Joan of Arcadia

CBS (ended 2005)





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  • Awesome show about a girl who talks to God.

    I loved this show. I thought it was a great show and still can't believe that it got cancelled.
    I thought it had such high points in it that it would attract all types of viewers.
    Out of all the characters, I probably would say that I liked Luke the best because I am so much like him.
    Luke and Grace were one of the cutest couples. They were so opposite that it made them so unique.
    I know that I, along with many other viewers, asked CBS to put this show back on. Why haven't they ever answered us? I don't know. The least they could do was wrap up the series and not leave us at a cliffhanger.
    If you ever notice that an episode of this show is on TV, I suggest watch it. It's very influential, but in a good way. I love it.