Joan of Arcadia

Season 1 Episode 21

Vanity, Thy Name Is Human

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 07, 2004 on CBS

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  • God tells Joan to take a make-up class that is really about make-up. Adam doesn't seem to be noticing her changes. Will busts a Russian teenage prostitution ring and Kevin sees his old girlfriend from right before the accident.

    While at the supermarket, the kids encounter Beth, Kevin's girlfriend from around the time of the accident. He makes sure to act really cold towards her even though she is civil. The next morning at breakfast, Joan reveals the meeting and Kevin becomes further angry. Also, Helen had painted through the night, creating a piece that everyone expect for Will finds good. On the way to school, Joan meets up with God and He tells her to take a "make-up class", to which she says she hasn't missed any classes recently. In chemistry class, however, it is revealed by the teacher there is a cosmological class being given for extra credit. As this turns out to be the "make-up class", Joan joins, as does Friedman and Glynis. Elsewhere, Helen's art gallery friend sees her painting and promises here a showing if she could produce more. Will busts up a prostitution ring involving Russian teenagers. When he comes home to tell Helen, she becomes angry that what he does is simplistic but he can't "get" her painting. The next day at school, Joan and Glynis are both turning heads for the way they look, though Adam and Luke both don't seem to really notice. Joan then comes to revelation that she doesn't need to preen herself and gives up on the make-up. Back at home, Beth visits Helen as she is trying to paint. Kevin arrives home and tells her to leave, but not before making some snide remarks. Joan reveals to Kevin that had been coming to the hospital when he was injured, which he didn't know. When he confronts Beth about it, it turns out that he had dumped her the night of the accident, but didn't remember doing so. He apologizes for everything he had done because he didn't know that little fact. When Adam doesn't notice that Joan has gone rank and without make-up, she becomes frustrated that he is trying to hard to look like he is not trying. Later, he shows up to her house to explain that he is just as shallow as she is due to his recent movie collection. Will and Helen work out their storyline when Helen decides to torch the painting since it was too much not like her. Also, Luke and Glynis call it quits since Luke no longer likes the same girl he started out with.

    Overall, this seems like more of a downer episode despite the resolutions at the end with Joan/Adam and Helen/Will. We are still left withe Kevin and Luke being at odds. I am sure this will work into the season finale somehow. I liked Joan's storyline, because I remember feeling/being the same way she was in school after the realization that looks don't matter (ie. I am not the best looking person, haha). I think I liked Kevin's storyline the best because I feel he is such a good dramatic actor, as much as he is a comedic one as well. I am also glad Luke and Glynis are done ... bring on Luke and Grace!