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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Joan of Arcadia is an amazing show that didn't make it, because of bad marketing, and a bad time-slot. Think about this show, what do you know about it? A high school girl sees God and speaks to him, in his many different forms. That's it right? That's because that's how CBS choose to advertise this show, but it's so much more! Joan's father, Will (Joe Mantenga), is the Arcadia Chief of Police and there were many episode and background stories involving, crime, corruption, and the police. Her brother, Kevin (Jason Ritter), was in a horrible accident and is dealing with being paralyzed. That's just two of the many things about this show that you didn't know about. There are probably about ten other things I could mention, that could, alone, be the basis for a good TV show or film. Amber Tamblyn is amazing as Joan Girardi. Normally when you hear teen drama and young unknown cast, you expect the acting to be sub-par, but Tamblyn is exactly the opposite. She makes the show and gives energy and meaning to the other actors working with her. Take Chris Marquette, who plays her boyfriend, Adam Rove. I've seen him in many things and didn't like him. Working with Tamblyn makes all the difference for him here. He grows from a guest star into one of the most engaging and mysterious characters in the show! I cannot stress to you how good this show is and how it's so much more than what was advertised. There are so many stories and side angles, twists and turns, and while not a minor thing, Joan talking to God is not the focus of the show, many times it's just a scene or two, defiantly not the basis for the show. This show is the story of the Giardi family moving to a new location, following Kevin's accident, and dealing with all the struggles that come along with it and adolescents. It shows how there are still good people in this world, that not every teenager drinks, and while it sounds corny, watching it has actually cheered me up during some rough times I've had recently. It really is a great show and I can't possibly recommend it enough!
  • Please bring it back

    I think the only reason why the ratings were low at the beginning is because they did not advertise it well, I mean about when the next season is out after the first season had finished. I miss it and would like it back and I see a lot of other people want the same.
  • Unnime

    Olha, estou assistindo o seriado e apreciando demais! Todos meus amigos esto curtindo muito... Finalmente alguma coisa na TV para falar do ser humano como um todo! Muito bom...
  • Another Great Show before its time

    Time for a remake - this was a great show and would fit in with today's favourited genre.
  • Sequel to the last episode

    I need a movie or book to follow the last episode of this series. An elaboration needs to be made to Joan's encounter with the evil character. Please!
  • I loved this episode... heck, I loved the show itself...

    I loved this episode, but I do wish that we could have seen some of the future for the family... like who Joan, Luke, and what's his name of a brother... actually marry? And what will happen to the brother in the wheelchair? Does he ever walk again? And will Joan & her friends be able to stop the guy who's starting all the fires.... especially before anyone gets seriously hurt? And will anyone but her close friends believe who is starting the fires?

    We can only imagine what will happen, since the show's been cancelled, and has been for awhile now... and possibly even write some fanfiction/stories about the show itself, and all the character developments, etc...
  • One of the most highly intelligent shows ever written about the place of God in human society, shown through the view of a young high school girl, and those of her family as it copes with its own tragedy.

    Unfortunately, this show was a particularly intelligent one for people who AREN'T particularly religious (or are filled with doubt, or have problems with the classic view of God).

    It had issues with appealing to actually highly religious people. I won't detail them much, but the one PC sop, having God appear as a rather effete male, suggesting that it's ok to be gay is sure to annoy some religious types, with adequate Biblical argument on their side (regardless of if oyu agree, it's still going to annoy many highly religious people). I think it should have been either left as a topic-to-be-avoided (such as denominational issues, including judaism, Xtianity, and Islam) or confronted head on, with some sort of acknowledgement of what the Bible states but leaving the fact that it's between each person and God rather than something to be enforced by others. The show did neither, which did not help.

    That said, there was a movement by some Xtian groups to write-in to save the show, so not all Xtians were sufficiently offended by the show, which was on the cusp after the second season. Its initial popularity obviously surprised the hell out of CBS -- there's a reason they put it in the Friday Night Death Zone in the first place (remember, The Passion of the Christ came out in 2004, the first Narnia in 2005. Joan debuted in 2003).

