Joanie Loves Chachi

Season 2 Episode 13

The Elopement

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM May 24, 1983 on ABC

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  • How bad is this?

    Look at all the Abysmal ratings. Is there any show that rates lower than this one at 2.6? Even My Mother The Car, the butt of endless jokes rates a solid 3.9 - ok its BAD but its still 50% higher than JLC.

    Ive tried to find out why the Ranking is 400 lower than the total number of shows on TV.COM but no one will say how thats possible. Its sort of like running a race with 5 other people and coming in 10th place. This final episode has nearly all Abysmal ratings because it was just so horrible. Ive tried to find the words to describe why so many people feel this way but I cant. Anyone else care to take a crack at it?