Joan of Arcadia

Season 2 Episode 4

The Cat

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Grace contacts Luke and then logs off, her logout message only says BLACKWIDOW, not BLACKWIDOW-4-U, even though her text message said "BLACKWIDOW-4-U Says".

    • There are several medical errors with the description of Olive's "middle cerebral stroke." A stroke that caused weakness in the right arm would affect speech as well, since such a stroke occurs in the left side of the brain, causing asphasia. But Olive's speech is unaffected. Middle cerebral strokes also don't paralyze the lower half of the body - they affect either the right side or the left side. A middle cerebral stroke wouldn't cause a collapse and unconsciousness. The type of stroke necessary to induce lower-body paralysis would render someone unconscious, but it would be for hours if not days.

    • The color of Guava juice is pink, but the color of the juice that Aunt Olive uses to toast with is orange.

  • Quotes

    • Will: (to Joan) What happened to your nose?
      Luke: Her cat has a problem with Edmond Rostand.

    • Judith: Friedman, you and me, it's never gonna happen.
      Friedman: I'm a scientist, my sweet. We toil on unsolvable equations for years. We like.

    • Judith: You don't want to be a cat person, JoJo. They're antisocial, sexually frustrated introverts.
      Joan: Uh, stow the shrinkisms. I'm taking care of one of God's creatures.
      Grace: Dude, we eat most of His little creatures.
      Judith: And your aunt eats the rest, from what I hear.

    • Luke: (to Adam) Have a cricket, good for sex.

    • Joan: (when Adam tries to pet Larry) Don't do that. He'll scratch. (Adam pets Larry, Larry purrs and rolls on his side) Why isn't he scratching?
      Adam: He likes me.
      Joan: Why?
      Adam: I don't know.

    • Grace: (via instant messanger) My Mother drinks.

    • Olive: What is this?
      Kevin: Chicken. It happens a lot around here. The name "Girardi" causes fear and trembling in the chicken world.

    • Kevin: Why would you ever think this was a good look?
      Will: I saved those shirts! Paisley will come back!

    • Olive: I learned this recipe from a Thai chef who said crickets kept him vital. Over ninety! Still having sex like a rabbit.
      Luke: I'll try one.
      Kevin: Me too.

    • Judith: Memorize Hamlet and it's a date.
      Friedman: The part or the play?
      Judith: The play.

    • Helen: I expected to not yell at an old lady who just had a stroke. I called her a bitch.
      Will: I know. I almost cheered.

    • Will: What?
      Helen: Oh, I've been thinking.
      Will: That's when I get concerned.

    • Will: As I put on my pants my trusty garlic-sensor goes off.

    • Grace: GravityBoy has logged off?
      Luke: Joan was trying to bust me for looking at porn
      Grace: You were looking at porn while we were on-
      Luke: No! Do you want me to...?

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the last appearance of Roy Roebuck (Derek Morgan) and the first appearance of Lt. Lucy Preston (Annie Potts) on the series.

    • We find out that Grace's mother is an alcoholic in this episode.

    • Music featured in this episode included:
      "Advantage" by Parallax Project
      "Happy Kid" by Nada Surf
      "Scattered" by Jeff Lingle
      "The Rebirth" by Move.Meant
      "For Granted" by Idaho
      "Jumpin' & Thumpin'" by Jeff Lingle
      "Good Intentions" by Doubting Paris
      "Shock" by 2 Minutes Hate
      "If You Hear Me" by Dogwood Moon
      "Shaking The Tree" by Peter Gabriel & Youssou N'Dour

    • New Gods: Feral Cat Lover God and Basketball Player God.

  • Allusions

    • Joan: Eeew! This is like Arcadia Fear Factor.
      Fear Factor
      was a reality show on NBC in which contestants had to perform various challenges or stunts to eliminate their competitors in order to win $50,000. The challenges where either physical or mental, and designed to cause the contestants a heightened sense of fear.

    • Kevin: Tell that to Siegfried. Luke: No, I think it was Roy.
      Siegfried and Roy are two German-American illusionists and animal tamers that used to perform on the Las Vegas strip. In October 2003, Roy was bitten on the neck by one of their white tigers during a performance.

    • Grace: Okay, Bruce Banner, relax.
      Referencing the alter-ego of Marvel's comic book character the Incredible Hulk.

    • Judith: Skipper, your little buddy . . .

      Referencing the 60's series Gilligan's Island that, despite only a three-year run, ingrained itself on the consciousness of generations.