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  • "Joan of Arcadia" is a great show! Obviously, was cancelled.

    "Jack & Bobby", "Tru Calling" and now "Joan of Arcadia". All these are great shows and with the tradition of television networks, they were cancelled, because only a few (lucky) good shows return for a next season. After two wonderfull years with the story of Joan Girardi, a girl who could speak to God who helped with her life, always sending a message to the viewers at the end of each episode, CBS decided that, because of the "poor" ratings (8 million viewer ina Friday night. Is that poor???) the second year supposedly had, the show was not going to be renewed for a third season. Viewers surely are trying to do something, but it's going to rain money before CBS changes its minds, and with the end of the actor's contracts will be difficult to sell the show to another network. "Joan" had quality and it wasn't exactly religious. It actually almost had nothing to do with religion. But faith. The show was about faith. A faith that each of us haev but apparently is losing. The show somehow helped us see that life isn't always good but we learn something new each day. Let's keep that in our minds.
  • Finally a show that teaches moral ideas. I like the fact it uses youth to explain moral issues faced in this world and then has the audience question their own faith. Absolutely the best show I've seen in a long time.

    A+++ Todays issues, today's youth, and questioning of faith? It should make every head turn by the end of the show. Priceless. When it was cut, I felt we lost something meaningful on T.V. Well, we have. CBS did not do this show justice. If it only put it on a Mon-Thu this show would of been a ratings slam dunk. Friday night kids are out getting drunk, getting in trouble, underage parties, and "God" know what, of course your ratings are lower!!! CBS knew it had gold, but quality is not important in todays society and CBS just helps fuel the fire. BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • Joan of Aracdia is one of the best shows on television.

    This show has some of the most in depth characters and great story lines. The writing is brilliant and the cast is wonderful!!! The lessons it teaches are priceless and a lot are seldom taught these days.
    God is definately a main focus of the show which is wonderful but you don\'t need to be a Christian to enjoy this show.
    The show spreads the word about God while dealing with every day problems and situations and also brings the word of the Bible to life and to use in today\'s world.
    This show needs to be brought back. The low ratings are nothing to do with lack of quality in the show or lack of fan base, it wasn\'t in a good time slot and poorly advertised.
    I know a lot of people who would enjoy this show that never even knew that it existed!!!!
  • why on earth did they cancel it? I was wating for the program... and then suddenly it was replaced!

    It's a great program, with lots of fun moments and stuff and some good thinking parts every now and then...
    It's a shame they don't show it anymore... but I hope the directors and all those other guys change their minds and decide to show it again... :p I'll be waiting

  • Once again the nerdy outcasts are better looking than most schools’ popular kids.

    Once again the nerdy outcasts are better looking than most schools’ popular kids.

    Joan Girardi is a friendly, reasonably polite, funny, attractive girl who no one likes. God talks to her sometimes and tells her to help people. Unfortunately God appears as different people, so Joan doesn’t always know the stranger giving her instructions is the Big Guy.

    JofA is another example of a brilliant, well written show with a great group of actors that was cancelled to make room for a show that will surely disappoint in comparison.

    In spite of a very good cast (her family Joe Montegna, Michael Welch, Jason Ritter and Mary Steenburgen) Amber Tamblyn carries this show. If she doesn’t get another starring role soon, someone is not doing heir job in the casting business. It would be nice if this show was picked up on a cable network or direct to syndication, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    Get it on DVD, it’s great.
  • One of the most highly intelligent shows ever written about the place of God in human society, shown through the view of a young high school girl, and those of her family as it copes with its own tragedy.

    Unfortunately, this show was a particularly intelligent one for people who AREN'T particularly religious (or are filled with doubt, or have problems with the classic view of God).

    It had issues with appealing to actually highly religious people. I won't detail them much, but the one PC sop, having God appear as a rather effete male, suggesting that it's ok to be gay is sure to annoy some religious types, with adequate Biblical argument on their side (regardless of if oyu agree, it's still going to annoy many highly religious people). I think it should have been either left as a topic-to-be-avoided (such as denominational issues, including judaism, Xtianity, and Islam) or confronted head on, with some sort of acknowledgement of what the Bible states but leaving the fact that it's between each person and God rather than something to be enforced by others. The show did neither, which did not help.

