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  • A slowpaced teen age melodrama, yet, a surprisingly well thought out story.

    Joan, Joan, Joan, it's all about Joan.

    Joan of Arcadia? What a strange name. Obviously a reference to Joan of Arc for those crazy catholics out there, I being one. That's one strike against the show, surely it has a Catholic bias. Oh, and it's another teen/family drama; that's gotta ge at least two. Three strikes, you're outta here!

    I recently picked up the first season bc let's be honest, I found it for $20 and was in a definate need of a pick-up. I've since watched the entire collection, and I've been a little skeptical.

    First off, don't expect fast pacing, until what was possibly going to be season 3. Season one is especially slow pacing, but I think that's what it was designed to be. It's like writing the prelude to a deep genre, it's going to be slow if you take the time to explain instead of jumping right in like Lost.

    Unlike Touched by an Angel I didn't feel overwhelmed by the Christian myths and smothering morality. Things are reactive, only happening when they're expected to.

    Don't go in expecting explosions and great miracles of God, but instead look for the ripples, and you might find a fairly decent show.
  • Pretty good stuff.

    I just started watching season 1 of this show. I am about 6 episodes into it and I really like it. It does remind me alot of Wonderfalls, but it isnt as goofy, doesn't have as attractive a main character, and is just plain better. This is quickly working it's way up to my long list of favorite shows. I am sad that there are only 2 seasons of this show because I beleive it is something that I could really get into watching every week. But, at least it got more of a chance than Surface. I loved watching Surface, even though it had so many things wrong with it. And I'm not even going to get into the Firefly discussion. So many shows are cut off before their prime. This may have been one of them.
  • joan of arcadia was an amazing show i never missed an episode. i couldn't. it made me feel like i as missing a part of me. i am not an overly religous person but this show touched like no other show has ever.

    joan of arcadia was the best show on tv last year..i have never watched a show that touched me every episode...i swear i cried almost every show and that\'s not easy to do. It's a big shame that it was taken off the air. I actually stayed home until after it was over every week. Good moral story but not over the top...religous freaky ... just very well written and very well acted.. I loved Amber in General Hopital but as Joan she was ever teenager .. confused about what\'s expected of them and relationships her character was well written and well played ... i really miss this show.

  • bring it back pitty

    why did they end this series like that i was a good one it had a good story line and plot although sometimes repetative. i reallyliked john minor brother espacially in the last season although he sems kind of a geek he's ok. even john wasn't bad although not that god either. the person in this show that i could never stand was Adam i really didn't like sia as a character and as acting he's not good. Another cool character is The father of John the investigatre police. the overall rating for me is quite good. but pitty to cut it of
  • CBS Screwed the Pooch on this one

    This show was family friendly, interesting, well written and told great stories EVERY Week. I just don't get why they'd cancel this show, it's a FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW, NOTHING get's ratings on Friday Night YOU MORONS!!! Especially when it's got a sci-fi aspect and it was up against Enterprise and Stargate SG-1 in the same time slot. The parents were played by 2 of the best actors in hollywood and the guy from Prison Break was about to get a big part in the show in the finale whereas he played the Devil. Shame on you CBS for cancelling this show and The Brotherhood Of Poland N.H. . Les Moonves needs to stop suing Howard Stern and dating his hot news anchors and start concentrating on quality programming instead of 20 more CSI spinoffs.
  • Joan talks to God.

    I LOVE this show. What a great concept of an ordinary girl who carries out God's commands to teach her a lesson. She communicates with God who takes the form of different people to guide Joan to become a better person and to change the people and circumstances around her.

    Even though Joan questions God, everything that he asks of her to do always have a reason, a reason that Joan sees at the end product of her quest - a value of something to be gained. Something that most of us in the real world forget to do.
  • I miss Joan of Arcadia!

    Joan of Arcadia is a wonderful TV show about a teenage girl named Joan who talks with God. The show deals with Joan's relationship with God, as well as her relationships with family and friends. It is a bold television show that really makes you think without preaching that a certain religion is right or wrong.

