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  • The beauty of this show lies in its ability to make compelling drama that teaches life lessons without the heavy-handedness that can often be brought in to shows using religious themes.

    Television entertainment has begun scraping the bottom of the barrel in recent times. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching tv now more than ever. However, I often use television in the same way I use video games: as a method of escape. Rare is the show that makes me reflect on my inner self in any serious capacity. Joan of Arcadia is one of the few shows currently on tv that manages to consistently get me thinking about my self, my life, and my actions.

    The main protagonist is a young high school girl named Joan. She comes from an average suburban, middle class family. Her father is a police officer while her mother is an art teacher at her high school. Her older brother is a handicapped young reporter writing for the local newspaper while her younger brother is the scientific genius of the family. Joan is a normal high school girl with all the high school problems you would expect for one: God speaks to her on a regular basis.

    The name and premise of the show is derived from the famous Catholic historic tale of Joan of Ark. Just as the fabled Maid of Orleans, modern-day Joan converses with God who gives her missions to complete. As she is in high school, these missions often take on a form which involve some unwanted interaction with her school, her friends, or her family. While in school she is often seen as a geek or a freak for her frequent unexplained acts. And at home her family ends up taking the extreme step of sending Joan to "crazy camp" to deal with her "heavenly" conversations. Conflict within her family further arises when her mother decides to re-dedicate herself to the Lord; a subject which deeply disturbs her father who is a very cynical disbeliever.

    The script is thorough and well-written. While some of the conflicts Joan has to deal with are typical of high school students, the show's writers do an excellent job of innovatively expressing their message. Often God will deliberately place Joan in tough situations so she can learn one more truth about herself. The show places an emphasis not on the solution to conflicts that arise, but rather on the conceptual issues surrounding the problem itself. For today's television this is a refreshing way of analyzing dramatic issues. Often today's shows focus on the resolution instead of the ideas and concepts surrounding the problem. Indeed, as viewers, we are often more focused on the resolution ourselves.

    The cast performs admirably in positions than in other shows would be seen as cliched and banal. While the characters themselves are all composites of character-types we have already seen in television, the actors perform their parts fairly convincingly without going overboard.

    Indeed, this show has little downfalls except for something which has only recently appeared. In the show, God has traditionally been a transient character who appears in every episode (always as a different individual) as Joan's guide through life. However, more recently it has been revealed that he has a master plan for her to fight evil directly. While this does bring some cohesion to the show as it brings on a more permanent "bad guy" to the show, it could also serve to do the show a major disservice. Once the show begins to go deeper in to Joan's battles against evil the audience may become more disconnected from the show. The potential for the show to move further and further away from reality is something that is now looming on the horizon.

    Joan of Arcadia's strength lies in its close ties to reality despite the added element of fancy which God may (or may not) bring in to the picture. I would be loathed to see the show begin losing touch with one of the very things which make it stand out from most other shows on television.
  • "Joan of Arcadia" is a great show! Obviously, was cancelled.

    "Jack & Bobby", "Tru Calling" and now "Joan of Arcadia". All these are great shows and with the tradition of television networks, they were cancelled, because only a few (lucky) good shows return for a next season. After two wonderfull years with the story of Joan Girardi, a girl who could speak to God who helped with her life, always sending a message to the viewers at the end of each episode, CBS decided that, because of the "poor" ratings (8 million viewer ina Friday night. Is that poor???) the second year supposedly had, the show was not going to be renewed for a third season. Viewers surely are trying to do something, but it's going to rain money before CBS changes its minds, and with the end of the actor's contracts will be difficult to sell the show to another network. "Joan" had quality and it wasn't exactly religious. It actually almost had nothing to do with religion. But faith. The show was about faith. A faith that each of us haev but apparently is losing. The show somehow helped us see that life isn't always good but we learn something new each day. Let's keep that in our minds.
  • Joan of Arcadia is about growing up and everything that comes with it. Joy, pain, school, Family, Friends and in some cases - God. A great show, with a great cast and the best storytelling out there.

    It's a shame Joan of Arcadia was cancelled.

    I do hope it gets picked up. It would be pure stupidity to let the show die - unfortunetly, pure stupidity is not that rare.

    The cast is one of the best I've ever seen. They are all so well chosen and they feel real.

