Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 22

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2005 on CBS

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  • As I sat and watched.... I was so getting into the episode and thinking ahead like whats gonna happen and then NOTHING......

    I loved the storyline and the way they got you going but what a bummer to end on that kind of note.
    I was so looking forward to another series of this can anyone tell me why it has now ended?
    The Status on the Summary Page says Ended??
    I love this series.... I WANT more.

    IF this series has ended why leave it hanging like that, why not finish is of with Ryans demise or Joans failure?

    I do so hope they choose to finish of the cliff hanger soon, as all I think about is when my next hit of Joan is going to be, maybe I should just start watching the reruns.
  • I really enjoyed this episode but as it got to the end I was trying to figure out how everything could be resolved in a matter of seconds....but nothing was.

    So's pretty annoying. I think the episode itself is damn good, but the whole episode is based around building up a huge climax that just doesn't happen. I thought maybe i'd missed an episode (i.e. that it was a 2-parter or something) then I checked and realised this was the final episode and now we'll never know what could happen. It would be so easy to continue the story in another season but they won't and none of the viewers have been given the opportunity to see how things pan out. It's really disappointing. I personally think the how could have run for a good few more seasons but we've been left with hundreds of questions and not one answer. I don't understand why good shows that invoke thought on a deeper level for the viewers always seem to get cancelled way before their time. The least they could've done was make it a 2-parter so we'd get some answers.
    I recorded the finale and as the minutes counted down at the end I felt increasingly agitated. The whole battle hadn't even begun yet and then...nothing.
    I wish there was something that could be done to make it right. :(
  • I still dont get the end....

    When I was watching this episode I thought it was a season finaly because of the new 'task' against Ryan Hunter and it really would be a great season finaly but not a good serie finaly because of this finaly they let you so much questions and I was looking forward to see more of the character Ryan Hunter in a new season so I went to this site after the episode or he was playing in the next season but then I saw it was ended (AHHHHHHH) and I still dont get why they ended it is was a great show with a great cast and a refresing story great to watch for Christians and non-Christians!!!
  • What a way to end a great series.

    I have been a fan of Joan of Arcadia for quite some time, but lost interest during Season 2. I went back and got back into it. I knew there wasn't going to be a Season 3, and was quite saddened so I wondered how they would finish the series. Would it have a happy ending? Would it end on a massive cliffhanger?

    In the episodes leading up I quite enjoyed and now came the final one. I was suprised to see Joan see Judith and Rocky, and even more shocked when her mum see's Judith.

    I really got into the episode when Joans mum has dreams of events happening, like the Church being vandalized.

    Also the arrival of Ryan Hunter, I knew he was bad trouble after the previous episode and knew something suss was up.

    With only 10 minutes to go I knew the show would end on a cliffhanger and what one is was, Joan has to fight against Ryan, but has no army due to everyone taking his side.

    Now we will never know what would happen, and all I can say is damn CBS to hell for not keeping the series.

    Overall it was a great episode, wasn't the best cliffhanger to leave it on, but could have been worse.

    RIP Joan of Arcadia, another great show that is axed too early.
  • So, this it it? Half way through I hoped it would still be a to be continued. Oh, no wait, this is the final episode!

    Well, as cliffhanger at the end of a season I would say, this is a perfect episode.
    As the final episode of a series?? What were they thinking? Another example of a series that was ripped of television. He, you people from the TV companies, there are actually people watching the show.. The least you could do was give the series a proper end.
  • Great season finale

    I liked this as a season finale and was very disappointed when I heard it wouldn't be returning for a 3rd season. Still, the show is very much worth the time. I actually thought about writing a virtual season 3 just to figure out where the show would've gone creatively if it had continued but that's quite the undertaking by oneself. I plan on watching this show for years to come just to come to understand the view on the world it has and the generally positive way in which it viewed people and the way belief can be both a positive and a negative force in the world.
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  • Puleese let there be more

    Please let there be a sequel, a movie, a screenplay, a book... something to tie up the loose ends of this series. Don't leave us hanging out there. Barbara Hall, where are you? You are needed.
  • Barbara Hall help us!!!!!! Please!!!

    I Couldnt agree more with hduck1's !! I am still here waiting for a scrennplay, a movie, a book or something to tie up the loose ends of this serie! I really enjoyed Joan of Arcadia!! Barbara Hall was so mean leaving us (fans) like that!