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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Joan of Arcadia is an amazing show that didn't make it, because of bad marketing, and a bad time-slot. Think about this show, what do you know about it? A high school girl sees God and speaks to him, in his many different forms. That's it right? That's because that's how CBS choose to advertise this show, but it's so much more! Joan's father, Will (Joe Mantenga), is the Arcadia Chief of Police and there were many episode and background stories involving, crime, corruption, and the police. Her brother, Kevin (Jason Ritter), was in a horrible accident and is dealing with being paralyzed. That's just two of the many things about this show that you didn't know about. There are probably about ten other things I could mention, that could, alone, be the basis for a good TV show or film. Amber Tamblyn is amazing as Joan Girardi. Normally when you hear teen drama and young unknown cast, you expect the acting to be sub-par, but Tamblyn is exactly the opposite. She makes the show and gives energy and meaning to the other actors working with her. Take Chris Marquette, who plays her boyfriend, Adam Rove. I've seen him in many things and didn't like him. Working with Tamblyn makes all the difference for him here. He grows from a guest star into one of the most engaging and mysterious characters in the show! I cannot stress to you how good this show is and how it's so much more than what was advertised. There are so many stories and side angles, twists and turns, and while not a minor thing, Joan talking to God is not the focus of the show, many times it's just a scene or two, defiantly not the basis for the show. This show is the story of the Giardi family moving to a new location, following Kevin's accident, and dealing with all the struggles that come along with it and adolescents. It shows how there are still good people in this world, that not every teenager drinks, and while it sounds corny, watching it has actually cheered me up during some rough times I've had recently. It really is a great show and I can't possibly recommend it enough!
  • Please bring it back

    I think the only reason why the ratings were low at the beginning is because they did not advertise it well, I mean about when the next season is out after the first season had finished. I miss it and would like it back and I see a lot of other people want the same.
  • Unnime

    Olha, estou assistindo o seriado e apreciando demais! Todos meus amigos esto curtindo muito... Finalmente alguma coisa na TV para falar do ser humano como um todo! Muito bom...
  • Sequel to the last episode

    I need a movie or book to follow the last episode of this series. An elaboration needs to be made to Joan's encounter with the evil character. Please!
  • One of the most highly intelligent shows ever written about the place of God in human society, shown through the view of a young high school girl, and those of her family as it copes with its own tragedy.

    Unfortunately, this show was a particularly intelligent one for people who AREN'T particularly religious (or are filled with doubt, or have problems with the classic view of God).

    It had issues with appealing to actually highly religious people. I won't detail them much, but the one PC sop, having God appear as a rather effete male, suggesting that it's ok to be gay is sure to annoy some religious types, with adequate Biblical argument on their side (regardless of if oyu agree, it's still going to annoy many highly religious people). I think it should have been either left as a topic-to-be-avoided (such as denominational issues, including judaism, Xtianity, and Islam) or confronted head on, with some sort of acknowledgement of what the Bible states but leaving the fact that it's between each person and God rather than something to be enforced by others. The show did neither, which did not help.

    That said, there was a movement by some Xtian groups to write-in to save the show, so not all Xtians were sufficiently offended by the show, which was on the cusp after the second season. Its initial popularity obviously surprised the hell out of CBS -- there's a reason they put it in the Friday Night Death Zone in the first place (remember, The Passion of the Christ came out in 2004, the first Narnia in 2005. Joan debuted in 2003).

    Another issue -- God is not supposed to appear to anyone again, after Jesus, until the Second Coming -- i.e., there are no further prophets (including Mohammed) -- which I have no problem with in the context of the show, as it is certainly never claimed or suggested that Joan is a prophet -- but I know at least one person who cited the Biblical passage as an excuse to reject the show unseen, and yes, I think he's an idiot. So its basis can chase away part of the "obvious" audience, Xtians, while not making its appeal known to the actual target -- people open to belief but who have problems with the classic view of God. This show is very good for people who consider themselves Agnostic or even somewhat Athiestic, or who have Really Serious Doubts -- because I believe it presents a view of God which is more humanistic and rationalistic than many "official" views. If the basis for your disbelief and doubt is associated with problems with the "classic view" of God, this show may provide you with a view you will find more acceptable to your own sense of Right And Wrong. I think that God, in this show, makes sense in light of the problems in this world. That can be a basis for Faith.

    I'm not making any promises -- YMMV -- but I think it's a fantastic show, exceedingly well written, with excellent acting and characters, and it does address issues with God, and The Problems of the World (and why God may choose to not interfere) with a remarkable level of intelligence and wisdom. If you don't believe in God, you may, watching this show, find a view of God which you can respect and believe in.

