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    This was a good show which, if given the time is earned would have moved into a near great one. Solid writing, great humor, not the same NCIC bs, but real days where real cops find humor in everything (a legitimate defense mechanism), and the wit, with reality, was dead on perfect, and real.

    Always shake my head, they let Leary go fire department instead, doing same bit, and he was perfect. And to TV Lover who said they were going to be a cop and found this a messed up story cause cops would never act like that - well by now I hope you saw that you were wring and we are like that, we care and we laugh and we party and we you quit soon after 2006. I have over 30 years in NYPD and others, The Job depicted things right.
  • Absolutely fantastic show. Too bad it was closed.

    I really miss Mike McNeil and his crazy team. Episodes were quite short but each of them had a lot of humor. Sometimes it was really black humor but still had hilarious moments.
    The show represented police officers who found a lot of more interesting things to do aside from their job. The main character and his team may seem a complete disaster but you can't help falling in love with them. Mike McNeil has drinking problems, family problems, problems with his girlfriend, problems at work... And still he has plenty of time for unprofessional stuff like pretend to be a fireman and ask a girl from the opposite house to move the furniture. So he could see her going naked in her appartment from the office.
    Denis Leary was great in this show, I like Rescue me as well but The Job was really special.
  • I discovered The Job last week, and I couldn`t stop watching right till the end. Fans of another Denis Leary show, Rescue Me, will get hooked on this one.

    Denis Leary is the man. He can mix drama and comedy like no one else, and 'The Job' is a fine example of that. I never had the opportunity to enjoy this show when it was on ABC, but now thanks to DVD I could watch it and it got me totally hooked. 'The Job' is basically a comedy about a bunch of cops in New York City (I know, I know, there're lots of tv shows with the same premise but it gets better) who get involved in a hell of comedic and moronic situations.
    Fans of Leary would see that 'The Job' is kind of a pre-quel of 'Rescue Me' (if that’s possible) and exhibit some likeness and even has a similar cast of actors.
    A total of 19 episodes of a great show cancelled way before its time. Rest in peace 'The Job'.
  • A horrible representation of Cops!

    My sister dragged me to watch this show on DVD, she told me I would like it because its about cops and I'm going be a cop in training. Anyway so I watched the show and I gotta tell you this show is more then below average
    First of all, I like to start by saying This show is the worse representation of Police officers I have ever seen! I mean, The show is obviously going on untrue stereotypes. Mcneil, drinks, takes pills and has multiple sex police department in the world would give a guy with his kind of personality a budge. Cops are well-adjested men and women who take crime seriously, yes there are a few cops who don't care and abuse there powers and those cops deserve to die, but The whole police department in this show is like that. And I just think its a very unfair picture of how cops are...very unrealistic.
    Another thing, the storylines in this show suck! They not good or well thought out, its like the writers ware drunk when they wrote it. The storylines are boring and uninteresting and mainly have to do with the cops breaking the law rather then preventing it.
    But, this show was pretty funny, not like laugh out loud funny like the Office or Psych but it was okay, I got a few laughs out of it.
    Also, I gotta give props to my boy Dennis Leary he is a really good actor.
    All in all this show was pretty bad, It had its funny moments but everything else
  • dennis leary is genius

    i never understood why this show was not a success. i guess it is because it was an attempt on network television. this show had a great cast and wonderful stories. i guess the network execs are scratching their heads now that rescue me is such a success on fx. i knew it was only a matter of time before dennis leary would have the last laugh.
  • Denis Leary's first foray into TV

    Just like Arrested Development, this is one of those shows that was probably too smart for network television. Of course, AD has at least got two and a half full seasons, while this brilliantly funny and underappreciated little gem only got 19 episodes total. A shame really because Denis Leary was superb in this one and had a truly great ensemble cast around him. This was a show that showed Leary could play more than his reputation to that point had shown. And maybe that's why it failed--fans tuned in expecting the expected Leary and instead got a layered, driven, haunted character. This show opened the door to Rescue Me, but should have been allowed to continue. A forgotten classic.
  • An amazing show, too bad it didn't last...

    One day while I was looking for a new TV box set to pick up, I happened to come across The Job. I was a little unsure about getting it at first, but I'll tell you now it was not a mistake. This show is easily the best comedy I've ever come across, each episode has had moments which made me burst out laughing. Denis Leary is a great comedian, and his talents are shown off really well with this great show. I recommend this show to anyone who wants a great comedy.
  • I show that did not get a chance.

    This show was very funny. A terrific cast with Denis Leary a very funny comedian as the star. I wish it could have run longer. The way the characters got put in funny situations was the best part. For example in one episode Denis Leary's character has to go to the bathroom and he ends up in there the entire episode with a gun pointed at him because one of the criminals escaped from custody. I own the complete series on DVD because this show is worth watching over and over again. Everybody should pick this show up on DVD it is a truly funny show that should have lasted longer.