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  • Season 1 Episode 21: Vanity, Thy Name Is Human

  • In another odd sequencing glitch. Joan has her "revelation" in make-up class, and then seemingly the next day, only a couple of scenes later apparently the same day after she gets home, she smells. Isn't that kind of quick if it's on the same day?

  • The timing's a little off. Will apparently gets his arrest on the same day as Joan's first make-up class (it occurs before we see her in class). But then it's the next day (for Joan - she's wearing different clothing) and her second class, and after that Will and Helen are talking about the arrest and that it's Will's big news. If it were such big news, wouldn't he have mentioned it the previous day?

  • When Will enters the house and busts in, when he confronts the older guy neither one of them say anything, but the closed captioning claims they're saying "Where's your warrant?" and "You're looking at it."

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Anonymous

  • In the scene where Joan is talking to Helen in the kitchen about her photographs, the Hershey's syrup Helen takes out of the bag is in one place in the first shot and then another when they shift back and forth between Joan and Helen in the scene.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Do the Math

  • Trivia: Will mentions that he has a sister, in addition to his half-brother Richard.

  • In the last scene, the same person (people?) in the background walk by twice while Joan and Dog Walker God are talking.

  • Joan was playing the piano (loudly) in another room when Kevin and Helen were discussing the insurance and the second opinion from a doctor that Kevin doesn't want to discuss, but when she comes to the doctor she seems to know all about "secret doctors" and all. There doesn't seem to be any way she would know about their conversation or could have heard about it earlier.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Requiem for a Third Grade...

  • Friedman tells Adam "even before we were slaves in Egypt, there was this tiny baby...Now, the little tyke's name was Moses". But Moses was born during their enslavement.

  • Helen tells Joan that she arranged to leave her fifth period art class to go take care of Luke but Adam is in fifth period art yet he is in the background with the art class as this is going on. Maybe on different days the classes are in different periods?

  • Season 1 Episode 17: No Bad Guy

  • The french horn player turned around and put Joan's music up the right way, i.e. not upside down. But later on we learn Joan used to play the piano when she was little. She would have known what side of the music was the up side, even for the percussion part.

  • While the Exchange Student God says "harmless pagan rituals," the closed captioning says "Balkan pagan rituals."

  • The outfits don't match up. Joan's outfits go from a blue cardigan to a red shirt over a purple long sleeve shirt, back to the blue cardigan and again to the red-over-purple. The scenes must have been reshot and edited.

  • Regarding when Joan broke the drum stick in her first band class: From the looks of it, the sticks she was given were probably Goodwoods, which are very strong, and very hard to break. And yet she broke them with only a few hits that weren't even that hard. This is impossible to do. Another thing, when drum sticks break, they don't snap in half, they splinter.

  • When Adam came over to Joan's house, close-captioning read "doorbell rings," but on the audio, he knocked on the door.

  • Regarding: Quaker Girl: "Quaker, like funny outfits, Richard Nixon" While in the past Quakers wore simple outfits, there is no "dress code" now, Quakers can wear whatever they want, Perhaps they are thinking about the Amish or conservative Mennonites.

  • Season 1 Episode 16: Double Dutch

  • When Kevin is talking to Michelle Turner at the cafe, he says "Well, I've got everything I need," but his lips aren't moving.

  • Location: The location is suppose to be Arcadia, but they neglected details of where they shoot the episodes. In the beginning, Grace and Joan walking down the alley, the Metro Train and a Long Beach Transit (California) bus rolls by behind them. Second, Joan and Casper talking at the park and a Long Beach Transit bus with it's name clearly seen on the side drives by behind them.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Night Without Stars

  • Right before the Concession Stand Worker God hands Joan her soda the straw in it is purple, yet when Joan has it the straw is yellow.

  • So DA Gabe Fellowes somehow escaped the purge of Arcadia's ranks? That seems odd since he basically tried to bribe Will to stay out of it - didn't Will mention that to anyone? Regardless, it seems hard to believe Fellowes managed to keep his job.

  • The correct term is "domestic violence survivor", but Iris says "domestic violence victim." Referring to children suffering from violence as "victims" went out a long time ago.

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