Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2003 on CBS

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  • Joan of Arcadia

    Love this show, hated to see it go...
  • Joan of Arcadia is the stupidest show in the world.

    Joan of Arcadia is a really retarded show. they make god turn into differant people and that's such a stupid idea because god is not even a person. I also think the acting was really bad. When I first saw this episode, I wished that I never saw it. I'm really glad that Joan of Arcadia is now cancelled. I hate all of the characters in that show. (Except Grace because she's cool). My least favorite characters are Joan, Friedman and the little girl god. After I watched the next few episodes of Joan of Arcadia, I sat outside and wished a pon a star that the show will be cancelled next year. My wish came true! :)
  • So, I don't know what write in this window. My summary ? I have not ! Why ? I write my review after the viewing of the episode. I don't organized my review but it is coherent.

    I expected better, especially after having heard good reviews. It is sympathetic nerve, but not good. I saw there a little \"propaganda\" towards the religion and God, especially in the scene of the mother with the priest on the carpark. Nevertheless, I like the fact that God can take any possible appearance, as well male as female. The police intrigue is completely weak, especially the end when the killer is brought to the office. I hope that the continuation is better than this first episode because it is really badly started! Nevertheless, I find that the actress who play Joan\'s character is good and very pretty
  • It was a great Pilot

    This episode Joan hears voices calling her... and guess who it is? God. Well when she wakes upfro the first day of school she sees a person in the yard... she gets scared and tells her family that there is a pervert in the yard... her family thinks she is bluffing because there is no one there. On Joan's way to school she sees a boy... the boy claims to be God. Joan then thinks that the boy is just creepy but in some way she believes him because the boy knows all about her. This episode is really great and a nice way to kick off the series.
  • An example of what made Joan of Arcadia so darn good.

    This epuisode, above all others in Joan of Arcadia, I hold as best. All the cast do a great job of introducing there characters, particularly Kris Lemche who obviously has the mammoth task of making God into a character (I mean come one how do you play God?) Amber Tamblyn forced me to immediately warm to Joan and I laughed out loud quite a few times. (Luke :\"So you shoot these photons at a piece of Paper... Joan: \"There\'s a pervert in the yard!\" Luke:\" And a pervert appears in the yard\") Pure genius and got me hooked on the show.
  • A very interesting and intriguing pilot that shows us how easy it is to doubt faith and destiny and how much harder it is to accept it.

    This episode does exactly what a pilot should do. It introduces us to the characters and the plot but also gives us something to look forward to in the form of the next episode. It was daring and unique which was alot better than most of the pilots released during this year.

    Hopefully, this show will not fail where many of it's kind does which is trying to find an audience.