Joanie Loves Chachi

ABC (ended 1983)





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  • Spinoff of Happy Days focussing on Joanie Cunningham and Chachi Arcola as they move to Chicago

    Scott Baio fans loved the concept....A full half hour of Scott Baio. What could be wrong.... A LOT !!!! And not really anybod's fault. Happy Days was already losing its bang. First Richie Cunningham and Ralph Malf left and then Chachi and Joanie....Therefore Happy Days was only working at half mast and Joanie loves Chachi had a cute concept but everyone knew where they belonged. What worked for Laverne and Shirley didnt work for Joanie and Chachi because Laverne and Shirley as was Mork only guest characters.... Joanie and Chachi were mainstays at Happy Days
  • ....With a sledge hammer! A 64% ABYSMAL rating says it all.

    This is funny. The shows Ratings Rank is 16,737 of 16,323.
    Thats like ranking 12th out of 10 shows.... Doh!!!

    This disaster tried to milk a few more dinero out of the excellent series "Happy Days". To say it fell flat on its face is an understatement. Taking 2 second tier characters and spinning them off almost never works.

    This show is one of those its so horribly bad sitcoms that are legendary. Not quite "My Mother The Car' territory but close. I do remember feeling sick when I heard them sing. It was the pitch or something. Kind of like that thing about Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight causing seizures in some people.

    Here's how it would go if Joanie and Chachi were on American Idol. Simon Cowell would lean back, gently massaging his man-breasts, and say "Hmmmm, you two were quite horrid, face it, you just two just can't sing, its like hearing 2 cats fighting over a mouse. You two are bloody awful. And your wardrobe? Who dresses you? A bloke in a leather jacket who rides motor bikes? Away with you!". To which Paula Adbul replies. Normally, Simon, Id disagree with you [hic] but in this case? [They high-five each other]
  • What was the point to making this.

    It was a spin-off of Happy Days along with Mork and Mindy and Laberne and Shirley. This show is one of the worst shows according to the tv guide along with the Jerry Springer show, After Mash, Barney and Friends, and My Mother the Car. I never saw this show I heard of it and I see the rating is 2.0 . Even though I already reviewed this show back when I was Darkknight313 I am writing a review on this show again. I give this show a 1.0 out of 10 I wish it was 0.0 though but the glitch isn't fixed.