    That said, there was a movement by some Xtian groups to write-in to save the show, so not all Xtians were sufficiently offended by the show, which was on the cusp after the second season. Its initial popularity obviously surprised the hell out of CBS -- there's a reason they put it in the Friday Night Death Zone in the first place (remember, The Passion of the Christ came out in 2004, the first Narnia in 2005. Joan debuted in 2003).

    Another issue -- God is not supposed to appear to anyone again, after Jesus, until the Second Coming -- i.e., there are no further prophets (including Mohammed) -- which I have no problem with in the context of the show, as it is certainly never claimed or suggested that Joan is a prophet -- but I know at least one person who cited the Biblical passage as an excuse to reject the show unseen, and yes, I think he's an idiot. So its basis can chase away part of the "obvious" audience, Xtians, while not making its appeal known to the actual target -- people open to belief but who have problems with the classic view of God. This show is very good for people who consider themselves Agnostic or even somewhat Athiestic, or who have Really Serious Doubts -- because I believe it presents a view of God which is more humanistic and rationalistic than many "official" views. If the basis for your disbelief and doubt is associated with problems with the "classic view" of God, this show may provide you with a view you will find more acceptable to your own sense of Right And Wrong. I think that God, in this show, makes sense in light of the problems in this world. That can be a basis for Faith.

    I'm not making any promises -- YMMV -- but I think it's a fantastic show, exceedingly well written, with excellent acting and characters, and it does address issues with God, and The Problems of the World (and why God may choose to not interfere) with a remarkable level of intelligence and wisdom. If you don't believe in God, you may, watching this show, find a view of God which you can respect and believe in.

    At the very least, the show can be a good source of some great late-night BS sessions in a college dorm about religion and its place in society. And that's not necessarily a bad way to find religion, either.

    It is unfortunate that the show ended so abruptly, but, despite the cliffhanger series end, it's still very much worth the time spent watching it.
  • ... and for something a little different, we have this show where God talks to a high-school girl ...

    If you've read anything about Joan of Arcadia you've probably read that it's not Touched by an Angel. That's because Touched by an Angel is probably the first show that people think of when they hear Joan of Arcadia's premise. In case you're not familiar with the premise, Joan is the middle daughter of the Girardi family who've just moved into the town of Arcadia California. Dad is the chief of police, older brother Kevin was disabled in a car accident a year ago and Joan talks to God. Literally. God appears to Joan in human form and gives her errands to run. Really. Yes, Joan also thinks she's going crazy at first.

    So the spiritual basis of the show is why audiences would immediately think Touched by an Angel but the shows really are not much alike. Joan of Arcadia does feature God as a major player but He's a sort of generic God that will be easily accepted by people who are of various religious faiths and by those who don't adhere to any particular religious beliefs. When Joan asks if He's the God of the Old Testament he explains that he came across better in the New Testament and the Koran. He looks quite human, He explains, because that's a form that Joan can understand and accept. Asked to perform a miracle He merely points to a tree and says "I'd like to see you make one." And He's really not into answering questions. He prefers to ask them and to set Joan about various tasks without really explaining Himself.

    The show's not really about God, or at least any particular version of God, but rather a show about a girl growing up. It's an interesting premise and with just the slightest willingness on the viewer's part you'll be able to jump right in and go with it. Amber Tamblyn in her first starring role does an excellent job as the teen who just wants to fit in only to be confronted with a situation that'll just make her stick out. The pilot, in addition to dealing with Joan's new conversations with God, has dad Will dealing with a possible serial killer on the loose, mom Helen wondering why God could allow people to suffer and how to encourage Kevin to get on with his life and geeky Luke performing scientific experiments in his bedroom. Is it all related some how to God's task of the week for Joan? Joan of Arcadia is crafted well enough that it'll be up to the viewer to decide.

