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  • The story of a girl who talks to God and her family. Through "suggestions" from God, she finds out what one person can do with their life and makes some wonderful friends.

    Well written, wonderfully acted. Five months after cancellation, I still miss it. I think I\\\'ll always wonder what would have happened to the Girardi family and friends. Totally worth the cost of the dvds. This cast brought every character to life and the writers really made you think about your life and what you could do with it.
  • Now I have no reason to turn on CBS. Why do you always cancel the good ones? Because NBC hit if off with "Medium" you think "Ghost Whisperer" will go over? Well, Jennifer ain't Patricia! That show looks stupid. At least finish "Joan" with an ending!

    PLEASE! This is the one show on television that I look forward to watching each and every week. I'm tired of all the reality shows and the forensic medicine TV. Keep "Joan of Arcadia!" It's the only series in a very long time that I tuned into CBS for.
  • One of the best shows and CBS gives it the axe. Shame on you!

    This was one of the more original and thought-provoking shows on television. I enjoyed the show and the expected converstations that would rise from it. Whether it was in church or at the office the following Monday, the themes in the show were usually devoid of the trials and tribulations of network agendas and full of life and death questions we ask ourselves everyday.

    They had just started with the 'devil' character when they pulled the plug and it makes me sick to think that I'll never know how it ends.

    Think of all that's happening in the world right now and how a show that provides such strong and useful means for escape might have been used.

    Sad, sad and more sad.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I absolutely loved this show. Even though I didn\'t like some of the darker turns it took halfway through the second season, the end of the season looked like it was starting a promising new storyline. If the network HAD to cancel it, couldn\'t they at least have given us some closure?
  • The best family show on television in a long time and they cancel it! If the network would have tried a different night instead of Friday, it would probably still be on.

    This show touched on some very sensitive and trying situations for families, teens, the handicapped, etc. and gave us hope that we can get through difficult times. It did this in a sweet and caring way, yet showed the confusion that teens can experience on a daily basis. The characters were good and the storyline was excellent. In the last few episodes, the Devil was introduced into the show. I couldn't wait to see where that was going to lead! I guess I will never know now.

  • Joan of Arcadia is a good show and networks need more patience.

    I thought Joan of Arcadia was a great show. I am not a religious person, but you don’t need to be to appreciate this show. I loved God appearing as different people, especially when it was an unconventional person. This show was a drama, comedy, and educational about religion with out be judgmental; that’s a first!

    The actor’s are incredible. Amber Tamblyn was perfect for this part. She may very well be the first normal looking teenager on television.

    I am very disappointed not to be able to see the conclusion to the story line. That was one of the best parts of the show. There was a seasonal story line, each episode had a story line, plus very complex characters. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    CBS should know better than to cancel a show like this. I thought NBC was the only cancel crazy network. Give good shows more time, the ratings will come.
  • Horrible!

    I saw an episode of this show while on a plane to Hawaii. Why does it exist? It was just horrible and I feel stupid just for seeing one episode. I'm tired of having religion shoved down my throat. I'm an athiest and proud of it. I like Amber Tamblyn but she needs to focus on movies or get a better TV role. She was great as Tibby in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." I give that she doing her best work on this role but even the best actress ever couldn't make her likeable. Besides in real life, if you're having conversations with god it means you have some sort of mental illness.
  • Why must they remove programs that have values you want your children to have and replace them with programs based on negative values and other types of trash. I have had my fill of 'reality' shows.

    Over the recent time the media has lost they perspective for family type programming. They resort to sensationalism , sex, and violance. I wonder if they want htier own children to watch the trash they air? If you look at the newspaper headline you will see what, I feel, is the result of the new wave of media output. This includes they games the produce for the public. I wish they would return to shows that teach good solid values for the family to watch. If the public would stop watching the trash that is on and watch dvd's or tapes and ignore the media executives idea, we might get our message across to them.
  • Joan of Arcadia is an amazing show about a high school girl who can see and talk to the most powerful being in the universe. He has Joan performing jobs and duties, that help people in the most unforeseen and unexpected ways.

