Joan of Arcadia

CBS (ended 2005)





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  • How can someone mouth off to God and not get a lightning bolt on her ass?

    I tried watching this show a couple of times and one thing consistent I notice was how rude, sarcastic and downright hostile Joan gets towards God. Yet to the other human beings around her, she seemed quite nice.

    Is this show trying to instill faith, hope or just tell people it's ok to question and shout at the Almighty? I just watched one where she was riled up at God saying her (Joan's mother) time was up and Joan scolded God saying how great it must be for Him to not have to worry about His end before stomping off into the car like a huffy spoilt brat who forgets how is she able to breathe without God's help.

    Did Joan (if she was freaking real) remember who created her in the first place?

    It feels like the writers or producers have a vendetta against faith. And the small little lessons included in each episode are just to show that hey we have a point here. Also with the world to take care of and bigger matters to think about, why would God take this little girl's abuse?

    This show is low in entertainment value and sinking into the reality that we have become thankless human beings. If it means to portray how awful we can be as a person, then this show succeeded big time.