    Is there room on TV for a show in which God – in various human forms – is a featured player? I'm not sure. But Joan of Arcadia is a well-written, well performed coming of age drama that probably deserves a look.

  • Awesome show about a girl who talks to God.

    I loved this show. I thought it was a great show and still can't believe that it got cancelled.
    I thought it had such high points in it that it would attract all types of viewers.
    Out of all the characters, I probably would say that I liked Luke the best because I am so much like him.
    Luke and Grace were one of the cutest couples. They were so opposite that it made them so unique.
    I know that I, along with many other viewers, asked CBS to put this show back on. Why haven't they ever answered us? I don't know. The least they could do was wrap up the series and not leave us at a cliffhanger.
    If you ever notice that an episode of this show is on TV, I suggest watch it. It's very influential, but in a good way. I love it.
  • The beauty of this show lies in its ability to make compelling drama that teaches life lessons without the heavy-handedness that can often be brought in to shows using religious themes.

    Television entertainment has begun scraping the bottom of the barrel in recent times. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching tv now more than ever. However, I often use television in the same way I use video games: as a method of escape. Rare is the show that makes me reflect on my inner self in any serious capacity. Joan of Arcadia is one of the few shows currently on tv that manages to consistently get me thinking about my self, my life, and my actions.

    The main protagonist is a young high school girl named Joan. She comes from an average suburban, middle class family. Her father is a police officer while her mother is an art teacher at her high school. Her older brother is a handicapped young reporter writing for the local newspaper while her younger brother is the scientific genius of the family. Joan is a normal high school girl with all the high school problems you would expect for one: God speaks to her on a regular basis.

    The name and premise of the show is derived from the famous Catholic historic tale of Joan of Ark. Just as the fabled Maid of Orleans, modern-day Joan converses with God who gives her missions to complete. As she is in high school, these missions often take on a form which involve some unwanted interaction with her school, her friends, or her family. While in school she is often seen as a geek or a freak for her frequent unexplained acts. And at home her family ends up taking the extreme step of sending Joan to "crazy camp" to deal with her "heavenly" conversations. Conflict within her family further arises when her mother decides to re-dedicate herself to the Lord; a subject which deeply disturbs her father who is a very cynical disbeliever.

    The script is thorough and well-written. While some of the conflicts Joan has to deal with are typical of high school students, the show's writers do an excellent job of innovatively expressing their message. Often God will deliberately place Joan in tough situations so she can learn one more truth about herself. The show places an emphasis not on the solution to conflicts that arise, but rather on the conceptual issues surrounding the problem itself. For today's television this is a refreshing way of analyzing dramatic issues. Often today's shows focus on the resolution instead of the ideas and concepts surrounding the problem. Indeed, as viewers, we are often more focused on the resolution ourselves.

    The cast performs admirably in positions than in other shows would be seen as cliched and banal. While the characters themselves are all composites of character-types we have already seen in television, the actors perform their parts fairly convincingly without going overboard.

    Indeed, this show has little downfalls except for something which has only recently appeared. In the show, God has traditionally been a transient character who appears in every episode (always as a different individual) as Joan's guide through life. However, more recently it has been revealed that he has a master plan for her to fight evil directly. While this does bring some cohesion to the show as it brings on a more permanent "bad guy" to the show, it could also serve to do the show a major disservice. Once the show begins to go deeper in to Joan's battles against evil the audience may become more disconnected from the show. The potential for the show to move further and further away from reality is something that is now looming on the horizon.

    Joan of Arcadia's strength lies in its close ties to reality despite the added element of fancy which God may (or may not) bring in to the picture. I would be loathed to see the show begin losing touch with one of the very things which make it stand out from most other shows on television.
  • A great show that anyone could love.

    One of those shows that shouldn't of been cancelled. Since it wasn't on Fox I was shocked when this show was cancelled. I'm not a religous person by any means, but this show really connected with me. I could relate to Joan's situations, and I just loved her and all the characters. I really wish they could make a series finale since we were all left with no conclusion to the conflicts.
  • An excellent show exploring concepts of God and the connectivity we share with others without eluding specifically to any religious doctrine. Started off as a somewhat strange premise to me but grew on me rather quickly.