    I'm not a religious person, but I love the way God is approached in the show. Almost makes me want that to be true (and who says its not).

    Regarding where the show left of, I honestly don't like Ryan Hunter. Not because he is supposed to be evil or anything. But because of the direction that the show could follow because of him - i'm talking in the suposition that the show gets picked up.

    Let me explain better, by telling what I love about Joan. I love Joan of Arcadia because it feels real. The family, the friends, the school, even God. And what I like most about the show is that it's all about life and growing up and laughing and crying and love and pain and meaning.

    The errands God tells Joan to run are, each one, small steps in her path of growing as a person. And the way that its approached in the show I find it beautiful and compeling.

    This is growing up.

    With Ryan Hunter I'm afraid - if the show get's picked up - that the show turns in a fantastic/metaphisical fight between good and evil and loses its purpose and meaning - to show that living and growing up is hard - but its also a great journey.

    I think the show should be picked up, as there's nothing out there like it - I'm talking cast, storytelling, meaning.

    If it's not picked up, me and many people will be desolated. However we'll always have two seasons of the best tv ever made. And Joan is the show you can watch over and over, and cry and laugh. No show is a good show unless it makes you feel.
  • One of the trully great shows this past season. Because you never knew what to expect, it always left you with something to think about...

    One of the great things this show has going is that it makes you look at life differently. And even though some of the characters are religious, religion is not the centerpiece.

    Unlike most families, she still has both parents around who try to protect her, but unlike most parents, they also let her make her own mistakes. Parents need to learn to do this.

    Her siblings don't detract from the show, because their problems are the whole family's problems and they all struggle along not shying away from the tough desitions. We need to learn from this family and get more involved with our own family's problems.

    Joan is lucky enough to have God give her a heads-up of what is about to happen next, and tries to follow God's instructions, but seldomly interprets them right. With each "assignment" she learns, grows, and grows up. This is what is so appealing about the show. It's not like other shows where you always know things will be alright at the end. Because the ending can go either way, you never know how things will end, and this is what I like most about the show. Kudos to the writters.
  • In the same mold as Touch By An Angel with a more youthful realistic approach, a show like this should have at least a four year run.

    A show like this one should be given a chance by the network. The characters revealed depth right from the first episode. CBS if anything should reconsider their decission, and reinstate this show. Joan of Arcadia shows the youth a moral ground for thier actions with a twist of God no matter what their faith without being overbearing.

    CBS should get rid of some of their reality shows and let Joan of Arcadia be on their 05-06 schedule.

    Only my opinion
  • If you never beliefd in god, but knew that there is a higher power, this is the show to watch. It's not a religious show, but of self-acceptance, friendship, family, HOPE.... and a lot of humor

    Great show..... I don't understand why they think that no-one is watching this show, and taking it out of the air.

    Too bad....... It was a show I could say I loved to watch. I hope they see that this show is better than the ones they think people are watching. Who needs another Tommy wannabe..... they need something they can relate to.
  • Joan of Arcadia was my favorite show. Every week I would look forward to Friday nights, not only because it's the weekend but because Joan was on.

    Joan of Arcadia is about a teenage girl who talks to God. It is a great, original show. I can't believe CBS cancelled it. I don't know how they came up with the idea that the median age of people who watch it is 53. Everyone I know who watches it are under 18 years old. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend you watch repeats of it on CBS or buy the dvd.
  • This is a great show that I watched all the way from the first episode.

    Joan of Arcadia is a great drama and family show. It talks about a great family doing everyday things in their bizzare life. We have Will Geradi, the Chief of Police, who is a kind-hearted guy who at first is loaded by his new position in Arcadia. The police had had a bad reputation before Will came, and now he is coming to fix it.

    16-year old Luke is a science wiz and general geek at school. He often fights with Joan and is a genius at school.

    Then there is Joan's oldest brother, Kevin, who was going to college on a sports scholarship when he got into a tragic car accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. During the first season he is struggling with his wheelchair, but eventually gets a job with the newspaper.

    Then there is Joan, the middle child, who one day meets a cute guy who just also happens to be God. Joan, who can't believe what is happening, is often visited by God and told to do certain tasks and talk to certain people. She doesn't understand it, and her family finds her a little odd.