    Another issue -- God is not supposed to appear to anyone again, after Jesus, until the Second Coming -- i.e., there are no further prophets (including Mohammed) -- which I have no problem with in the context of the show, as it is certainly never claimed or suggested that Joan is a prophet -- but I know at least one person who cited the Biblical passage as an excuse to reject the show unseen, and yes, I think he's an idiot. So its basis can chase away part of the "obvious" audience, Xtians, while not making its appeal known to the actual target -- people open to belief but who have problems with the classic view of God. This show is very good for people who consider themselves Agnostic or even somewhat Athiestic, or who have Really Serious Doubts -- because I believe it presents a view of God which is more humanistic and rationalistic than many "official" views. If the basis for your disbelief and doubt is associated with problems with the "classic view" of God, this show may provide you with a view you will find more acceptable to your own sense of Right And Wrong. I think that God, in this show, makes sense in light of the problems in this world. That can be a basis for Faith.

    I'm not making any promises -- YMMV -- but I think it's a fantastic show, exceedingly well written, with excellent acting and characters, and it does address issues with God, and The Problems of the World (and why God may choose to not interfere) with a remarkable level of intelligence and wisdom. If you don't believe in God, you may, watching this show, find a view of God which you can respect and believe in.

    At the very least, the show can be a good source of some great late-night BS sessions in a college dorm about religion and its place in society. And that's not necessarily a bad way to find religion, either.

    It is unfortunate that the show ended so abruptly, but, despite the cliffhanger series end, it's still very much worth the time spent watching it.
  • An excellent show exploring concepts of God and the connectivity we share with others without eluding specifically to any religious doctrine. Started off as a somewhat strange premise to me but grew on me rather quickly.

    I think that this show really endeared itself to me rather quickly despite my initial impressions of crossing a police drama with a spiritual teen drama. After a few episodes, it seemed that the production settled well into its premise and repeatedly foreshadowed ideas not expressed until later in the show. Though presenting at least 2 (?) religious approaches, the show did not connect itself to them at least from the prospective of a teen girl carrying on a relationship with God. Casting was great and each character really began to take on 3 dimensional aspects of their own. I sometimes disapproved of ultimate plots designed for at least two characters from the show but as a whole am glad to have watched it.

    A strange deviation in concept planned for a 3rd season, it is truly a shame as I even still would have enjoyed seeing it. Personally, I cannot imagine how the new concepts would be approached...
  • Who can I contact who has enough influence to get this show back on television?

    I was devastated when this show went off the air. The show is entertaining as well as insightful. My family and I watched the show and we all loved it!!!!

    I have NEVER taken the time to write about something like this. I was spurred to action after watching a Joan of Arcadia rerun. I think it was (and could be again) the best show on television. Why do networks cancel shows like Joan of Arcadia and continue to invent these ridiculous reality shows? Who cares who can eat worms or be picked as the most eligible bachelor? Give Joan of Arcadia a little advertising and hype and I really think the number of viewers will continually increase as they hear about it from friends and family. The world is changing and more and more people are moving from traditional religious thinking to a broader understanding of spirituality. I think this show can support this greater understanding and help the world to become a better place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joan of Arcadia is just not the typical teenage drama,it's a masterpiece.

    One of the deepest shows television has ever had.It showed us the true emotions of life,showed us how hard the life is and that it is so hard to fit into it.The show has totally a hreatwarming note and tells us that the life is tough but there is always someone who can be good and who can help you.
    Joan is young and confused teenager who can talk to God.It is controversial if the voice of God is just in her head.The show shows us how confused are the nowadays teenager and that the voice of God can be just some precaution for Joan.
    Her life is tougher because of her family.Her older brother is paralysed and depressed.His story is one of the deepest of a paralyzed man I have watched on television.Every story of this series has something to say to everyone.The paralyzed boy storyline shows everyone that noone should loose their hope and to believe that wonders can happen.
    Joan's younger brother is a jerk and tries to fit into the high school teen life.
    Joan's father is, I don't remember clearly,something connected with the police and his job is hard enough to handle a family.
    It's a great series that have been praised both by the viewers and the critics.It's surprising how a somehow teen oriented show is nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series but it truly shows the series's potenitial.And the performance of Amber Tamblyn is one of the greatest I have seen in my life so far.She is also nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe.
    A perfect series with great actors,characters and storylines.
  • A great new show to the UK with a feel good factor AND lighthearted Godly teaching which hopefully will encourage people to think about their actions and the consequences.

    I disagreed with the previous poster who asked why Joan doesn't get a bolt of lightning up the ass!! King David often got angry at God and poured out his heart to Him- good and bad! God may be God but He's our heavenly father too and He wants us to be honest and welcomes feedback!