    I think that this show really endeared itself to me rather quickly despite my initial impressions of crossing a police drama with a spiritual teen drama. After a few episodes, it seemed that the production settled well into its premise and repeatedly foreshadowed ideas not expressed until later in the show. Though presenting at least 2 (?) religious approaches, the show did not connect itself to them at least from the prospective of a teen girl carrying on a relationship with God. Casting was great and each character really began to take on 3 dimensional aspects of their own. I sometimes disapproved of ultimate plots designed for at least two characters from the show but as a whole am glad to have watched it.

    A strange deviation in concept planned for a 3rd season, it is truly a shame as I even still would have enjoyed seeing it. Personally, I cannot imagine how the new concepts would be approached...
  • Sequel to the last episode

    I need a movie or book to follow the last episode of this series. An elaboration needs to be made to Joan's encounter with the evil character. Please!
  • A great new show to the UK with a feel good factor AND lighthearted Godly teaching which hopefully will encourage people to think about their actions and the consequences.

    I disagreed with the previous poster who asked why Joan doesn't get a bolt of lightning up the ass!! King David often got angry at God and poured out his heart to Him- good and bad! God may be God but He's our heavenly father too and He wants us to be honest and welcomes feedback!

    I LOVE the show- have only seen two episodes so far but am hooked. It may not always be 'theologically' sound but it certainly gets the message across how something you do can have an amazing knock on effect, and how we don't always know the bigger picture.

    Anything that gets people thinking about God and their actions is fine by me- and the fact the actors are perfect for their roles is an added bonus.

    I can't recommend it highly enough and hope it doesn't end at just two series.
  • This show was amazing. Like really.

    This show was truly amazing and dealt with so many of life's issues with humor and truth. I loved this show for it's quality, characters, and storyline but I also loved it because it was a show I could sit down and watch with my dad without being embarrassed by inappropriate things. When I found out this show was canceled I cried, it may sound silly, but I sat there and I cried because I wanted to know more of what happened to Joan and her family. I especially was interested in finding out what happened between Joan and Adam who were a couple that just added icing to the cake. If I could bring this show back I would have it back in a heartbeat.
  • CBS Screwed the Pooch on this one

    This show was family friendly, interesting, well written and told great stories EVERY Week. I just don't get why they'd cancel this show, it's a FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW, NOTHING get's ratings on Friday Night YOU MORONS!!! Especially when it's got a sci-fi aspect and it was up against Enterprise and Stargate SG-1 in the same time slot. The parents were played by 2 of the best actors in hollywood and the guy from Prison Break was about to get a big part in the show in the finale whereas he played the Devil. Shame on you CBS for cancelling this show and The Brotherhood Of Poland N.H. . Les Moonves needs to stop suing Howard Stern and dating his hot news anchors and start concentrating on quality programming instead of 20 more CSI spinoffs.
  • Joan of Arcadia is about a teenager, Joan, who talks to God. She learns that God works in mysterious ways, and even though He doesn't always make sence to her, she still listens to what He tells her to do.

    I have only one word for the producers at CBS: WHY??? Why did they take this show off just when it was getting to be the best it had ever been?! I mean, Joan was just about to kick the Devil’s stinking butt! Why would they cancel a wonderful thing? Sure, it may have offended some people with the references to God, but still, everyone needs just one person that they can talk to, one person to really connect with, Joan had that with God. CBS cancelled one of its best shows in a very long time, and I still don’t understand why.
  • They cancel it and don't think about the little people!!

    I really like Joan and I'm From South Africa. Cos CBS has canceled it and now noone will show it here.i mean i never even got to see if joan was seeing god cos of her disease or not.People really don't care about good tv anymore.Its all about the ratings. so wat if the 2nd season only got 8 million viewers compared to the 1st seasons 10.1 million. 8 million is still a lot of people.
    They should think of all the people who really enjoy and learn from Joan.
    I mean i'm only 13 and all my friends also used to watch it. Just cos a few young people in the US can't understand Joan doesn't mean no one can.
  • This show is completely underappreciated by the very people that made it, the fact you couldn't give it another season to pick up the ratings that are oh so important to you! The actors did their jobs brilliantly, viewers loyal, you CBS, let us down. Dis

    This show had underlying power, it touched on parts of life that so many other show's can't even get close to. God, faith whatever you believe in is all involved in this masterfully written and casted program.