    What a shame that this show was not picked up for another season. It is one of the only shows in prime time that could be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The topics addressed and the good deeds performed were a fresh look at how people should act and do good. What a great role modeling show for children to "do the right thing."
  • I liked this show very much. I found it

    I liked this show very much. I found it insightful and intelligent. I liked how all the characters in the family were dealing with spiritual issues in their own way. I wasn't too crazy about the parallel plots between Joan and Will as a cop. That parallel seemed a little bit too anvil(lic) at times, but every now and then
  • I really liked this show. I found it an intelligent approach to spirituality, which is rare on TV, after shows like Touched by an Angel or (shudder) 7th Heaven. Unfortunately, I think there was too much of a focus on the teen love life of the main chara

    I liked this show very much. I found it insightful and intelligent. I liked how all the characters in the family were dealing with spiritual issues in their own way. I wasn't too crazy about the parallel plots between Joan and Will as a cop. That parallel seemed a little bit too anvil(lic) at times, but every now and then it worked out adequately. Although I liked the character development of Joan and Adam and Grace and Luke... sometimes the relationships seemed a bit strained. Joan was portrayed as too much of a dunce at times, maybe Luke too much of a prodigy. They were kind of falling into stereotypes. But this being said, I liked the God interventions - never too preachy, or too self-righteous.. on the whole I found them well-balanced.

    I would have liked to see this show go on a few more seasons just to give it a chance to find its middle ground and mature.
  • Excellent show!!!

    I would like to talk to the genius who decided to take this series off the air. I will never watch the replacement and I will tell everyone I know not to watch it. My whole family loved that show and I liked the fact that my teenagers liked it. I am a Christian and believe in God, but even if I didn't I would still watch that show. Whether people want to admit it or not God created us and he deserves to be recognised. Oh, yes lets replace a show about a girl who talks to God with a show about someone who talks to the dead! I am exremely disappointed in the lack of values this shows!!!
  • You know what it is about.

    Is anyone listening....This was a great show and I miss it. Please bring it back!!!

    Thats all I have to say but it says I need to have at least 50 words to file the review and so I am just typing to fill up space.

    I needed 3 more words.
  • A bit outrageous, but fine.

    I must admit I do like the concept for this show.
    Have a different person (claiming to be God) appraoch a teenage girl and tell her to do several things.
    However, the coolness of this series is quickly shot down when a guy dressed in a hot dog costume gives her another assignment.
    Am I supposed to believe that God would pose as a guy wearing a hot dog costume? YIKES!
    But as I have said, the theory and concept is great and there is a heap of morality thrown in for you to comprehend.
    I'm not one to question the Big Guy, but I don't think a teenager is quite prepared to handle this type of duty. Perhaps God should have approached somebody a bit older and the Pope!
  • Joan of Arcadia is an excellent show, so original, give us story who never think can watch in tv.

    This story about a young girl, who have a lot of problems, her old brother had an accident, and her family have to begin a new live.

    the idea to bring back the story about Joan of Arc in a our time, is great, is just original. I don`t know why this great show don`t work out, maybe a lot of people don`t understand this concept, maybe the think this show is about religion, but is not.

    I`m really sad because many people, don`t take a time to sit and watch this series just one episode.

    Well, who watch this show i know the have a new concept of this kind of series, and even of god.
  • I think it's terrible that they would take a show like that off of the tv, when it shows like that that we NEED to be seeing more of on tv.

    I absoutly loved watching Joan of Arcadia! I'm so dissappointed that they've ended it. It was one of the few decent shows out there that could actually make good points about real life and give good reasons for why things happen the way they do. I love how Joan was always told to do seomthing that made no sense and at times seemed like a bad idea, but because of her faith that God wouldn't lead her astray everything usually turned out for the better (with a few exceptions, but even then she learned very valuable lessons). This show was rare in that it could push "doing the right thing" and "being moral" without being cheesy or fake. I think it's terrible that they would take a show like that off of the tv, when it shows like that that we NEED to be seeing more of on tv.
  • This show is the moderday life of Joan of Arc. Joan Girardi is an average teen untill moving to Arcadia, then everything changes. She now can talk to God and she does his asking, but would it just be too much of to ask to have her normal life back.

    This an expertly written and casted show, that is creative to know end. It is completely original and nothing can even come close to it. This was one of the vary few if only show that was enjoyable for the whole family, it even centered around God without becoming super religious. This show was extrodenairily good and should come back.
  • Joan Girardi moves to a new town. She starts to see God in many forms. God asks Joan to do certain things but never directly tells her what to do or why. Eventually Joan's questions whether God really exist or whether she i

    It has humour, emotion, trials & tribulations. I found the first series good with a few twists and turns.