    I LOVE the show- have only seen two episodes so far but am hooked. It may not always be 'theologically' sound but it certainly gets the message across how something you do can have an amazing knock on effect, and how we don't always know the bigger picture.

    Anything that gets people thinking about God and their actions is fine by me- and the fact the actors are perfect for their roles is an added bonus.

    I can't recommend it highly enough and hope it doesn't end at just two series.
  • How can someone mouth off to God and not get a lightning bolt on her ass?

    I tried watching this show a couple of times and one thing consistent I notice was how rude, sarcastic and downright hostile Joan gets towards God. Yet to the other human beings around her, she seemed quite nice.

    Is this show trying to instill faith, hope or just tell people it's ok to question and shout at the Almighty? I just watched one where she was riled up at God saying her (Joan's mother) time was up and Joan scolded God saying how great it must be for Him to not have to worry about His end before stomping off into the car like a huffy spoilt brat who forgets how is she able to breathe without God's help.

    Did Joan (if she was freaking real) remember who created her in the first place?

    It feels like the writers or producers have a vendetta against faith. And the small little lessons included in each episode are just to show that hey we have a point here. Also with the world to take care of and bigger matters to think about, why would God take this little girl's abuse?

    This show is low in entertainment value and sinking into the reality that we have become thankless human beings. If it means to portray how awful we can be as a person, then this show succeeded big time.
  • This show had to go. The storyline got so weak, it cannot possibly have been sustained any longer.

    If this show had come a few years earlier it might have been appreciated more. As of now, I can kinda see why it was pulled off air. The show didnt have anything new to offer. Infact even the second season was pretty much a repeat of the first one. The basic storyline about God itself had a lot of weaknesses. The writers did not seem to be sure of exactly how they wanted to potray God. Also the continual change of appearance of the Almighty was interesting in the beginning but it got irritating towards the end of season 1 itself. The actors were good. Amber was very convincing in her role of the confused Joan. The actors playing her brothers and friends were suitable in their roles.

    One of the characters most liked would probably be Will Gerrardi. He was the most consistent character. He stayed on the same route and you can expect him to be rational.
    I liked the character of Helen in the beginning. But in season 2 I couldnt wait for the camera to move from her! she was highly irritating. I feel the writer's attempts to make her the suporting and extremely likeable mother failed miserably. Being someone who generally connects really well with the 'mother' characters this was one mother I completely HATED! She had absolutely nothing to offer! She was the one who first decided to start an affair with her Ex, she cant stand the idea of her kids becoming independant, she's highly controlling and she never ever tries to sit and reason with her kids. Had she been a better mother then Joan would definitely have come and confided in her about her visions of God. She lives a totally unrealistic life. She is highly impractical, selfish and judgemental. To me she came across as one of those stupid women who convince themselves that they are so moral and right that they refuse to see things from others' point of view and are completely irrartional!
    Its tough to imagine how her husband can even stand her!

    The show could have been better if there had been better if they had either stuck to making it a little lighter or more dark. As it was, it seemed to swing between the two never taking the plunge either way. It had potential, only the creators did not properly think what they wanted from the show before they started penning it down. The concept needed refining. They made God a little too hard. One could not exactly connect with it. God seemed unhelpful and uncaring. Also the devotion shown by Joan towards him was unrealistic. She never questions him at all! even in the beginning! it was like she was ready to believe it was God from the first time she saw him! Also when Adam cheated on her, God convinces her to supress her emotions which she does so readily! It seemed very weird. Her character became very spineless in season 2. She does not use her thinking process at all and seems to blindl follow orders.

    The choice of actors was definately good. They did their roles great justice. Towards the end, it was the only nice thing about the series.
  • Oh television! Why must you go and rid yourself of the shows that actually are worth watching? Why must we be subjected to BAD TV in place of critically acclaimed-expertly written- brilliantly acted television- such as Joan of Arcadia? WHY?

    I love this show. Along the lines of BTVS and Veronica Mars, this shows follows a female hero led by a "higher calling" and purpose. She is able and willing, at times, to even go it alone to be and do greater things. The ensemble cast only lends to the beauty of the story and Joan's journey. It is the greatest pity that unlike Buffy and very much like Veronica Mars, we will not be able to see the greatest battles that lie ahead. A show full of hope without being senseless, it's cancellation is a tragedy of television. Thank God (literally) for DVDs and I continue to hope that TV will be wiser in the future. Bring it back!
  • Joan Of Arcadia is a story about more than just God, and him contacting Joan, but it has a deep sence of spirituality and family.

