Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2004 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode ^Recreation^ starts with Joan trying to make pancakes for breakfast with Luke succeedingly beside her doing the same. When both the parents come downstairs suspicious of the smells roaming throughout the house. Kevin, Joan, and Luke surprise their parents with a weekend getaway to a spa. Will doesn't ^do^ spa's very well and tries to get out of it, but hesitantly goes anyway to make Helen happy.

At school, Adam and Joan run into each other with Adam asking what is up with Helen. Joan goes into a rant about how they gave their parents a married weekend and now they've been acting really gross by saying things like ^should we even bother bringing clothes^. Well, Adam wants to talk to Joan about the two of them when Grace interrupts them by telling them there is an anti-drug lecture in the multipurpose room which gets them out of homeroom. The professor that gives the speech actually turns out to be God. During the speech he explains that ^romantic love is a kind of mental illness^. God stops Joan out in the hall. She asks him if the speech about not doing drugs is her new assignment since she already does that. God says that although that would be a good assignment she's been doing a lot of difficult jobs and not be surprised if he lets her have a fun assignment.

Will is down at the police station still trying to get out going to the spa. He tries to get Det. Toni Williams to say that they need him to be there for the meth-lab that they're getting ready to jump on. But, she says they can wait a few days and watch it until he comes back. So, he definitely has to go now.

At the newspaper, Rebecca goes over to Kevin and tells him about a research paper he wrote, and how funny it is. She tells him that he should be writing essays. He tries to decline but Rebecca sort of talks him into it. He asks her, ^what if all I want to do is kiss you?^ She replies ^you'll have to catch me first.^ Kevin says that wouldn't be a problem since he's been playing basketball.

At school, Grace asks Joan what she did to Adam. She said that he's always been about her but now he thinks that they're a couple. Joan said she did nothing but Grace said that she kissed him. Joan defensively says that technically he kissed her. Grace walks off telling her good luck with that. Right after Grace walks off, a kid comes up to Joan asking her if her parents are out of town that weekend. She looks at him weird, and he tells her ^you know what kids do when their parents are out town?^ He tells her to have a party. Joan finally gets it that the kid is actually God telling her to have a party. Joan's like ^oh, this is the fun part^.

At home, Helen and Will are packing, getting ready to go. Will is still trying to get out going to the spa, but after Helen tells him she won't make him do anything he doesn't want to he again says he will go. Luke and Joan are having breakfast. Joan is trying to tell Luke that since the parental's will be out of town they need to have a party. But, since Kevin is in charge they have to keep it a secret from him. All they have to do is not tell him about it and they will get away with it since he won't be home the night of the party.

At work, Rebecca tells Kevin that she wants to run the research piece he did in the newspaper. Kevin tries to tell her that he is not a writer. That there are staffers ^elbowing^ for that kind of job. He's just a fact checker. Rebecca says she is offering him an opportunity, and that he shouldn't worry about it. She'll handle that part. She even says she'll help him with it, that Saturday night at work at 6pm. Making it a sort of non-date date in my book. Kevin sort of gets it, and agrees.

At school, Joan and Luke are trying to figure out how to invite people to the party, when Grace asks them if they're having a party. Both of them looked stunned since neither of them is ^popular^. Luke's friend Friedman comes up and tells them the headcount is 75 people. And then Glynis tells them that 20 seniors are confirmed. Joan just completely goes ballistic at this news. Friedman says that he heard there was going to be a keg when Glynis says she heard there was going to possibly be two. As everybody starts to walk off Joan and Adam run into each other. He asks her (by calling her Jane : ) ) if he is invited. Joan says yeah. He asks if he is invited as a guy who knows the girl who is throwing the party or.... and then jumps in and says that maybe they should talk about this. When the principal comes up behind Joan and asks ^talk about what?^ Adam says ^chemistry^ and then walks off. Joan kind of shakes her head as if to say ^Yeah, that's kind of true^, and then walks off.

At the spa, there is a sign that says they have to be as quite as possible. When checking in, the guy at the counter asks if they have any luggage. Will, tells him that it's out in the car in normal a normal speaking voice. The guy tells him that there is not need to shout. He looks at Helen and she whispers to the guy that they have a reservation for two. When Will is getting his credit card out of his pocket, the guy sees that he has a gun. The guy tells him that guns are not allowed and that he needs to lock his weapon in there safe. Will doesn't want to but if he doesn't they will be pretty much kicked out of the spa. So, to make his wife happy, he reluctantly gives the guy his gun.

At the spa, Will and Helen are sitting at the pool/hot tub trying to relax and be quite when this really obnoxious man starts talking to himself about his colon crisis. And then he even starts talking really loud on his cell phone about something dealing with his job. Will tries to confront the man and asks him to be a little quieter. But, the guy just calls him a ^girly man^ and laughs at him.

Joan and Luke go into a liquor store to try and buy two kegs, but the guy at the counter cards her, so they now have no alcohol confirmed for the party like people had thought. But, as usual, the guy at counter turns out to be God. As they are leaving, God asks Joan if she invited Adam. She says ^sure^. God asks if he realizes she's inviting him. Joan goes ^as in a date^? God tells Joan to figure it out. And they leave.

At the office, Kevin and Rebecca are working on Kevin's essay. When they start arguing about some of his writing. She goes on to say if he doesn't want it (as in her help) then she can't help him. Kevin says ^who say's I don't want it^. Then they look at each other and smile. Rebecca comes back and says, ^don't make trouble^. Kevin asks if they're even talking about the essay anymore. Rebecca tries to cover up what they were really hinting at and says ^yes, we are^.