    The second series, the characters were a lot stronger and the storyline was so easy to get into you were left wanting more.

    I really recommend this program for light hearted family entertaiment.

    Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled but you can always hope the network change their minds!
  • Joan of Arcadia is a nice, but overdramatic show about an oridinary girl who gets guided through her high-schooldrama's by God.

    Joan of Arcadia is a nice, but overdramatic show about an oridinary girl who gets guided through her high-schooldrama's by God.

    I would describe Joan of Arcadia as 'way too dramatic'. I always figure it's just written by people who actually want to be writers at shows such as As the World Turns.
    Still, Joan of Arcadia does qualify for me as a good show, because it posesses all the stuff a cool show needs; humor, action and drama.
    Every week, God, in the form of just a normal man or woman, gives Joan a small tip of how to do things. She always follows his tips and most of the times, that gets her into trouble, but it always turns out to be right, and Joan learned something new and important about life.
  • This show was about much more than Joan and God. It was about people making a difference in each other's lives if they choose to. It is about good and evil and about family bonds and the need to belong.

    I give this show a 10 out of 10. It was a complex view of life and the relationships that surround each of us. It weekly demonstrated that one person could make a difference in the lives of others. It also demonstrated that we are all inexplicably connected to each other though bonds that are not always easily explained. We do not stand alone and no one is a victim.

    Each week Joan is some small way touched the lives of each of her friends and also sometimes made an enormous difference on someone she had never met before. God spoke to Joan and challenged her to reach beyond her perceived abilites to help others.

    It was a great show that was probably too good for TV.
  • A show about a girl that can talk to God. God always gives her assignments that sometimes change her life.

    I really liked this show. I was really sad when I heard that they were going to cancel it. Joan was going through stuff that teenagers go through. More shows should be around God, in such way were they don't have poeple sleeping around. This show taught me about life and sometimes how to handle situations. I think thats they should bring this show back. My mother and I watched it every Fridat night. I think that more people should watch this show and that they should show these eppisodes at schools and show people how to handle situations and all that junk.
  • Finally a show that teaches moral ideas. I like the fact it uses youth to explain moral issues faced in this world and then has the audience question their own faith. Absolutely the best show I've seen in a long time.

    A+++ Todays issues, today's youth, and questioning of faith? It should make every head turn by the end of the show. Priceless. When it was cut, I felt we lost something meaningful on T.V. Well, we have. CBS did not do this show justice. If it only put it on a Mon-Thu this show would of been a ratings slam dunk. Friday night kids are out getting drunk, getting in trouble, underage parties, and "God" know what, of course your ratings are lower!!! CBS knew it had gold, but quality is not important in todays society and CBS just helps fuel the fire. BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • This show is about a young adult that has trouble dealing with and accepting the things that happens in her life. That is, until, God shows up. God helps Joan in examining her life so that she can better understand it.

    I think that this show is a one of a kind. Even though many people arent religious, this show provides an example of how every action and decision we make has a purpose and is connected to everything. This show has enlightened me and many other people I know. It sets a great and rare example of the way things work. I dont mean that there is a GOD, but I do mean that things work in mysterious ways and that everything is connected to eachother. So we as people should examine our own lives much like Joan does.
  • A show about joan a girl who get mission from god. God comes to her in the from of different people. Her dad is cop her is a art teacher her younger brother is a science geek and her older brother is paralyzed. her friends are adam and grace.

    A show about joan a girl who get mission from god. God comes to her in the from of different people. Her dad is cop her is a art teacher her younger brother is a science geek and her older brother is paralyzed. her friends are adam and grace. this show is a little bit confusing but it keeps you interested. It makes you see how everything happends for a reason. You never know how god is going ask Joan to do next. I love this show and I wish they did take it off the air after just the season two.
  • Once again the nerdy outcasts are better looking than most schools’ popular kids.

    Once again the nerdy outcasts are better looking than most schools’ popular kids.

    Joan Girardi is a friendly, reasonably polite, funny, attractive girl who no one likes. God talks to her sometimes and tells her to help people. Unfortunately God appears as different people, so Joan doesn’t always know the stranger giving her instructions is the Big Guy.

    JofA is another example of a brilliant, well written show with a great group of actors that was cancelled to make room for a show that will surely disappoint in comparison.