    At the very least, the show can be a good source of some great late-night BS sessions in a college dorm about religion and its place in society. And that's not necessarily a bad way to find religion, either.

    It is unfortunate that the show ended so abruptly, but, despite the cliffhanger series end, it's still very much worth the time spent watching it.
  • Who can I contact who has enough influence to get this show back on television?

    I was devastated when this show went off the air. The show is entertaining as well as insightful. My family and I watched the show and we all loved it!!!!

    I have NEVER taken the time to write about something like this. I was spurred to action after watching a Joan of Arcadia rerun. I think it was (and could be again) the best show on television. Why do networks cancel shows like Joan of Arcadia and continue to invent these ridiculous reality shows? Who cares who can eat worms or be picked as the most eligible bachelor? Give Joan of Arcadia a little advertising and hype and I really think the number of viewers will continually increase as they hear about it from friends and family. The world is changing and more and more people are moving from traditional religious thinking to a broader understanding of spirituality. I think this show can support this greater understanding and help the world to become a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A great new show to the UK with a feel good factor AND lighthearted Godly teaching which hopefully will encourage people to think about their actions and the consequences.

    I disagreed with the previous poster who asked why Joan doesn't get a bolt of lightning up the ass!! King David often got angry at God and poured out his heart to Him- good and bad! God may be God but He's our heavenly father too and He wants us to be honest and welcomes feedback!

    I LOVE the show- have only seen two episodes so far but am hooked. It may not always be 'theologically' sound but it certainly gets the message across how something you do can have an amazing knock on effect, and how we don't always know the bigger picture.

    Anything that gets people thinking about God and their actions is fine by me- and the fact the actors are perfect for their roles is an added bonus.

    I can't recommend it highly enough and hope it doesn't end at just two series.
  • Joan Of Arcadia is a story about more than just God, and him contacting Joan, but it has a deep sence of spirituality and family.

    This show has the perfect blend of humor, spirituallity, teenage adolecence, and family.This show mostly revolves around Joan Girardi and the people in her life: Her father, Will Girardi,a police man, who has doubts about the whole religious thing and choses to do thing the old fashioned way. Her moter, Helen Girardi, a artist at heart but does whatever she can to protect her family, even if it means sacraficing her own beleifes. Her older brother, Kevin Girardi, a once popular jock until he was involved in a car accedent paralyzing him from the waist down, which ruined his chance at a football scholorship. Her younger brother, Luke Girardi, an overaspiring nerdish teenager whom the familt quietly mocks and sometimes forgets about. Her best friend, Grace Polk, who is very self-contained and doesn't share much. Her on-and-off-boyfriend, Adam Rove, who she must find a way to comfort when he is very isolated from realit. And last but not least: God! As God aproches her and askes her to do stuff for him/her (whichever form God appears in) that benifit her in ways she barley even recongnizes!
  • This show has to come back it was just starting a great plot!

    Ive just finished re-watching the series for a second time because I loved it so much the first time around but I need more! Ending like that with this big challenge/fight coming up just isnt enough for an enquiring mind like mine. I wanna know what happens, the story was just starting to get really intreaging. How could they just leave us hanging like that????
  • This show was amazing. Like really.

    This show was truly amazing and dealt with so many of life's issues with humor and truth. I loved this show for it's quality, characters, and storyline but I also loved it because it was a show I could sit down and watch with my dad without being embarrassed by inappropriate things. When I found out this show was canceled I cried, it may sound silly, but I sat there and I cried because I wanted to know more of what happened to Joan and her family. I especially was interested in finding out what happened between Joan and Adam who were a couple that just added icing to the cake. If I could bring this show back I would have it back in a heartbeat.
  • These is about a typical family facing a typical situations and Joan, their young teenager daughter's who has given a gift to have a conversations with God.

    These show is my personal favorie because it only appears here a family facing a typical situations that sometimes cannot be solve it easily and quickly. Then, Joan, their young teenager daughter's who has given a gift to have a conversations with God. These things is happening in a surprisely ways she is not expecting to encounter in most of the time. That people think to her is acting a little strange and it is hard to believe for them. Then what I liked more is her secret, it's a cute boy in her own age, Adam. He is his boyfriend who believes she's been experiencing hallucinations. It is my personal favorite for it shows how Joan is faithful to God and following his directives and retain his normal teenaged life as existence.
  • The show is about Joan, a teenage girl who gets contacted by god to do various tasks and by doing so fulfilling her true nature in life.

    This show is the best I have seen in a long time. I don’t watch many shows either, mainly because I don’t watch a show unless it strikes me. Joan of Arcadia hit me personally and I am not even religious. It grief’s me to see the show axed, and just after a 2nd season. Although season 2 was not as good as season 1 the sudden death of this show is not acceptable. Not after the climax in the 2nd season finale. I would love to se Joan of Arcadia on the air once more. The chances are small, but as the show tries to tell us, sometimes there is only hope.

