apologizes for that morning. She didn't mean for him to get put in the middle of her argument with Helen. He pulls out an old yearbook from the box, explaining to Joan that he wants to see what his best friend looked like. She laughs while reminiscing about him spinning her around, and then she changes tone and says she should have thrown up on him. Kevin reminds her that everyone loved Andy. He tells Joan that he wants to go see Andy, and she thinks it is a bad idea, but promises not to tell their parents.

Grace and Luke are at the park listening to different kinds of music. As they argue about their musical tastes, someone walks by with Celebrate by Kool and the Gang playing. They both react with the same disdain for the song, and they kiss after deciding that because of their common hatred of Kool and the Gang, Celebrate should be their song.

In their bedroom, Will tells Helen about the drive-by. He thinks someone should come forward, and Helen explains that the right moral choice isn't that simple in a world filled with violence. He inquires if that came from one of her books, and she tells him that it did come from Graham Green. They talk about her questions and reading all those books to find the answers, and then they discuss the kids.

In the hallway at school, Joan and Judith are talking about the party plans. Adam joins them, and he tells Joan he's not sure about going because if it gets busted by the cops, his dad will be upset. Judith quotes some psycho babble she heard from her psychiatrist parents while Adam and Joan argue about the party. Adam tells Judith that he isn't comfortable having the discussion with someone he has known for a day. He walks off one way, and Joan goes with Judith in the other direction, making a comment like it isn't a big deal.

Will and Carlisle are at the station talking about the case. In walks the woman who talked to Will at the crime scene. She hands him a picture of the guys who did the drive-by, and she explains that one of them is her nephew that she wished she had been able to take in years before when his mother died.

Joan is at school talking on her cell phone to Dr. Dan. She sees Goth God, and after hanging up with Dr. Dan, she walks up to God and basically tells him off again. She tells him she just wants to be like everyone else, and he asks if he really needs to give her the snowflake speech. She wants to go to the party, and he tells her to go. She thinks this is odd, but doesn't have much time to ponder it, because Adam walks up. He tells her he loves her, and that they should go have some fun.

Will and Carlisle are bringing the shooters into the station. The guys are mouthing off, and DeShaun tells them if they want to talk to someone that they should look within their own department. They then ask for lawyers.

Joan is at the bookstore, sitting on the floor next to the self help section. Sammy walks up and makes a couple of snide comments. While he talks, Helen walks in. She sees that Joan is holding one of the self help books, and she tells her that she doesn't have to go through it alone. Helen then suggests a restaurant for dinner, but Joan tells her she is meeting some people and going to Judith's house. There is an uncomfortable silence with Helen kind of staring at Joan, so Joan asks her what she wants. Helen tells her she was just remembering pushing Joan on a swing.

Kevin is going up to Andy, who is working as a window washer. Andy tells him he isn't supposed to be there and asks why he came. Kevin tells him he heard Andy wasn't doing well, and he wanted to see if there was something he could do to help. Andy tells him he's having nightmares, and Kevin offers to trade places. Andy gets upset and tells him the lawsuit was his parents idea. Kevin gets mad at him for blaming the lawsuit on his parents, and Andy starts yelling about being messed up ever since the accident. As Kevin wheels away, Andy shouts about living with all the guilt and tells Kevin he should have taken the keys away.

At Judith's house, the party is in full swing. She is drinking straight from a bottle of hard liquor, and offers Joan a sip. Joan doesn't care much for it, but Judith is practically guzzling it. They walk past Friedman, who makes a comment to Judith. She turns around and tells him how much she always loved Duckie in Pretty in Pink, and she kisses him. Joan and Judith walk off, and Joan tries to get Judith to slow down on the drinking. Judith tells Joan not to kill her buzz.

Luke walks up to Grace, who is outside in a hammock. She reminds him that the contract states no contact at parties, and she walks away.

Judith and Joan get on trampoline and act goofy. Adam leaves Joan and walks over to sit by Grace. They both seem perplexed by Joan's behavior.