    Joan is a teenager dealing with everyday issues and her bigger problem of having this double life, learning lessons and teaching others as she goes alone... this usually resulting in her looking stupid or people disliking her, but the point made or the actions results... they speak for themselves. We could all learn from this as human's. Get rid of the superficial programs with beautiful people... Joan and her quirky friends are the right generation of casting beautys... you learn to love these people, take them into your hearts and listen to what they teach you.

    The rest of Joan's family are a well mixed muddle of characters, ranging from creative type, enforcer guy to science nerd.

    A funny, intelligent, respectful and talented two seasons... thank you for giving them to us, but shame on you for taking what could of been away.

  • Another good family show bites the dust!!!

    My heart was broken when I read that Joan was cancelled. I watched Joan every Friday night with my teenage daughter. When she wasn\'t home I recorded it for her.
    This was an awesome show that dealt with true life situations of today.
    I loved the characters.
    The end of the season kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. Only to find out that we will never know.
    I am so tired of good shows being cancelled, & stupid brain dead shows still continue on.
    The only thing that killed Joans ratings was the fact that it was on Friday night. Because of this, it didn\'t stand a chance.
    Efforts were made by a lot of people to try and save this show. But unfortunately these efforts were fruitless.
    Thanks to all of those involved in Joan while it lasted. You will be truly missed on Fridays at our house.

    This was my favorite show. I was so sad that they canceled it. i wrote an angry letter to les monnives (the CBS guy) but it didn't work. i can't belive cbs canceled this wonderful show for "Ghost Whisperer", a total rip off of medium. i hope this show goes down the tubes. that would send a message to cbs.
  • In the same mold as Touch By An Angel with a more youthful realistic approach, a show like this should have at least a four year run.

    A show like this one should be given a chance by the network. The characters revealed depth right from the first episode. CBS if anything should reconsider their decission, and reinstate this show. Joan of Arcadia shows the youth a moral ground for thier actions with a twist of God no matter what their faith without being overbearing.

    CBS should get rid of some of their reality shows and let Joan of Arcadia be on their 05-06 schedule.

    Only my opinion
  • Joan of Arcadia is about growing up and everything that comes with it. Joy, pain, school, Family, Friends and in some cases - God. A great show, with a great cast and the best storytelling out there.

    It's a shame Joan of Arcadia was cancelled.

    I do hope it gets picked up. It would be pure stupidity to let the show die - unfortunetly, pure stupidity is not that rare.

    The cast is one of the best I've ever seen. They are all so well chosen and they feel real.

    I'm not a religious person, but I love the way God is approached in the show. Almost makes me want that to be true (and who says its not).

    Regarding where the show left of, I honestly don't like Ryan Hunter. Not because he is supposed to be evil or anything. But because of the direction that the show could follow because of him - i'm talking in the suposition that the show gets picked up.

    Let me explain better, by telling what I love about Joan. I love Joan of Arcadia because it feels real. The family, the friends, the school, even God. And what I like most about the show is that it's all about life and growing up and laughing and crying and love and pain and meaning.

    The errands God tells Joan to run are, each one, small steps in her path of growing as a person. And the way that its approached in the show I find it beautiful and compeling.

    This is growing up.

    With Ryan Hunter I'm afraid - if the show get's picked up - that the show turns in a fantastic/metaphisical fight between good and evil and loses its purpose and meaning - to show that living and growing up is hard - but its also a great journey.

    I think the show should be picked up, as there's nothing out there like it - I'm talking cast, storytelling, meaning.

    If it's not picked up, me and many people will be desolated. However we'll always have two seasons of the best tv ever made. And Joan is the show you can watch over and over, and cry and laugh. No show is a good show unless it makes you feel.
  • This is the reason I REFUSE to watch CBS' replacement: Ghost Whisperer!

