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  • Season 1 Episode 15: Night Without Stars

  • A program with abused children a) wouldn't allow an untrained volunteer teenager to work solo as Joan does, and b) probably wouldn't put an abused teen like Iris in charge of the place either.

  • One person in charge of so many children is illegal - they don't allow that ratio of supervisors-to-children in daycares, much less in a program taking care of battered children.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: State of Grace

  • When Joan is talking to God (the butcher), he places the sheet of wrapping paper on the scales twice in two shots.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Recreation

  • In this episode Joan says she's not ready to "couple", yet in an earlier episode Joan complains to God that he's never told her to get a boyfriend for an assignment.

  • A day or two spa stay like the Girardi kids buy their parents cost hundreds of dollars, up to almost a thousand depending on different things. How'd the kids put together that kind of money, particularly since we keep hearing on how the family is having financial problems?

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Jump

  • Watch the conversation between Kevin and Luke at the hospital. In some of the scenes, when the camera is on Luke, Kevin appears to be resting his head on the bed. As soon as the camera cuts to focus on Kevin, his head is raised. This happens several times in that scene, with the exception of the very beginning and at the end.

  • When Adam comes to the Girardi's and is greeted by Will, his mother's letter is sticking out of the inside of his jacket. When he turns back from saying, "Hi, Chief Girard-", the letter is gone. After he sets down his backpack, the letter is sticking out again.

  • Joan has her dream, then the next day is the funeral, then the next day after that (Sunday morning) she meets Adam over Luke's science project. But she says she dreamed about Adam "last night" when it should be "the night before last."

  • Grace says she has known Adam since they were three, but she was as puzzled as Joan when Adam said he had a photographic memory ('The Fire and Wood'). Also, Grace knew about how Adam's mother died and about the note, but she didn't understand why Adam hated November? (Or maybe she just forgot.)

  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Uncertainty Principle

  • It is odd that no one besides Friedman reacts when Grace kisses Luke, but the fact that she goes to a dance or wears a dress would not be inconsistent with her being a lesbian. It may be out of her character for other reasons, however.

  • Though everyone at Arcadia High assumes Grace to be a lesbian, there isn't a huge reaction when a)Grace shows up to the dance, b)she shows up in a dress, and c)she kisses Luke. The only reaction is from Friedman, but that's pretty much expected.

  • Ramsay says getting Joan's phone number was easier then her address. Seems like it'd be the other way around - the Girardis are more likely to have unlisted phone numbers then an address (because of Will's position), and Ramsay knows roughly where she lives, could follow her or Luke, etc.

  • God asks Joan if he's ever endangered her. Well, yes he kinda did in the pilot - she got a job at the bookstore because of him, and almost got kidnapped or killed by a stalker as a result of that.

  • So...why does Will confront Fellowes? He doesn't appear to be wearing a wire (they never show it), and he's clearly not going to take the bribe. All he seems to do here is warn Fellowes that he's got the dirt on the city government.

  • During the conversation between Will and Fellowes at the golf area, Will says, "Now I know you cut a deal with Rowley..." but the closed captioning says, "Now I know you cut a deal with Kaminski..."

  • For some reason, Old Lady God is wearing a button that says eat more cookies for soccer, but...she's carrying cupcakes.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Drive, He Said

  • It seems odd that Will, a 20-year veteran, approaches the judge's car without a gun, and assuming that the judge is the driver. The car ran a stop sign at high-speed but Will doesn't seem to think it could possibly be stolen.

  • The license shown has minor technical problems on a couple of levels:
    1) The license number displayed is
    In actuality, her license number should be:
    G663-421-034-nnn with 898 as the most probable value for "nnn". Clearly the entire format for the number is wrong, as is key data for the soundex and first name codes (the G663-421)
    2) Maryland laws allow for the obtainment of a first-level learners' permit at 15 yrs 9 months. The second stage LP requires six months time, and cannot be obtained prior to 16 yrs 1 month of age (even if the driver had an LP in another state, which might be true for Joan, since they moved to Arcadia). The Provisional license cannot be obtained at all prior to 16 yrs 3 months. Hence, Joan could not qualify for anything other than the first-level learner's permit on the date shown with the birthday shown. The license in question appears to be a full operators's license, however. An L1 LP would allow time for the four cancellations mentioned in her discussion with Plumber God earlier, but the first level restrictions on driving are quite severe.

  • Why don't Luke and Joan wonder where their mother is? How do they think she got wherever they think she was going (because she left her car and the keys at the school for Joan)? Helen says she doesn't want them knowing about Will's being kidnapped. But wouldn't she give some kind of story to explain where she was going and how she got there without a car? Joan and Luke don't seem puzzled by this though.

  • Season 1 Episode 8: The Devil Made Me Do It

  • When discussing with Joan about the existence of Satan, Father Mallory refers to "The Book of Revelations." The actual title of the Biblical book is in the singular form, "The Book of Revelation."

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