Joan of Arcadia

CBS (ended 2005)





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  • Joan Of Arcadia is a story about more than just God, and him contacting Joan, but it has a deep sence of spirituality and family.

    This show has the perfect blend of humor, spirituallity, teenage adolecence, and family.This show mostly revolves around Joan Girardi and the people in her life: Her father, Will Girardi,a police man, who has doubts about the whole religious thing and choses to do thing the old fashioned way. Her moter, Helen Girardi, a artist at heart but does whatever she can to protect her family, even if it means sacraficing her own beleifes. Her older brother, Kevin Girardi, a once popular jock until he was involved in a car accedent paralyzing him from the waist down, which ruined his chance at a football scholorship. Her younger brother, Luke Girardi, an overaspiring nerdish teenager whom the familt quietly mocks and sometimes forgets about. Her best friend, Grace Polk, who is very self-contained and doesn't share much. Her on-and-off-boyfriend, Adam Rove, who she must find a way to comfort when he is very isolated from realit. And last but not least: God! As God aproches her and askes her to do stuff for him/her (whichever form God appears in) that benifit her in ways she barley even recongnizes!
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