    In spite of a very good cast (her family Joe Montegna, Michael Welch, Jason Ritter and Mary Steenburgen) Amber Tamblyn carries this show. If she doesn’t get another starring role soon, someone is not doing heir job in the casting business. It would be nice if this show was picked up on a cable network or direct to syndication, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    Get it on DVD, it’s great.
  • PUH-LEASE! It's Cancelled For A Reason.

    Think about it this way; Sure the show had a good message, a kind heart and who doesn't want to see God as some struggling Actor every week. But the reality is, if a warm show like this couldn't survive on CBS (the channel of Survivor and senior citizens) then it can't survive anywhere. This show also had a strong promotion on 'Eye on American' which is the programming they show on all American Airline flights of over two hours, not every show gets that. I am also a big fan of the Star of the show, she was great in 'The Ring' and 'The Sisterhood...' but she alone couldn't save the sow. The reality is the show was flawed and slightly boring. CBS gave it a chance, it sagged in the ratings and in this business you don't always have 2 seasons to make up for it. Dry your tears and be glad there's room for something better.
  • This show is completely underappreciated by the very people that made it, the fact you couldn't give it another season to pick up the ratings that are oh so important to you! The actors did their jobs brilliantly, viewers loyal, you CBS, let us down. Dis

    This show had underlying power, it touched on parts of life that so many other show's can't even get close to. God, faith whatever you believe in is all involved in this masterfully written and casted program.

    Joan is a teenager dealing with everyday issues and her bigger problem of having this double life, learning lessons and teaching others as she goes alone... this usually resulting in her looking stupid or people disliking her, but the point made or the actions results... they speak for themselves. We could all learn from this as human's. Get rid of the superficial programs with beautiful people... Joan and her quirky friends are the right generation of casting beautys... you learn to love these people, take them into your hearts and listen to what they teach you.

    The rest of Joan's family are a well mixed muddle of characters, ranging from creative type, enforcer guy to science nerd.

    A funny, intelligent, respectful and talented two seasons... thank you for giving them to us, but shame on you for taking what could of been away.

  • I love learning about the opinions of and from a variety of religions and cultures their ideas about the way the universe functions...

    I love learning about the opinions of others and from a variety of religions and cultures including their ideas about the way the universe functions... In many countries of the world I have interacted with common folk who are almost always very nice and hospitable, especially if politics is left at the door, and even religion.

    The ripple-effects all actions have on who knows how many or when, is a great concept to ponder, or not. The interpretations of life and purposes of/for, or lack thereof, that we have as groups and individuals and nations are all interesting philosophies of life. This show gave us an inkling of what might be involved, not. The interpersonal tolerance and other-centered behavior concepts are curious, and attractive, to factor in to all we do, or not. The interactions of believers and non-believers and where boundaries are set concerning when to argue a point and when to quit are set in an array of examples that is well thought out.
    I just watched the DVD boxed set from start to finish. I liked its simplicity and occasional irreverence. Learning about the basic goodness of most people gives one great confidence to travel anywhere and enjoy any culture. The police aspect of the dad, as a cautionary contrast, keeps one from being careless but also shows that 99% of the average homes anywhere in the world would welcome you into their homes with open arms. I have myself done it with great satisfaction.
  • Another good family show bites the dust!!!

    My heart was broken when I read that Joan was cancelled. I watched Joan every Friday night with my teenage daughter. When she wasn\'t home I recorded it for her.
    This was an awesome show that dealt with true life situations of today.
    I loved the characters.
    The end of the season kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Only to find out that we will never know.
    I am so tired of good shows being cancelled, & stupid brain dead shows still continue on.
    The only thing that killed Joans ratings was the fact that it was on Friday night. Because of this, it didn\'t stand a chance.
    Efforts were made by a lot of people to try and save this show. But unfortunately these efforts were fruitless.
    Thanks to all of those involved in Joan while it lasted. You will be truly missed on Fridays at our house.
  • Innovative, but Underappreciated

    Joan of Arcadia was religious without being judgmental, without barriers, and it meant something despite any personal leanings you may have. The great thing about this particular show is that it was telling without being preachy. Devout Christians may have watched this, but so did the ordinary folk, such as myself, who just appreciated a different view and a plain ol' good story. Amber Tamblyn led a solid cast and I found many, though not all of the storylines, compelling. I will even miss the high school fling with Luke & Grace. It's a shame that this show could not have been given at least one more season to prove itself, if even in another time slot. Best of luck, I guess, though, to the cast and the writers. S'pose we'll never know what could have been.
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