    The show was astonishingly and godly.
  • Awesome show about a girl who talks to God.

    I loved this show. I thought it was a great show and still can't believe that it got cancelled.
    I thought it had such high points in it that it would attract all types of viewers.
    Out of all the characters, I probably would say that I liked Luke the best because I am so much like him.
    Luke and Grace were one of the cutest couples. They were so opposite that it made them so unique.
    I know that I, along with many other viewers, asked CBS to put this show back on. Why haven't they ever answered us? I don't know. The least they could do was wrap up the series and not leave us at a cliffhanger.
    If you ever notice that an episode of this show is on TV, I suggest watch it. It's very influential, but in a good way. I love it.
  • joan of arcadia was an amazing show i never missed an episode. i couldn't. it made me feel like i as missing a part of me. i am not an overly religous person but this show touched like no other show has ever.

    joan of arcadia was the best show on tv last year..i have never watched a show that touched me every episode...i swear i cried almost every show and that\'s not easy to do. It's a big shame that it was taken off the air. I actually stayed home until after it was over every week. Good moral story but not over the top...religous freaky ... just very well written and very well acted.. I loved Amber in General Hopital but as Joan she was ever teenager .. confused about what\'s expected of them and relationships her character was well written and well played ... i really miss this show.

  • bring it back pitty

    why did they end this series like that i was a good one it had a good story line and plot although sometimes repetative. i reallyliked john minor brother espacially in the last season although he sems kind of a geek he's ok. even john wasn't bad although not that god either. the person in this show that i could never stand was Adam i really didn't like sia as a character and as acting he's not good. Another cool character is The father of John the investigatre police. the overall rating for me is quite good. but pitty to cut it of
  • CBS Screwed the Pooch on this one

    This show was family friendly, interesting, well written and told great stories EVERY Week. I just don't get why they'd cancel this show, it's a FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW, NOTHING get's ratings on Friday Night YOU MORONS!!! Especially when it's got a sci-fi aspect and it was up against Enterprise and Stargate SG-1 in the same time slot. The parents were played by 2 of the best actors in hollywood and the guy from Prison Break was about to get a big part in the show in the finale whereas he played the Devil. Shame on you CBS for cancelling this show and The Brotherhood Of Poland N.H. . Les Moonves needs to stop suing Howard Stern and dating his hot news anchors and start concentrating on quality programming instead of 20 more CSI spinoffs.
  • I miss Joan of Arcadia!

    Joan of Arcadia is a wonderful TV show about a teenage girl named Joan who talks with God. The show deals with Joan's relationship with God, as well as her relationships with family and friends. It is a bold television show that really makes you think without preaching that a certain religion is right or wrong.

    One of the great aspects of the show is how real and believable the characters are. Amber Tamblyn does a remarkable job playing Joan. There is a lot of depth built into each episode, and I find myself thinking about the show days after having watched it.

    Joan of Arcadia was a little ahead of its time. I think some people never gave it a chance because they were not willing to be vunerable by considering that someone could interact so closely with God. I think its Friday night time block may have been a problem as well. Perhaps it woudl have done better in a different time slot.

    Overall, this show has a great spirit about it and always leaves me feeling positive about life and wanting more.
  • it used to be a show about a girl that saw and spoke to God but they decided to quit it!

    Where the heck did this show go!! This is absolute rubbish, I loved that show! Finaly a show with something to say, and what happens?? They stop it, just like that!I was really looking forward to the next episode but there wasn't going to be one! I think it's just stupid!

  • it's just so awesome!

    this is a show about a 16-year-old girl named joan girardi who was led into a road of mystery and in the pathway of healing by being able to talk to God.
    i caught its very first episode and i can't say it's great though it was really good. i bet it's upcoming episodes would be better. all i can say is, joan of arcadia inspires people and stuff about spiritual things. this program is really good for the black soul. plus, joa is the only show who plays constant avril lavigne tracks. saan ka pa?
  • A great show that anyone could love.

    One of those shows that shouldn't of been cancelled. Since it wasn't on Fox I was shocked when this show was cancelled. I'm not a religous person by any means, but this show really connected with me. I could relate to Joan's situations, and I just loved her and all the characters. I really wish they could make a series finale since we were all left with no conclusion to the conflicts.
  • it touched the heart. I loved this show . there aren't enough shows that make you feel good about yourself. bring it back! You fall in love with each character, and they have great chemistry.