    This family drama is great and fun to watch, it never gets old.
  • Joan of Aracdia is one of the best shows on television.

    This show has some of the most in depth characters and great story lines. The writing is brilliant and the cast is wonderful!!! The lessons it teaches are priceless and a lot are seldom taught these days.
    God is definately a main focus of the show which is wonderful but you don\'t need to be a Christian to enjoy this show.
    The show spreads the word about God while dealing with every day problems and situations and also brings the word of the Bible to life and to use in today\'s world.
    This show needs to be brought back. The low ratings are nothing to do with lack of quality in the show or lack of fan base, it wasn\'t in a good time slot and poorly advertised.
    I know a lot of people who would enjoy this show that never even knew that it existed!!!!
  • Joan of Arcadia is about a high school girl who encounters God (literally) daily.

    I loved Joan of Arcadia. It was touchy but not in a cheesey way. It was a great combination of drama, comdedy, and spirituality. It honestly touched on some really deep issues like: \"If god is all loving why is there pain?\" and does good and evil literally exist? The drama could really suck you in; I would look forward to the next episode to see how events would unfold. The comedy was clever - not slapstick or silly. Most importantly the characters were excellently developed. I really don\'t understand why this show was canceled. Really a Shame. Hopefully more shows like this will come out.
  • This show is the most invovative and thought provoking series in a very long time (if ever). It has something special to offer viewers of all ages.Wake up TV networks!!

    I've said it all in my summary or I could just go on & on about all the fantastic aspects of Joan of Arcadia. Will some brilliant network please pick up this show & give it the the run it so greatly deserves?! This is not the time to give up on an inspirational and life touching premise when so many of the shows on TV these days are just trash.
  • awesome show

    This show is awesome. I mean, a girl is talking to God, and getting into all these dilemmas thinking why me. I love this show and I wish they wouldn\'t have cut it, especially when a reality show will probably be replacing it. It\'s a good wholesome show, and I don\'t know why they took it off air. Now how are we gonna know if she defeats the evil? It sucks that its not coming back I really wanted to see what would have happened. I\'ve been a fan of Joan of Arcadia since it first came on, and I really think that its too soon for it to be going off the air.
  • A normal teenage girl with the normal teenage angst, soon become extra ordinary when she God begins speaking to her.

    This is one of my favorite shows because it had substance, most TV shows are just drama after drama, how can we mess with the characters this week? But in Joan, it hits a string about humanity. The way family interact, the way they have issues and flaws and the still are there for eachother. And it also shows the way that one event can affect so many people, even the smallest event.
    The story line was getting so good, the showdown between good and evil, it is so sad that we will never know what will happen.
  • ... and for something a little different, we have this show where God talks to a high-school girl ...

    If you've read anything about Joan of Arcadia you've probably read that it's not Touched by an Angel. That's because Touched by an Angel is probably the first show that people think of when they hear Joan of Arcadia's premise. In case you're not familiar with the premise, Joan is the middle daughter of the Girardi family who've just moved into the town of Arcadia California. Dad is the chief of police, older brother Kevin was disabled in a car accident a year ago and Joan talks to God. Literally. God appears to Joan in human form and gives her errands to run. Really. Yes, Joan also thinks she's going crazy at first.

    So the spiritual basis of the show is why audiences would immediately think Touched by an Angel but the shows really are not much alike. Joan of Arcadia does feature God as a major player but He's a sort of generic God that will be easily accepted by people who are of various religious faiths and by those who don't adhere to any particular religious beliefs. When Joan asks if He's the God of the Old Testament he explains that he came across better in the New Testament and the Koran. He looks quite human, He explains, because that's a form that Joan can understand and accept. Asked to perform a miracle He merely points to a tree and says "I'd like to see you make one." And He's really not into answering questions. He prefers to ask them and to set Joan about various tasks without really explaining Himself.

    The show's not really about God, or at least any particular version of God, but rather a show about a girl growing up. It's an interesting premise and with just the slightest willingness on the viewer's part you'll be able to jump right in and go with it. Amber Tamblyn in her first starring role does an excellent job as the teen who just wants to fit in only to be confronted with a situation that'll just make her stick out. The pilot, in addition to dealing with Joan's new conversations with God, has dad Will dealing with a possible serial killer on the loose, mom Helen wondering why God could allow people to suffer and how to encourage Kevin to get on with his life and geeky Luke performing scientific experiments in his bedroom. Is it all related some how to God's task of the week for Joan? Joan of Arcadia is crafted well enough that it'll be up to the viewer to decide.

