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  • Season 1 Episode 23: Silence

  • When Helen is in the church talking to the priest you can see the shadow of his head as the actor moves nearer on set before coming on screen in the next scene.

  • During Adam & Helen's heart to heart chat in Joan's huge single hospital suite, the lighting on his face changed with each shot.

  • How is it that everyone knows about Joan and Adam in the hotel room? Exactly six people knew what happened (Joan, Adam, Will, Helen, Luke [to an extent], and Grace [it's unclear whether she knew they did or didn't]), and none of them would seem to be the types to disclose that information.

  • When Will leans in to kiss Joan, she is facing up. When it switches shots to another angle, she is facing sideways.

  • In the hospital scene, when the doctor is describing Lyme Disease to the Girardis, in the background the same patient gets up and leaves...twice.

  • In the hospital hallway when Mrs. Washington tracks down Will, There is a man on the ladder, who steps down and walks past them as they are talking . If you look closely, he does this twice during the dialogue when the camera shoots back and forth. It's the same guy getting off of the ladder twice.

  • Season 1 Episode 22: The Gift

  • When Adam and Joan are looking at the framed photo (the gift) at the end of the show, the photo shows a tight head shot of a man and a woman with just the top of an oil lamp sticking up. The scene cuts into black and white with Joan and Adam as the two people in the photo as a black and white moving picture. When the scene comes back to the framed photo, the lamp and a table are in full view in a much wider shot in the photo where they were not before.

  • In the garage, the screwdrivers are mounted so high that Kevin can't reach them, and Will has to help him. It's a sweet moment but...why'd they mount the screwdrivers so high in the first place? Kevin's been working on the boat for months - you'd think they'd mount a lower rack or something.

  • In the garage, Kevin says he ruined two people's lives. But actually he ruined three - Ben, his wife, and the daughter. Kevin saw all three of them when his dad wheeled him out.

  • Joan planning to have sex with Adam in a hotel, that he's working at, while he's working? It just doesn't seem like the kind of thing you do for that "special" occasion, one of the most important in her life.

  • When Joan is talking to Grace on the bench sometime after she discovers the condom, with presumably a coffee or some such beverage in her hand, there are numerous inconsistent camera cuts between close-up and far away what alternate between Joan having her head tilted down and Joan looking straight at Grace. Looks like a continuity error.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Vanity, Thy Name Is Human

  • Beth refers to going to nearby Fordham College. Fordham University (which has a subset called Fordham College) is located in NY City in the Bronx, which is nowhere near Maryland, where Arcadia is located. It's certainly too far away for a daily commute, which Beth indicates she is doing.

  • In another odd sequencing glitch. Joan has her "revelation" in make-up class, and then seemingly the next day, only a couple of scenes later apparently the same day after she gets home, she smells. Isn't that kind of quick if it's on the same day?

  • The timing's a little off. Will apparently gets his arrest on the same day as Joan's first make-up class (it occurs before we see her in class). But then it's the next day (for Joan - she's wearing different clothing) and her second class, and after that Will and Helen are talking about the arrest and that it's Will's big news. If it were such big news, wouldn't he have mentioned it the previous day?

  • When Will enters the house and busts in, when he confronts the older guy neither one of them say anything, but the closed captioning claims they're saying "Where's your warrant?" and "You're looking at it."

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Anonymous

  • In the scene where Joan is talking to Helen in the kitchen about her photographs, the Hershey's syrup Helen takes out of the bag is in one place in the first shot and then another when they shift back and forth between Joan and Helen in the scene.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Do the Math

  • Trivia: Will mentions that he has a sister, in addition to his half-brother Richard.

  • In the last scene, the same person (people?) in the background walk by twice while Joan and Dog Walker God are talking.

  • Joan was playing the piano (loudly) in another room when Kevin and Helen were discussing the insurance and the second opinion from a doctor that Kevin doesn't want to discuss, but when she comes to the doctor she seems to know all about "secret doctors" and all. There doesn't seem to be any way she would know about their conversation or could have heard about it earlier.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Requiem for a Third Grade...

  • Friedman tells Adam "even before we were slaves in Egypt, there was this tiny baby...Now, the little tyke's name was Moses". But Moses was born during their enslavement.

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