    This show has the perfect blend of humor, spirituallity, teenage adolecence, and family.This show mostly revolves around Joan Girardi and the people in her life: Her father, Will Girardi,a police man, who has doubts about the whole religious thing and choses to do thing the old fashioned way. Her moter, Helen Girardi, a artist at heart but does whatever she can to protect her family, even if it means sacraficing her own beleifes. Her older brother, Kevin Girardi, a once popular jock until he was involved in a car accedent paralyzing him from the waist down, which ruined his chance at a football scholorship. Her younger brother, Luke Girardi, an overaspiring nerdish teenager whom the familt quietly mocks and sometimes forgets about. Her best friend, Grace Polk, who is very self-contained and doesn't share much. Her on-and-off-boyfriend, Adam Rove, who she must find a way to comfort when he is very isolated from realit. And last but not least: God! As God aproches her and askes her to do stuff for him/her (whichever form God appears in) that benifit her in ways she barley even recongnizes!
  • Joan of Arcadia is a drama about a highschool girl who can talk to god.

    This show as a exaclent show. A good show, that teachs good morrows and has religion meaning to it, which is rare for a show to have these days. I honestly wish that they wouldn't have cancled it cause at the time it was on it was one of my top 5 favorite shows. I think CBS made one of their biggest mistakes cancling this show, because it would of brong many people in as time went on (at least that's my opion). It was unique because almost ever episode could bring tears to your eyes, and make your laugh. It made you think about whats right and wrong and was a show you could watch with your family.
  • Joan, teen girl, speaks to God (who takes on different personas with each meeting) while struggling with family crises and the dramas of life.

    From people's choice new drama to canceled??? Joan of Arcadia was definitely a smart, witty show--underappreciated and canceled. Personally i DID prefer season one more than season two seeing as season two appeared too manipulated to please a wider audience. Had the producers not toy with the formula so much, fans would not have felt alienated and perhaps ratings would not have suffered as much.
    Aside from the executive decisions, however, the show was great! Wonderful acting and engaging storylines, not to mention quick banters between potential pairings and friends. It was quite a show!
  • This show has to come back it was just starting a great plot!

    Ive just finished re-watching the series for a second time because I loved it so much the first time around but I need more! Ending like that with this big challenge/fight coming up just isnt enough for an enquiring mind like mine. I wanna know what happens, the story was just starting to get really intreaging. How could they just leave us hanging like that????
  • A young girl that talks to God and thinks she is crazy for doing so. Why do bad things happen in life?

    I identify with Joan, as I was one of few school age children in my junior high and high school that attended church and wasn’t afraid to talk about it. Why do bad things happen? This is a question that stands out in most people lives and I think that the station that played and cancelled ‘Joan of Arcadia’ didn’t let the show play out this question to the best of it’s ability or to the end.
  • This show was amazing. Like really.

    This show was truly amazing and dealt with so many of life's issues with humor and truth. I loved this show for it's quality, characters, and storyline but I also loved it because it was a show I could sit down and watch with my dad without being embarrassed by inappropriate things. When I found out this show was canceled I cried, it may sound silly, but I sat there and I cried because I wanted to know more of what happened to Joan and her family. I especially was interested in finding out what happened between Joan and Adam who were a couple that just added icing to the cake. If I could bring this show back I would have it back in a heartbeat.
  • It's a great show about small life's stuff

    Well Joan of Arcadia have this unique concept which I like very much, it's not just the "teenager with problems" show, also we got a view of the faith in the world, it makes you think. And that isn't all, there are police's stories from Joan's Dad who works as a detective. Joan can see and speak with God, forget the religion for a moment, he orders Joan to do actions which, in the end, brings good consequences. Some are very weird but is just breaking the social rules: "what they will say?". Her family is across a bad time because his brother was disabled in an accident and the environment is not quite stable. Is a good show, I don't know why they cancel it.
  • These is about a typical family facing a typical situations and Joan, their young teenager daughter's who has given a gift to have a conversations with God.

    These show is my personal favorie because it only appears here a family facing a typical situations that sometimes cannot be solve it easily and quickly. Then, Joan, their young teenager daughter's who has given a gift to have a conversations with God. These things is happening in a surprisely ways she is not expecting to encounter in most of the time. That people think to her is acting a little strange and it is hard to believe for them. Then what I liked more is her secret, it's a cute boy in her own age, Adam. He is his boyfriend who believes she's been experiencing hallucinations. It is my personal favorite for it shows how Joan is faithful to God and following his directives and retain his normal teenaged life as existence.
  • This is one of the best shows in the world. I wish it would come back to me or just never have left me.