Luke is putting a CD into the player, and the label shows that it is Celebrate by Kool and the Gang. Some people comment, and everyone looks at Luke as if he is insane for choosing that song. He ignores them, walks to the window, and looks out at Grace. She hears the song and gets up to go to Luke.

Joan finds Adam sitting on a chair inside the house, and she sits on his lap and starts to kiss him. He says it isn't private there. Judith comes up and comments she is jealous, but leaves a second later to go throw up. Adam and Joan argue about Judith. Adam is unhappy that Joan is so different, and she defends her friendship with Judith by explaining that Judith was her only friend at camp. When Adam calls her Jane she corrects him and tells him she's Joan. He leaves, and after pausing for a moment, Joan walks off. She passes Cute Boy God, and they just look at each other. She reaches Judith, who is so drunk she cannot stand. Joan again tries to get her to slow down, and Judith again tells her to not be a buzzkill. Judith urges Joan to go find Adam, and she starts to walk away. She pauses at the door, worried about Judith, but she does finally go to find Adam.

Luke and Grace are by themselves somewhere making out. Grace realizes he put the song on repeat, and she accuses him of trying to get around their contract. He says he has grounds to renegotiate, and they kiss some more.

Joan is on the porch calling out for Adam. Glynis walks out with a guy attached to her lips, and Joan asks her if she has seen Adam. She has not – too busy kissing her new boyfriend.

Grace walks into the room where Joan left Judith, and she sees Judith is passed out on the floor. She won't respond, and when Friedman walks up with his usual lesbian comment toward Grace, she ignores him and asks if Judith finished the whole bottle of liquor in an hour. He doesn't know, and she tells him to call 9-1-1.

Joan is still on the porch when the ambulance pulls up. She is worried it has to do with Adam. Grace comes outside to take the EMTs to Judith, and when Grace tells Joan it is Judith, Joan follows them inside. Cute Boy God walks up, and she tells him to do something. He tells her that all he asked was for her to keep her eyes open. She yells after him that he cannot blame her for this happening to Judith.

Kevin is in the kitchen eating at the counter. Joan walks in, and Kevin says he heard she and Luke were grounded, but that Will seemed pretty happy that Luke was turning out to be a normal, bad kid. He asks if Judith is going to be okay, and Joan says she will be. She asks Kevin if he talked to Andy. Kevin comments that he is no longer sure that Andy is crazy for suing them. Joan gets upset, tells Kevin it isn't his fault, and then walks away.

Will answers the door. Carlisle apologizes for bothering him on his day off, but that there is something he needs to know about. Cut to a TV screen with a house on fire. The news story is about Mrs. Wallace being killed in the fire. She was the woman who talked to them at the station about the shooting. Joan walks in and asks what's wrong. Will is upset because he feels that if he hadn't pushed her into talking, this would not have happened.

Joan walks into Judith's hospital room. She asks Judith where her parents are, and Judith explains her father had to give a speech. Joan apologizes for not taking the bottle away, but Judith tells her it isn't her fault. Joan has a small breakdown and starts rambling about all the horrible things that have happened. Judith has fallen asleep. Joan gets up, gives Judith a kiss on the cheek, and then walks out. Adam is coming down the hallway, and he explains he assumed she would be there. They sit down to talk, and she tells him she thought that when he left the party that he was leaving her. He says that it is never that easy for them and calls her Joan. She corrects him by saying the name Jane. She tells him she is trying to figure out who she is and asks if he knows who he is. He tells her he doesn't try, and she says it isn't important. She goes on to say that it is about what we do for each other. They kiss, and he offers to skip work and go to the creek with her. She tells him she should stay with Judith until she wakes up since she is alone. She also tells him they will have plenty of time to spend together. She looks up and sees Old Lady God, and she tells Adam to go ahead to work so he won't be late. After he walks away, she goes up to God and tells her she should have been more specific. God tells Joan she can only point things out and give choices. Joan cries and tells God that she doesn't want to mess up again. God hugs her and pats her on the back as the camera pulls away.
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