    One of the great aspects of the show is how real and believable the characters are. Amber Tamblyn does a remarkable job playing Joan. There is a lot of depth built into each episode, and I find myself thinking about the show days after having watched it.

    Joan of Arcadia was a little ahead of its time. I think some people never gave it a chance because they were not willing to be vunerable by considering that someone could interact so closely with God. I think its Friday night time block may have been a problem as well. Perhaps it woudl have done better in a different time slot.

    Overall, this show has a great spirit about it and always leaves me feeling positive about life and wanting more.
  • it used to be a show about a girl that saw and spoke to God but they decided to quit it!

    Where the heck did this show go!! This is absolute rubbish, I loved that show! Finaly a show with something to say, and what happens?? They stop it, just like that!I was really looking forward to the next episode but there wasn't going to be one! I think it's just stupid!

  • it's just so awesome!

    this is a show about a 16-year-old girl named joan girardi who was led into a road of mystery and in the pathway of healing by being able to talk to God.
    i caught its very first episode and i can't say it's great though it was really good. i bet it's upcoming episodes would be better. all i can say is, joan of arcadia inspires people and stuff about spiritual things. this program is really good for the black soul. plus, joa is the only show who plays constant avril lavigne tracks. saan ka pa?
  • A great show that anyone could love.

    One of those shows that shouldn't of been cancelled. Since it wasn't on Fox I was shocked when this show was cancelled. I'm not a religous person by any means, but this show really connected with me. I could relate to Joan's situations, and I just loved her and all the characters. I really wish they could make a series finale since we were all left with no conclusion to the conflicts.
  • A great show that reaches the hearts of it\'s viewers. Amber Tamblyn is amazing, and the creators did a great job at not making this show too corny!

    Wow! Joan of Arcadia is off air and all I can do is wish it were back! This show was original, and related to people of all ages. It has an amazing cast including Amber Tamblyn who recently played Tibby in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. The concept of Joan of Arc, a girl who claimed she was talking to God, placed in a modern teenage setting is quite ingenius to me! I immediatly bought season one the day it came out and can\'t wait for season two! Anyway here is to Joan of Arcadia, and all we can do is hope God talks to the people of CBS and tells them to bring it back!
  • A suburban family with the usual assortment of neuroses and a daughter in high school who talks to God. He shows up as an electrician, the lunch lady and a freckle faced little girl to challenge Joan's thinking and actions.

    I guess underappreciated is the best term to describe the show now that they've canceled it. It was a nice show to settle in with on Friday evening after a rough week of reality.

    Sure, talking to God will usually land you in the looney bin, and that's where Joan went once. She learned to keep these conversations to herself after that. That doesn't mean she doesn't get the message across though.

    It's not Bible thumping, in your face religion. It's just about a girl facing moral dilemas and challenging herself to follow the path of good.

    I miss it. I miss all of them. I think we all went to different high schools together.
  • Bring it Back! My family and I got so much from this show. We were devistated when it was taken off the air. Such life lessons were learned.

    Bring it Back! My family and I got so much from this show. We were devistated when it was taken off the air. Such life lessons were learned. One of the good family shows left... now what do we have that the entire family can sit and watch and learn from??
  • it touched the heart. I loved this show . there aren't enough shows that make you feel good about yourself. bring it back! You fall in love with each character, and they have great chemistry.

    Definitely a show that deals with the drama of high school life, complex problems, and just trying to get by. Everybody wants to have something wonderful to believe in. I know there's a God, and like most people, I find it hard to imagine what he would be like. But this show just brings things to life for me. I find hope, and love in each show. It doesn't leave me with a sense of hopelessness or desperation. There's a God out there, that loves us and is watching out for us. In a world full of hate and hopelessness, this show is something we all need. A WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL SHOW!
  • A "normal" teen, Joan Girardi, is suddenly faced with a crisis of faith- God starts to talk to her. She already has to deal with two brothers, one of which is paralyzed and the other is annoyingly smart, and her parents.

