Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 4

The Cat

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2004 on CBS

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  • Helen\'s mom comes and stays with the Girardi\'s, will it cause happiness or havoc?

    Brilliantly written episode. I loved it. On my top 3.
    I really liked Helen\'s reaction to her mom and her complaints. It helps bring her back into reality and gets her anger out.
    The one thing that I really enjoyed in this episode was how Luke and Grace\'s relationships grew. It shows that they have something more between them, other than making out. =] Grace finally is able to let down her shell and allow Luke to come in. She is so vulnerable, it is really touching. Grace is a totally different person. When Luke sees her, he just knows that he can\'t say anything, just him being their helps. \"Silence is stronger than words.\"
    See this episode if you can, it\'s great.
  • Great episode. It is what this series was all about.

    I agree with most everything in the previous person\\\'s review. The Cloris Leachman character was \\\"Aunt Olive\\\" not Helen\\\'s mother. This episode was all about relationships and how they are evolving. Helen and her aunt\\\'s loss of independance. Will and the department, going to IA over who started the fire . Friedman finally getting a conditional yes from Judith! Adam coming to terms with having to \\\"sacrifice his art\\\" for the sake of a school project. Luke and Grace growing with her opening up about her home life. The classroom scene where no words were spoken was excellent. The hug and the tears said it all. There are times that I hate my project of going through my old videotape collection but finding rare gems like this makes it all worthwhile.