Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 22

The Gift

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2004 on CBS

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  • God asks Joan to give Adam a gift. After she finds a condom in his backpack, she begins to worry that this gift is related to sex. Also, as Kevin begins his new job as court reporter, he makes a bad call that challenges Will.

    It is getting near the end of the school year and the group has to cram for finals. Adam in particular seems distracted, having to juggle school, studying, and work. God appears to Joan and tells her to get Adam a gift. She begins to mull and fret over what Adam could possibly want, ultimately trying to enlist the help of Grace and Luke. During this time, Luke has joined the group to study because he wants to keep away from Glynis, who he broke up with the previous episode. He had bought a geode for Grace, but is worried about giving it to her. During a discussion with her about Adam and Joan, he does give it to her, and that story is left for now. When Joan finds a condom in Adam's book bag while looking for clues, she wonders if sex is the gift she needs to give. She decides to go to Adam's job at the hotel and possibly have sex with him. During the course of their conversation, he reveals that he feels he is nothing since he has work his job to pay his dads bills, which has cut into his time to work on his art. In the end, all Joan needs to give Adam is faith in him.

    The other story involves the fact that Kevin has become a court reporter. Will and his partner had collared a guy who had committed theft to keep his daughter. During the arraignment, Will asks for a softer sentence. Kevin is appalled by this and writes a scathing article. This in turn destroys the plea bargain setup for the guy and Will is furious because Kevin didn't take into consideration facts outside his sight. The two end up reconciling over the boat and coming to a sort of agreement.

    Overall, I felt this episode was average. I think the hemming and hahing that Joan goes through is a bit heavy-handed. I understand why it would be such a hard decision for her, but I felt that storyline was lacking a bit. The storyline involving Kevin and Will was pretty good, but faltered at the end because it seemed like too easy an out for Kevin. My favorite moments of the episode were between Luke and Grace, especially when he gave her the rock and she blushed a bit before they went back to studying. I am hoping for a real good finale to end this great season.