    Is there room on TV for a show in which God – in various human forms – is a featured player? I'm not sure. But Joan of Arcadia is a well-written, well performed coming of age drama that probably deserves a look.

  • I really enjoyed this series and now can't believe its been shelved. I was upset when I found out. Is there nothing that can be done? A petition? I'd sign it straight away if there has!You never seem to know when you're are on to a good thing. Never
    Loved every minute of it, I really wanted to find out what happened next in the Battle of Good v Evil, now we'll never get to find out.

    What is it with your Tv companies in America they never seem to realize that their on to a good thing. Never mind

  • Not given a chance

    I loved Joan of Arcadia. It was a great concept for a show. It was cut short. It was just getting to where you could not wait until the next show since they had just introduced "the devil" man. I think critics didn't give it the chance it deserved. The idea of the show to the critics in my opinion didn't appeal to them. If you really watched the show you got a lot out of it. It showed the different personalities of the characters having issues yet still being able to solve them. Parents who were not perfect and were dealing with every day lifes struggle. A show cut down before its time.
  • Joan of Arcadia was a family show that depicted a typical teenager (Joan) and her family dealing with normal problems, and some more challenging ones. Joan discovers that she is being contacted by God Himself, but in the forms of different people she enco

    Joan of Arcadia was not an overtly religious show. But it did deal with religion and more especially, Faith. The show either was closely watched and enjoyed, or was found to be blasphemous by some and criticised. I felt that the shows were often true to the nature of God in my opinion, and certainly had a lesson for all of us. But as a Christian, I also felt that a few shows may have crossed the line. I understood how Evangelicals may have been offended. Since the show was basically written by Hollywood, there were instances where Christian concepts were not accurately portayed. I felt at times that the things that God was asking of Joan were unfair and that God had not equipped Joan sufficiently to do what was asked of her. That bothered me, but I continued to watch. I felt that, all faith aside, the characters were great and the acting superb. I was sad that the show ended and heaved a sigh that Hollywood feels that we need yet another "ghost" or "sixth-sense" show. Joan of Arcadia was definitely controversial, but it had so much potential. The last few episodes had been dealing with Joan being faced with false prophets and Satanic forces. I am not sure if the show would have gone below it's depth here and floundered, but it was very brave for the show to even touch on those concepts. So, I feel that this show was definitely underappreciated.
  • Joan of Arcadia was really a great show that ended way to soon. The script was amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show.

    Joan of Arcadia was really a great show that ended way to soon. The script was amazing; I could not believe some of the things that happened on the show. For instance, the event at the end of the second season was a major terrific cliffhanger. It is sad to know there will not be a third season and everyone will be left up in the air as to what happened. Hopefully, somehow this show will be picked up and will be able to finish off it fantastic new story plot. All of the fans are dying to know what is going to happen to Joan and definably need some kind of resolution for the series.

    The acting from every character was spectacular and astonishing too. Amber Tamblyn is brilliant as Joan and I do not see anyone else could bring that character to life. This is defiantly a smarter and more well rounded show than any other drama. Everything was becoming better and better as the series was beginning to age. Maybe a real miracle will occur for the fans of this show and we will be able to see another season.
  • Why CBS, Why!?!

    It is rare for a show to be nominated for best drama in it freshman year. So why did CBS feel the need to hack the show after only its second season.
    So the show wasn't a rating smash hit. Maybe try moving out of the killer Friday night time slot. That time slot would kill any show. Especially one like Joan that is aimed at younger viewers.
    The show was simple, but always had a great message. There aren't many shows left on TV that actual have a moral to the story. This was one of them.
    The show was extremely well written and well played out by a great cast. I think that if CBS had of given this show a shot - it would have surprised them.
  • A perfect gem of a show that didn't get a chance!