    This show is just amazing. I was so crushed that it was cancelled. I mean if this show was on FOX, it would still be running, but it got stuck on high-rated CBS (who can't come up with one unique idea besides making copies of other shows).

    I just wanted one more season, give the show a true send-off! This should have at least lasted half as long as Touched by an Angel did. I mean this show was great with Joan's sarcasm with God, and teen angst... It was just another TV show taken off right when in its prime. Joan actually finds an 'evil' person who also talked to God.

    If this show ever returned, and Amber Tamblyn still starred it, I would totally watch it!
  • I loved this episode... heck, I loved the show itself...

    I loved this episode, but I do wish that we could have seen some of the future for the family... like who Joan, Luke, and what's his name of a brother... actually marry? And what will happen to the brother in the wheelchair? Does he ever walk again? And will Joan & her friends be able to stop the guy who's starting all the fires.... especially before anyone gets seriously hurt? And will anyone but her close friends believe who is starting the fires?

    We can only imagine what will happen, since the show's been cancelled, and has been for awhile now... and possibly even write some fanfiction/stories about the show itself, and all the character developments, etc...
  • Bring Joan back!

    I had looked forward to Friday nights to watch Joan of Arcadia. I miss the thoughtful and positive story lines. It was entertaining without gratuitous foul language, sex, violence, or general frivolities. Excellent writing and acting. It was cut just as the story lines were actually getting more interesting! I hope the powers that be rectify their error and bring Joan back!
  • Joan of Arcadia was my favorite show. Every week I would look forward to Friday nights, not only because it's the weekend but because Joan was on.

    Joan of Arcadia is about a teenage girl who talks to God. It is a great, original show. I can't believe CBS cancelled it. I don't know how they came up with the idea that the median age of people who watch it is 53. Everyone I know who watches it are under 18 years old. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend you watch repeats of it on CBS or buy the dvd.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    I absolutely loved this show. Even though I didn\'t like some of the darker turns it took halfway through the second season, the end of the season looked like it was starting a promising new storyline. If the network HAD to cancel it, couldn\'t they at least have given us some closure?
  • Joan of Arcadia is an excellent show, so original, give us story who never think can watch in tv.

    This story about a young girl, who have a lot of problems, her old brother had an accident, and her family have to begin a new live.

    the idea to bring back the story about Joan of Arc in a our time, is great, is just original. I don`t know why this great show don`t work out, maybe a lot of people don`t understand this concept, maybe the think this show is about religion, but is not.

    I`m really sad because many people, don`t take a time to sit and watch this series just one episode.

    Well, who watch this show i know the have a new concept of this kind of series, and even of god.
  • The best family show on television in a long time and they cancel it! If the network would have tried a different night instead of Friday, it would probably still be on.

    This show touched on some very sensitive and trying situations for families, teens, the handicapped, etc. and gave us hope that we can get through difficult times. It did this in a sweet and caring way, yet showed the confusion that teens can experience on a daily basis. The characters were good and the storyline was excellent. In the last few episodes, the Devil was introduced into the show. I couldn't wait to see where that was going to lead! I guess I will never know now.

  • One of the trully great shows this past season. Because you never knew what to expect, it always left you with something to think about...

    One of the great things this show has going is that it makes you look at life differently. And even though some of the characters are religious, religion is not the centerpiece.

    Unlike most families, she still has both parents around who try to protect her, but unlike most parents, they also let her make her own mistakes. Parents need to learn to do this.

    Her siblings don't detract from the show, because their problems are the whole family's problems and they all struggle along not shying away from the tough desitions. We need to learn from this family and get more involved with our own family's problems.

    Joan is lucky enough to have God give her a heads-up of what is about to happen next, and tries to follow God's instructions, but seldomly interprets them right. With each "assignment" she learns, grows, and grows up. This is what is so appealing about the show. It's not like other shows where you always know things will be alright at the end. Because the ending can go either way, you never know how things will end, and this is what I like most about the show. Kudos to the writters.
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