Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 20

Spring Cleaning

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Joan resists God's suggestion that she do some cleaning up in her life, college counselor Dana Tuchman offers to help her through her break up with Adam. So, following another encounter with God, Joan rids her room of everything Adam ever gave her, as well as some CDs and books that Tuchman loaned her. Dropping by his office, Joan finds Tuchman in the middle of an emotionally-charged session with classmate Chelsea Burnett. Meanwhile, after Lilly suggests that Kevin start looking for a place of his own, Helen worries that it's because they want someplace to have sex. But only when they are looking at an apartment does Kevin realize that encouraging him to move out had nothing to do with Lilly wanting somewhere they can be alone. When Chelsea accuses Tuchman of luring her into an affair, she also implicates Joan. Though admitting that his counseling caused Chelsea to fall in love with him, Tuchman tells Joan that nothing ever happened between them. So, as Joan suggests finding people to vouch for him, Tuchman admits to having had a failed relationship with Ms. Lischak. To keep Luke from worrying that they might also break up, Grace gives him a leather jacket. But when it causes Luke to change, Grace begins to regret giving it to him. After asking Ms. Lischak to help Tuchman out of his jam, Joan is taken aback when Adam returns all the things she gave him, too. Then, even though Chelsea recants, Tuchman decides to leave the school and take to the road – a decision that gives Ms. Lischak a whole new level of respect for him. As Helen counsels Kevin on how to apologize to Lilly, after making some changes in her own wardrobe to get his attention, Grace admits to giving Luke the jacket because she also feared that they might break up. And after Joan assesses the lessons she's learned from her spring cleaning, she and Adam consider restoring their friendship.