    This was one of those wonderful shows that the entire family could watch. The characters were likable, true-to-life and showed what a "real" family should be like. The extra "God" equation was thought provoking and heartwarming. I think this one will be truly missed. Let's get rid of some of the other misses that are being aired and bring back the hits!
  • Joan Of Arcadia has been raved about. So, why the heck was it cancelled? Let me tell you.

    Joan of Arcadia is an amazing show. It really makes you think. It draws in an audience of different ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, and anything else you can think of. And I know because I've met fans that were Catholic, athiest, gay, "old", and all the sorts. It's a drama following a teen girl and her life. And she talks to God. She's God's messenger. Doing tasks for God teaches her great lessons. And while she learns the lessons. We learn them with her. It's truely amazing and a family show. It is completely ludacris that it was cancelled. It's probaly the best show...ever. Well, let me tell you why it wasn't cancelled. Because it's not filled with sex. It's not a crime show or a reality show. Which are both filled with sex. That's why it was cancelled. Despite that it did extremely well for it's death time slot. I mean, What teenagers are home on Friday? Besides me. heh. If you're interested in helping save it and hopefully it getting picked up for January. Visit:

    God loves Joan and so do we!!
  • sign my petition to bring it back

    I think that Joan of Arcadia is one of the best shows on television and I am very sad that it got cancelled. They shoul bring Joan back to the fall line up because it is an influential show and it was open about religion and it dealt with very interesting plot lines. CBS should reconsider it and revive it. Eight million viewers is pretty great for a t.v. show if you ask me, they should have of givin it another chance to make its mark on unforgetable television . Bring it back!!! Bring it back!!! It is way to good to go. Is season 2 going on dvd?
  • A show too good for the networks!

    What a shame! But with so many T.V. execs looking for the next cheep-to-make reality/idol show, you could have expected it.

    Maybe some people were put off because of the "talking to God" thing. But that wasn't the main point of the show. Discovering who you are, and that life is more than superficial is what made this show so great. That a teenage girl would be woken out of the High School mellow-drama to be swept up into the bigger picture. It just worked.

    It was a show that made me thing, without preaching at me. It was a show that made me care. It was a show about so many different people in different situations all connected by the smallest of threads. All the characters were dependant on each other, none ever realized how much.

    I would have loved to see what the writers had planned for the new introduction of an evil character. It might have been great, or it might have just ruined the show. We will never know.

    Instead we will be treated to some form of
    "My Big-Fat-Obnoxious Idol-for-a-day Punked on a Remote Island Reality Show." I can hardly wait!

  • Of course they cancelled it!

    JOA was a very decent show. In its first season it was nominated for several awards and even won a few. It had good ratings also. During its second season things didn't go to great. The ratings dropped quite a bit. CBS decided not to renew it for a 3rd season. In my opinion I think that they should have let it have a least one more season. There are shows on right now that suck and should be cancelled before this one but oh well what can you do.
  • Joan of Arcadia was a fantastic show. The very talented cast, the funny, kind, and morally good main character, the unbiased view of religion, and the amazing storylines combined to make it a classic show that will never be forgotten.

    Joan of Arcadia was one of my favorite shows. The cast was amazing. Mary Steenburgen and Amber Tamblyn especially stood out with their performances that without a doubt deserved Emmys. But the show would've been nothing without the lovable character Joan. It's a fantastically crafted main character that makes shows like this and Veronica Mars successful. She proved in the second season when she refused to have sex with Adam that she had exceptional moral values. Something that is greatly unappreciated is the show's unbiased view of religon. Roman Catholicism and Judaism were both shown positively, a rarity on television. As a Catholic myself, it was nice to have one TV character be an fledging Catholic. Especially on a show that I really liked. Having her brother be confined to a wheelchair was a good storyline but I didn't like Kevin because even in a wheelchair he was *come on, everyone, sing it!* immoral. Will. What a complex character. I liked him I guess. Even though he was a Catholic-hater. I couldn't believe some of the stuff he said to Helen! Freidman and Adam got on my last nerves and the Adam-Joan relationship ruined the second season. I really liked Glynis and it's too bad we didn't get to see her. I LOVED the idea of God talking to Joan and the different God avators. My favorites were Hall Monitor God (played by Christy Carlson Romano in one season two episode), DMV Worker God (played by Sherri Shepherd in "Drive, He Said"), Little Girl God, Old Lady God, and Cafteria Lady God. You may ask why I don't give the show a 10. Well, it's because the first half of season 2 was "good". Not that kind of good, 7.5 "good". But the rest of the show was like 15.5 "more than perfect" so it all averaged out to be 9.9. hahaha. I miss Joan of Arcadia ever so much now that's it gone. CBS was completely stupid to cancel the one show they've had in recent years that had a "cult" following and very devoted fans. Joan of Arcadia's Forum on TV Tome was more active than CSI's. What does that tell you? =)