    Whose idea was it to cancel this show? The first actually clean, decent show to come along in a LONG time, and they CANCEL it? (The clean & decent part was not counting Friedman, FYI.) Seriously, if you need to get rid of something on Fridays, cancel Jag. I waited all week, every week, last winter just to have it canceled. Fine. I just won't watch Ghost Whisperer. It's a bad copy of Medium, anyway.
    Anyway, this show was fulfilling and wonderful and they had better release the second season on DVD by the end of the season, or they'll have a bunch of P.O.'ed fans on their hands.
  • Joan of Arcadia is about a teenager, Joan, who talks to God. She learns that God works in mysterious ways, and even though He doesn't always make sence to her, she still listens to what He tells her to do.

    I have only one word for the producers at CBS: WHY??? Why did they take this show off just when it was getting to be the best it had ever been?! I mean, Joan was just about to kick the Devil’s stinking butt! Why would they cancel a wonderful thing? Sure, it may have offended some people with the references to God, but still, everyone needs just one person that they can talk to, one person to really connect with, Joan had that with God. CBS cancelled one of its best shows in a very long time, and I still don’t understand why.
  • why on earth did they cancel it? I was wating for the program... and then suddenly it was replaced!

    It's a great program, with lots of fun moments and stuff and some good thinking parts every now and then...
    It's a shame they don't show it anymore... but I hope the directors and all those other guys change their minds and decide to show it again... :p I'll be waiting

  • Were's Joan of arcadia????

    I loved the serie a and the and the end of season 2 was great not a end of the show but something great to go further on. I think it's supit that they stopt the serie it is one of the best series ever. Finily a serie what has something so say something original. The cast were also great. The storyline was great, I dont get whey the stopt this great serie. I live in The Netherlands an I still think they should make more series. Last Sunday rtl4 was broadcasting the last episode of season two, I tought today lets watch whats going to happen in the next season, and then a saw ENDED what is weird becasue the last episode asked for more not a end. I really hope the serie comes back. I will really miss it
  • Bring Joan back!

    I had looked forward to Friday nights to watch Joan of Arcadia. I miss the thoughtful and positive story lines. It was entertaining without gratuitous foul language, sex, violence, or general frivolities. Excellent writing and acting. It was cut just as the story lines were actually getting more interesting! I hope the powers that be rectify their error and bring Joan back!
  • This is the reason I REFUSE to watch CBS' replacement: Ghost Whisperer!

    This show is just amazing. I was so crushed that it was cancelled. I mean if this show was on FOX, it would still be running, but it got stuck on high-rated CBS (who can't come up with one unique idea besides making copies of other shows).

    I just wanted one more season, give the show a true send-off! This should have at least lasted half as long as Touched by an Angel did. I mean this show was great with Joan's sarcasm with God, and teen angst... It was just another TV show taken off right when in its prime. Joan actually finds an 'evil' person who also talked to God.

    If this show ever returned, and Amber Tamblyn still starred it, I would totally watch it!
  • Even half way across the world people love Joan of Arcadia!!!

    I live in South Korea and man, I really enjoyed Joan of Arcadia. But I just heard it was cancelled. So, now my friends and I are upset because once the second season is done showing, we won't be able to see anymore except for re-runs. I wrote a letter to CBS! I advise fans of J.O.A. do the same! It's not too late! Don't let J.O.A. become like other great shows that were cancelled too soon and then years later were finally acknowledged as fantastic (like, My So-Called Life)!
  • Canceled to soon.

    JoA was a great show. i really don't see why CBS would have canceled it, it got respectable rating, yes its rating were down in the second season, but seriously, it was on Fridays at 7, people don't watch TV at that time! if this would have been on at Wed at 8, it would still be on, but no, CBS would rather be the "lets have the same show over and over again network" seriously? how do people watch CSI, Without A Trace, is the same show repeated...OK, off my soapbox.

    It was to bad that the show ended, especially the way it did, on of course...a cliffhanger.

    On reviews, i tend not to talk about the plot, because that it what is for, not me. All you have to know is that this is a wonderful show, and well worth watching...but the other side of the coin is, it was a good show, and after you watch it, you will be sad that it is the rest of us.
  • This show was original and well acted. I want it back, and I'm going to keep pouting until I get it back. I need closure!!

