Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 8

The Devil Made Me Do It

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Will Girardi is at a crime scene where an intruder was shot. The media as well as the people of Arcadia are calling the man who shot the intruder a "hero'. Even though he claims he did it in self defense, Will is having a hard time saying that he is a "hero" and what he did was justifiable. Meanwhile, on her way to school, Joan meets God on the street where God tells her to look into the Art Fair at school. So, Joan does as she is told and volunteers to work in the Art Fair wondering where this is going to take her.

Kevin is at a music store in the mall when an employee who is putting cds away drops them. Kevin goes to help him but the man refuses his help. When the store doesn't have what he is looking for he leaves. The alarm goes off and he tells the man that he doesn't have anything. The employee lets him go without checking.

After school, when working as a volunteer at the Art Fair, God shows up and tells Joan that the piece of art she was trying to move is Adam Rove's and that she needs to figure out a way to keep it out of the show. She doesn't understand why and doesn't want to do it because Adam is her friend, but does it anyway by trying to buy it from him. Adam lets her have the piece of art but, wants it in the show first. Since it didn't work, the next thing she tries is stealing it. That doesn't work because it is too heavy and because God shows up again. He tells her that she needs to think up a more creative way to get it out of the show. So, for the time being, she is stuck.

At home that night, Kevin finds out that the reason the alarm went off at the music store was because a cd fell into his wheel chair. So, he leaves to return it only to find that the employee at the store doesn't really care and gives it to him for free just because he is in a wheel chair. Just to make a point, Kevin walks out with another cd to see if he will be apprehended. The employee doesn't make a move. So Kevin throws the cds on the ground and leaves upset. Joan is still trying to figure out what to do so she leaves to go to Grace Polk's house to talk to her. She is not home, but we do get to meet her dad who turns out to be a Rabbi. We also find out that Polk is not her real last name, it's really Polanski. Anyway, Joan asks Grace's father what she should do and if God would ask someone to do something that is bad. He tells her no and that "evil is a large question". So, now Joan is confused even more with what to do because she doesn't know if it's the Devil or God asking her to do this.

At the station, Will is questioning the man who shot the intruder. He explains what happened, but Will still doesn't know whether he should've shot and killed the man or not. And now thinks that this case should go to trial, thus in saying this to the media, he is in jeopardy of losing his job when his probation period is up. Since Joan doesn't know what to do, she doesn't try to take Adam's art out of the show. Joan sees the priest that is a friend of Helen's at the show and starts to talk him. She asks him if God would ask someone to commit something that is wrong. He says no, that it would be the act of the "adversary". Joan, taking this to be the Devil, because the Devil can take the form of God. Adam and Helen start jumping up and down excitedly because Adam made a sell of his art for $500.

To make another point at a paint shop with Kevin and Luke. Kevin starts putting paints into his pockets to show to Luke that the man won't do anything about it just because he is in a wheel chair. He doesn't, but Luke makes him feel bad about taking them so he puts them on the counter and leaves. Luke goes to pay for them and apologizes to the employee, but all the employee does is make a comment about how he has a hard life already. When hearing this, Luke yells at him and walks off.

At school the next morning, Joan is late to school because she is talking to God. She knows that in her heart she has been talking to God the whole time. When Joan arrives in the office she finds that Adam is quitting school because he believes he could make and sell his art as a career and doesn't need school. Since she couldn't talk Adam into staying in school, Joan walks to the room where Adam's art is being held and takes a chair and starts demolishing it. Teachers and students walk in on her, as well as Adam. In the principal's office, Joan is suspended for 3 days for vandalism and for brandishing a weapon on school property (even though is was just a chair). The only reason she wasn't expelled is because her parents agreed to get her counseling. When Joan goes to talk to Adam, he doesn't want to talk to her. He tells her that she knows why he makes this art, to remember his mother because she loved them. She tells him she's sorry but he won't listen to her. He says he doesn't want to talk to her again and they are no longer friends, and maybe never were. Don't know where this is going to go now.

At home that night, Kevin is putting away all his "toys" as he calls them, which he paints. He tells Luke that it is time he grows up. Kevin says that he was the perfect big brother "stronger, faster, better looking." He tells him that people were only nice to him because he was Kevin Girardi's kid brother. Luke agrees. Kevin then goes on to say that the night before, the order was reversed. He says he is the big brother in this family and tells Luke to get off his cloud. Luke doesn't understand, Kevin tells him that what happened yesterday will never happen again. And in a very touching moment, Kevin tells Luke that he will be proud of him again someday.

With that, the show comes to a close with Helen telling Will about why the house is so quiet. We already know about why Kevin and Luke are so quiet. Joan is upstairs in her room underneath her covers until she can go back to school. With that, Will and Helen dance to imaginary music with music actually ending the scene for us. To me, this episode was the best yet. A lot of things going on that will keep us guessing for episodes to come! Bye everyone! --werthgirl3
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