    This was my favorite show. I was so sad that they canceled it. i wrote an angry letter to les monnives (the CBS guy) but it didn't work. i can't belive cbs canceled this wonderful show for "Ghost Whisperer", a total rip off of medium. i hope this show goes down the tubes. that would send a message to cbs.
  • Innovative, but Underappreciated

    Joan of Arcadia was religious without being judgmental, without barriers, and it meant something despite any personal leanings you may have. The great thing about this particular show is that it was telling without being preachy. Devout Christians may have watched this, but so did the ordinary folk, such as myself, who just appreciated a different view and a plain ol' good story. Amber Tamblyn led a solid cast and I found many, though not all of the storylines, compelling. I will even miss the high school fling with Luke & Grace. It's a shame that this show could not have been given at least one more season to prove itself, if even in another time slot. Best of luck, I guess, though, to the cast and the writers. S'pose we'll never know what could have been.
  • Another good family show bites the dust!!!

    My heart was broken when I read that Joan was cancelled. I watched Joan every Friday night with my teenage daughter. When she wasn\'t home I recorded it for her.
    This was an awesome show that dealt with true life situations of today.
    I loved the characters.
    The end of the season kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Only to find out that we will never know.
    I am so tired of good shows being cancelled, & stupid brain dead shows still continue on.
    The only thing that killed Joans ratings was the fact that it was on Friday night. Because of this, it didn\'t stand a chance.
    Efforts were made by a lot of people to try and save this show. But unfortunately these efforts were fruitless.
    Thanks to all of those involved in Joan while it lasted. You will be truly missed on Fridays at our house.
  • I love learning about the opinions of and from a variety of religions and cultures their ideas about the way the universe functions...

    I love learning about the opinions of others and from a variety of religions and cultures including their ideas about the way the universe functions... In many countries of the world I have interacted with common folk who are almost always very nice and hospitable, especially if politics is left at the door, and even religion.

    The ripple-effects all actions have on who knows how many or when, is a great concept to ponder, or not. The interpretations of life and purposes of/for, or lack thereof, that we have as groups and individuals and nations are all interesting philosophies of life. This show gave us an inkling of what might be involved, not. The interpersonal tolerance and other-centered behavior concepts are curious, and attractive, to factor in to all we do, or not. The interactions of believers and non-believers and where boundaries are set concerning when to argue a point and when to quit are set in an array of examples that is well thought out.
    I just watched the DVD boxed set from start to finish. I liked its simplicity and occasional irreverence. Learning about the basic goodness of most people gives one great confidence to travel anywhere and enjoy any culture. The police aspect of the dad, as a cautionary contrast, keeps one from being careless but also shows that 99% of the average homes anywhere in the world would welcome you into their homes with open arms. I have myself done it with great satisfaction.
  • This show is completely underappreciated by the very people that made it, the fact you couldn't give it another season to pick up the ratings that are oh so important to you! The actors did their jobs brilliantly, viewers loyal, you CBS, let us down. Dis

    This show had underlying power, it touched on parts of life that so many other show's can't even get close to. God, faith whatever you believe in is all involved in this masterfully written and casted program.

    Joan is a teenager dealing with everyday issues and her bigger problem of having this double life, learning lessons and teaching others as she goes alone... this usually resulting in her looking stupid or people disliking her, but the point made or the actions results... they speak for themselves. We could all learn from this as human's. Get rid of the superficial programs with beautiful people... Joan and her quirky friends are the right generation of casting beautys... you learn to love these people, take them into your hearts and listen to what they teach you.

    The rest of Joan's family are a well mixed muddle of characters, ranging from creative type, enforcer guy to science nerd.

    A funny, intelligent, respectful and talented two seasons... thank you for giving them to us, but shame on you for taking what could of been away.

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