    Joan was quirky and interesting. This show had good plotlines and was fun to watch whether or not you were interested in the religious and ethical questions it raised. Having different actors play the role of God made for amusing sidelines. My favorite was the little girl. The second season ending was good, and I really want to know what would happen next. If they can't just let us keep Joan of Arcadia as a show, then I think that they should at least give us a made for tv movie or something to wrap up the loose ends.
  • Friday without Joan of Arcadia Seems Ludicrous .

    Maybe they just PUNK'D us and Joan is coming back,.Please! LOL,I also love the Ghost Whisperer which I feel may have been Joans demise! I think you need both shows.Why not ,we have all those great comedies with beautiful
    women who married O.K. men! That is funny though.
  • Bring Joan Back!!

    I love this show, and I can't believe it's been cancelled!
    Joan of Arcadia was one of the only good Drama shows I know of that deals with the issue of God and religion without alienating the non-religious fans like me.

    I want Joan of Arcadia to come back.

    ~Just Breathing
  • I miss this show.

    Why did they have to go and cancel a perfectly good show? I used to love watching it every Friday and seeing what would happen to the cast. Is it just me or did the show never really finish. You could tell there was more to come and then they just cancelled. Now we will never know what will happen and that makes me sad. Now what am I supposed to watch at 8 o'clock on a Friday. There is nothing on at this time so it's not like the show had a lot of competition for ratings. They should at least finish off the plot for the fans. Even if they only do it in one or two episodes, at least we would know what happens. I'll finish off with what I started with, "BRING IT BACK!"
  • i cannot believe that cbs took off the most awesome God show there is. It dealt with everyday life and how God is always right there with us. If you listen you can here him. he gave free will.

    I loved this show. Amber did a great job. Also jason ritter has his dads awesome good looks and great humor. He always is a greaat actor. He is definatly channeling his father the great John Ritter. The rest of cast is phenominal. they all do such a wonderful job. It still surprises me and angers me that cbs took this show off the air. It was a great family show. Kids could actually watch this. We need God mentioned more positive in tv today. Its all about sex and money drugs and alcohol. Or being pretty or not pretty enough.
  • I think CBS made a massive mistake

    I am sick and tired of the good shows on TV being cancellend by people like Les Moonves. Joan of Arcadia,8 Simple Rules,My Wife and Kids,Life as we know it. Its all about money and nothing else Joan of Arcadia was making good rates in America so Im told. And was doing really well where I live[Ireland] and in Great Britain I know this beacause they bought the second season showed it and then like a month later they showed the first season it was so good I would do anything to have it back
  • Original, fanciful, and yet realistic

    Without this show, my television on Friday nights is usually off (since it only coincided with Monk nights for a short time each year).

    This was an excellent show that faltered a bit in the second season, but it was ramping up towards a very interesting and exciting third season. Of course it was cancelled before we could get to the good stuff!

    My favorite avatars for God were Cute Boy God and Goth God, but all of the avatars in their various forms and with their quirks were fun to see and it was fun to puzzle out what their assignments meant. The Girardis were like a real family with parents who weren't perfect, kids who fought with each other, and people who didn't always say or do the right thing.

    And now with the show gone, we'll never know what happened to Lt. Toni or to Rebecca (and why did Beth have to keep showing up when these other women just disappeared without a trace?).

    In the second season Grace became a bit too abrasive and Adam became a real jerk. Maybe that's what happens to you when you're added to the main credits. ;)

    This is a real must-see show.
  • They cancel it and don't think about the little people!!

    I really like Joan and I'm From South Africa. Cos CBS has canceled it and now noone will show it here.i mean i never even got to see if joan was seeing god cos of her disease or not.People really don't care about good tv anymore.Its all about the ratings. so wat if the 2nd season only got 8 million viewers compared to the 1st seasons 10.1 million. 8 million is still a lot of people.
    They should think of all the people who really enjoy and learn from Joan.
    I mean i'm only 13 and all my friends also used to watch it. Just cos a few young people in the US can't understand Joan doesn't mean no one can.
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