Will walks into a quiet room where men are just sitting around in robes relaxing and being as quiet as possible. Will sits down and notices the guy from the poolroom that he confronted was sitting right next to him. He tries to be the better man and strike up a nice conversation with him. But, the guy just asks him to shut up. Will's phone rings in the quiet room. He answers it and it turns out to be Det. Toni Williams. She tells him that they are going to move in on the meth-lab. He starts getting really loud because he really wanted to be there when it happened. Will is being a little too loud for the quiet room, so the guy starts yelling at him to get off the phone and to be quiet. Will says he is being quiet, but the guy tries to reach for Will's phone. When he does that, Will just hit him one in the face. Causing some of the staff to break them apart. Getting Will and Helen ^grounded^ for the rest of the night. Making them have to leave the next day.

Joan and Luke's party seems to be going well, except for the fact that people start rummaging through the fridge and get liquor out of the liquor cabinet. Grace and Adam show up. Grace and Luke leave Adam and Joan alone. Adam says hi to Joan and tries to give her a simple kiss but Joan sort of turns her head to block him from giving one. Joan says she has to host and Adam says sure. Then Joan just walks off leaving him there. Kevin calls to ^check^ up on Luke and Joan and Luke lies to him saying that just Grace and Adam are there. Even though Kevin really knows that they are more than likely having a party since he can hear a lot of noise in the background.

Friedman, Glynis, and Luke are on the couch looking at family pictures. When they come across one of Luke dressed in a Halloween costume as a Dalmatian when he was 3. And also come across Joan as just a baby, naked. Which is very bad for her!!! She says it's a nightmare and then Adam asks Joan is she wants to dance. She says ^What?^ She tells Adam she can't because she's at a party and then she grabs the photo Album and walks off.

Rebecca is checking over Kevin's paper. When she's done she says that it is really good. She tells him thank you for trusting her and gets up to walk off. When all of a sudden, Kevin grabs her arm and says ^don't make me get up out of this chair^. He says ^he's handicapped not stupid, he knows when to not let a beautiful woman walk away.^ She gives him the excuse ^we work together^. But, Kevin doesn't care. He pulls her down onto his lap, and she gets alarmed that he can hold her wait on his legs. He says that it doesn't matter since he can't feel his legs. They both laugh and she gets onto his lap a little better. Kevin tells her thank you for everything and she says that she's welcome and that she means it. And then they kiss a nice sweet small kiss. They both like it so they go for a more in depth longer kiss.

Det. Toni Williams is waiting on a call so that she and another detective can go in and bust the meth-lab. Her phone rings and it turns out that they are being summoned to go check out a noise complaint.... at the Girardi's house.

Will and Helen are playing scrabble, when Will makes some points. In doing so, Helen has to take off her shirt exposing her nightgown. Will thinks he's gotten out of trouble with Helen for causing them to have to leave the next morning, but she is still angry with him. Helen couldn't believe that Will would do something like that. She tells him that ever since he was held hostage he hasn't been himself. Will says that on that day, he went through the whole life review. He saw her and the kids, and he said goodbye and that he was sorry. He just couldn't believe, that what kind of a guy would say goodbye to his family. He was like, what can I do?

At the party, Joan is shooing people away from the upstairs. She's telling them that it's not that kind of a party. She goes and sits next to Adam. He asks her again if she wants to dance and she again tells him no. He then asks her if she wants a drink. She tells him water would be nice, so he gets up to get her a drink of water. ^Cute^ God shows up and asks Joan to dance. She asks him if she can say no. But, he refuses that answer and leads her to where everyone is dancing. He asks her if she likes the party. And she asks him what the big idea is. God tells Joan that it is recreation. She doesn't understand so he breaks the word down. He says it is to recreate. To begin again. To start over. He says that Adam is confused. Joan says that Adam is always confused. She says that she is not ready to couple. God tells her to tell him. Adam sees Joan dancing with God, who actually looks like a normal very cute I might add guy. When he sees this he just walks off. God tells Joan to remember that recreation doesn't mean relaxing, it means redefining. She asks, ^redefining what?^ God says ^whatever needs redefining.^ Then the doorbell rings, and Det. Williams shows up and tells Joan to break up the party. After leaving the place they were watching with the meth-lab went up into flames. Had they been there, they could've been hurt or killed. So it was a good thing they had to go check out the noise complaint.

Joan sees Adam outside just standing around so she goes out to talk to him. She asks him what he's doing outside. He says that he's waiting for his father to pick him up. She looks at him funny and asks if everything is ok. He says he's fine while calling her Joan again instead of Jane. Joan says that she liked it better when he called her Jane. He said those days are over. Joan then asks Adam why is he mad at her. Adam says that he doesn't know. He says ^that maybe he is bad at stuff like this.... but we kissed. It's not exactly like I've kissed a lot of girls. Maybe I've only kissed one.^ All Joan says is ^right^. Adam goes on to say that maybe it meant something to him. Joan says that maybe it meant something to her too. He says that he doesn't know what to do with it now. Joan laughs and says ^me neither^ and then Adam says that maybe it was like that professor said at the beginning of the show, ^romantic love is a mental illness^. That it just happens and then what are you going to do. Joan says that maybe they just aren't ready. Adam goes ^yeah, ok, I accept that. But we're you ready for that other guy?^ Joan then tries to defend herself in saying ^that's different^. Then Joan looks over at Adam who is looking down at his feet and goes ^hey, you want to dance?^ They smile at each other and then begin dancing outside in front of their house.... in the dark. It was very romantic! Joan even does a little twirl while dancing with him. But, they both look very happy! They are sort of hugging while dancing. Which is the ending of this week's show. Awe! Isn't that sweet?! Another great episode! Bye everyone! -werthgirl3