Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 10

The Book of Questions

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Grace, in this episode and in previous episodes, continues to be able to close her locker without having to lift up handle and then inserting the combo lock.

    • The meteor shower was more like a meteor storm, there were too many meteors "falling" at the same time. Usually it's 100/hour over the whole sky, not 50/minute over one part of the sky.

  • Quotes

    • Joan: Oh, that is so sweet! I wanna be Jewish!

    • Joan: God shouldn't pinch cheeks. It never makes the world better.

    • Grace: And just dealing with a lot of questions, that takes a lot of guts when there's no guarantee there'll be answers.

    • Grace's Father: You wanna go over your Torah portion again?
      Grace: It's under neural lockdown.

    • Grace: If I hear the word "adorable," I will go postal.

    • Officious Hall Monitor God: I multi-task. Well, if I didn't… well, you wouldn't want to know.

    • Friedman: (helping Luke find a present) Consider the candlestick- a popular Shabbot favorite. (Off Luke's puzzled look) Shabbot..the lighting of the candles... Friday night...
      Luke: She doesn't do that.
      Friedman: Then she can use it to kill Colonel Mustard in the library.

    • Joan: So what are you wearing?
      Grace: (sighing) A dress.
      Joan: You're...wearing...a dress?
      Grace: Oh, nice smirk.
      Joan: I wasn't smirking! I was... I...had to sneeze.

    • Joan: Can we focus?
      Officious Hall Monitor God: I'm always focused.

    • Rabbi Polonsky: My little girl in high heels . . .
      Grace: Cry on the dress, Dad, and they become lethal weapons.

    • Grace: The Jews have survived 5,000 years of persecution, and I'm going to get finished off by the Girardis!

    • Joan: (reading) 'In ancient times, some tribes marked the coming of age ceremony by having the celebrant kill, cook and eat a large animal.'
      Adam: I don't think there's going to be any hunting at Grace's party.
      Joan: Nah, she's having it catered.

    • Grace: Have you been listening at all?
      Joan: Yeah - angry, angry, angry, society, angry, angry, politics, angry.

    • Luke: People like these?
      Friedman: I got five (kippah).
      Luke: And you like them?
      Friedman: Like them? They're bar mitzvah presents. Nobody likes them. They simply exist, like Stonehenge.

    • Grace: Oh, god, whoever invented pantyhose should be shot.

    • Grace: Me in a dress, it takes a village.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Grace: I just want it to come and go quickly... like Hoobastank.
      Hoobastank is popular rock band at the time who is best known for their hit song "The Reason."

    • Friedman: Then she can use it to kill Colonel Mustard in the library...
      Said as he holds up a candlestick as a bat mitzvah gift. Referencing the famous Parker Brothers board game, Clue.