    This show it makes you think, makes you laugh and makes you cry all at the same time. I got into this show from a friend of mine and I was amazed at how well made it was and the lines aren't all fake. It is definitely one of my favorite shows that was ever on tv. I miss it. It was the thing to do on Friday night's at 7:00 p.m. and If I missed it I would tape it and than watch it later. It is life changing and has helped me so much. Love Joan
  • this is a show about a girl who sees god.

    two parent's teenage daughter has a relationship with god. she not only sees god in many different human forms, but she speaks to him and tries to do his will when he needs her help. alot of the time this show can be touching, and some of the time depressing, but in my little expirience watching it it made for a pretty decent hour of television. the only thing I did find odd was that alot of the time joan was really sarcastic and ignorant towards god in his human form. she always did his will, i guess and that was what really mattered in the show.
  • Joan of Arcadia is about Joan a girl who talks to God and sees him in different forms of people. And he asks her to do things for him like help out a friend.

    Joan of Arcadia is about a girl who sees God in different forms of people, like a junitor, a goth kid, a punk rock kid, park ranger. He asks her todo things like help a friend out, try out for the musical, baby-sit a kid, and work at a bookstore. They all have ripples, and Joan helping out changes things for better, even if she can't see what happends because of it. I think this is a pretty good show to watch. I like the characters they have, her brothers Luke and Kevin, Grace, Adam, Frediman, Judith, Glynis, the teachers, and all the different Gods the come around. I would have liked to seen the next season to find out about the big test was going to happen, but the show got canceled.
  • The show is about Joan, a teenage girl who gets contacted by god to do various tasks and by doing so fulfilling her true nature in life.

    This show is the best I have seen in a long time. I don’t watch many shows either, mainly because I don’t watch a show unless it strikes me. Joan of Arcadia hit me personally and I am not even religious. It grief’s me to see the show axed, and just after a 2nd season. Although season 2 was not as good as season 1 the sudden death of this show is not acceptable. Not after the climax in the 2nd season finale. I would love to se Joan of Arcadia on the air once more. The chances are small, but as the show tries to tell us, sometimes there is only hope.

    The show was astonishingly and godly.
  • Awesome show about a girl who talks to God.

    I loved this show. I thought it was a great show and still can't believe that it got cancelled.
    I thought it had such high points in it that it would attract all types of viewers.
    Out of all the characters, I probably would say that I liked Luke the best because I am so much like him.
    Luke and Grace were one of the cutest couples. They were so opposite that it made them so unique.
    I know that I, along with many other viewers, asked CBS to put this show back on. Why haven't they ever answered us? I don't know. The least they could do was wrap up the series and not leave us at a cliffhanger.
    If you ever notice that an episode of this show is on TV, I suggest watch it. It's very influential, but in a good way. I love it.
  • A pretty good show.

    A drama that has a really nice premise. This is a very unique show that almost have the same tone as touch of an angel, but this is far more superior than that. It's not a dumb show, there's a little supernatural twist in the plot, but the show centers around joan and her family. There are some episodes that are way too sappy to watch. But many episodes are really good, they are filled with adventures that Joan experiences in her world. This show is good, it's not boring like touch by an angel. i enjoy watching this show, it's pretty good.
  • not a horrible show

    to be honest when it first heard about this show, i thought why would anyone think this would work? but the first season was suprisingly good. the show got decent ratings and a small cult following. when i found out it was going to be cancelled i was a little bummed out. but amber tamblyn is a good actress and hopefully she will move on to bigger and better things.
  • Joan gives Cry Me a River all new connotations…

    I remember the first episode I watched, it started off pretty decent and I began to think this wasn’t so bad. I took my eyes off the screen for one minute to get a potato chip outta the bag and the next thing I know the chick had burst into tears.

    I think Joan’s parents should put her on medication. She is ALWAYS crying – every episode! I swear her tear ducts must be as dry as the Sahara desert! I got so fed up with her “emotional” outbursts that I had to stop watching this series. She cries about everything.

    Although the concept of the show is great and I do love all the other characters, Joan is just plain annoying. I swear if Joan spilt ketchup on a French Fry she’d burst into tears.