    Definitely a show that deals with the drama of high school life, complex problems, and just trying to get by. Everybody wants to have something wonderful to believe in. I know there's a God, and like most people, I find it hard to imagine what he would be like. But this show just brings things to life for me. I find hope, and love in each show. It doesn't leave me with a sense of hopelessness or desperation. There's a God out there, that loves us and is watching out for us. In a world full of hate and hopelessness, this show is something we all need. A WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL SHOW!
  • Joan of Arcadia is about a teenager, Joan, who talks to God. She learns that God works in mysterious ways, and even though He doesn't always make sence to her, she still listens to what He tells her to do.

    I have only one word for the producers at CBS: WHY??? Why did they take this show off just when it was getting to be the best it had ever been?! I mean, Joan was just about to kick the Devil’s stinking butt! Why would they cancel a wonderful thing? Sure, it may have offended some people with the references to God, but still, everyone needs just one person that they can talk to, one person to really connect with, Joan had that with God. CBS cancelled one of its best shows in a very long time, and I still don’t understand why.
  • why on earth did they cancel it? I was wating for the program... and then suddenly it was replaced!

    It's a great program, with lots of fun moments and stuff and some good thinking parts every now and then...
    It's a shame they don't show it anymore... but I hope the directors and all those other guys change their minds and decide to show it again... :p I'll be waiting

  • Were's Joan of arcadia????

    I loved the serie a and the and the end of season 2 was great not a end of the show but something great to go further on. I think it's supit that they stopt the serie it is one of the best series ever. Finily a serie what has something so say something original. The cast were also great. The storyline was great, I dont get whey the stopt this great serie. I live in The Netherlands an I still think they should make more series. Last Sunday rtl4 was broadcasting the last episode of season two, I tought today lets watch whats going to happen in the next season, and then a saw ENDED what is weird becasue the last episode asked for more not a end. I really hope the serie comes back. I will really miss it
  • Even half way across the world people love Joan of Arcadia!!!

    I live in South Korea and man, I really enjoyed Joan of Arcadia. But I just heard it was cancelled. So, now my friends and I are upset because once the second season is done showing, we won't be able to see anymore except for re-runs. I wrote a letter to CBS! I advise fans of J.O.A. do the same! It's not too late! Don't let J.O.A. become like other great shows that were cancelled too soon and then years later were finally acknowledged as fantastic (like, My So-Called Life)!
  • This show was original and well acted. I want it back, and I'm going to keep pouting until I get it back. I need closure!!

    Joan was quirky and interesting. This show had good plotlines and was fun to watch whether or not you were interested in the religious and ethical questions it raised. Having different actors play the role of God made for amusing sidelines. My favorite was the little girl. The second season ending was good, and I really want to know what would happen next. If they can't just let us keep Joan of Arcadia as a show, then I think that they should at least give us a made for tv movie or something to wrap up the loose ends.
  • Friday without Joan of Arcadia Seems Ludicrous .

    Maybe they just PUNK'D us and Joan is coming back,.Please! LOL,I also love the Ghost Whisperer which I feel may have been Joans demise! I think you need both shows.Why not ,we have all those great comedies with beautiful
    women who married O.K. men! That is funny though.
  • i cannot believe that cbs took off the most awesome God show there is. It dealt with everyday life and how God is always right there with us. If you listen you can here him. he gave free will.

    I loved this show. Amber did a great job. Also jason ritter has his dads awesome good looks and great humor. He always is a greaat actor. He is definatly channeling his father the great John Ritter. The rest of cast is phenominal. they all do such a wonderful job. It still surprises me and angers me that cbs took this show off the air. It was a great family show. Kids could actually watch this. We need God mentioned more positive in tv today. Its all about sex and money drugs and alcohol. Or being pretty or not pretty enough.
  • I think CBS made a massive mistake

    I am sick and tired of the good shows on TV being cancellend by people like Les Moonves. Joan of Arcadia,8 Simple Rules,My Wife and Kids,Life as we know it. Its all about money and nothing else Joan of Arcadia was making good rates in America so Im told. And was doing really well where I live[Ireland] and in Great Britain I know this beacause they bought the second season showed it and then like a month later they showed the first season it was so good I would do anything to have it back
  • They cancel it and don't think about the little people!!

    I really like Joan and I'm From South Africa. Cos CBS has canceled it and now noone will show it here.i mean i never even got to see if joan was seeing god cos of her disease or not.People really don't care about good tv anymore.Its all about the ratings. so wat if the 2nd season only got 8 million viewers compared to the 1st seasons 10.1 million. 8 million is still a lot of people.
    They should think of all the people who really enjoy and learn from Joan.
    I mean i'm only 13 and all my friends also used to watch it. Just cos a few young people in the US can't understand Joan doesn't mean no one can.
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