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  • This show had to go. The storyline got so weak, it cannot possibly have been sustained any longer.

    If this show had come a few years earlier it might have been appreciated more. As of now, I can kinda see why it was pulled off air. The show didnt have anything new to offer. Infact even the second season was pretty much a repeat of the first one. The basic storyline about God itself had a lot of weaknesses. The writers did not seem to be sure of exactly how they wanted to potray God. Also the continual change of appearance of the Almighty was interesting in the beginning but it got irritating towards the end of season 1 itself. The actors were good. Amber was very convincing in her role of the confused Joan. The actors playing her brothers and friends were suitable in their roles.

    One of the characters most liked would probably be Will Gerrardi. He was the most consistent character. He stayed on the same route and you can expect him to be rational.
    I liked the character of Helen in the beginning. But in season 2 I couldnt wait for the camera to move from her! she was highly irritating. I feel the writer's attempts to make her the suporting and extremely likeable mother failed miserably. Being someone who generally connects really well with the 'mother' characters this was one mother I completely HATED! She had absolutely nothing to offer! She was the one who first decided to start an affair with her Ex, she cant stand the idea of her kids becoming independant, she's highly controlling and she never ever tries to sit and reason with her kids. Had she been a better mother then Joan would definitely have come and confided in her about her visions of God. She lives a totally unrealistic life. She is highly impractical, selfish and judgemental. To me she came across as one of those stupid women who convince themselves that they are so moral and right that they refuse to see things from others' point of view and are completely irrartional!
    Its tough to imagine how her husband can even stand her!

    The show could have been better if there had been better if they had either stuck to making it a little lighter or more dark. As it was, it seemed to swing between the two never taking the plunge either way. It had potential, only the creators did not properly think what they wanted from the show before they started penning it down. The concept needed refining. They made God a little too hard. One could not exactly connect with it. God seemed unhelpful and uncaring. Also the devotion shown by Joan towards him was unrealistic. She never questions him at all! even in the beginning! it was like she was ready to believe it was God from the first time she saw him! Also when Adam cheated on her, God convinces her to supress her emotions which she does so readily! It seemed very weird. Her character became very spineless in season 2. She does not use her thinking process at all and seems to blindl follow orders.

    The choice of actors was definately good. They did their roles great justice. Towards the end, it was the only nice thing about the series.
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