The Job

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • A horrible representation of Cops!

    My sister dragged me to watch this show on DVD, she told me I would like it because its about cops and I'm going be a cop in training. Anyway so I watched the show and I gotta tell you this show is more then below average
    First of all, I like to start by saying This show is the worse representation of Police officers I have ever seen! I mean, The show is obviously going on untrue stereotypes. Mcneil, drinks, takes pills and has multiple sex police department in the world would give a guy with his kind of personality a budge. Cops are well-adjested men and women who take crime seriously, yes there are a few cops who don't care and abuse there powers and those cops deserve to die, but The whole police department in this show is like that. And I just think its a very unfair picture of how cops are...very unrealistic.
    Another thing, the storylines in this show suck! They not good or well thought out, its like the writers ware drunk when they wrote it. The storylines are boring and uninteresting and mainly have to do with the cops breaking the law rather then preventing it.
    But, this show was pretty funny, not like laugh out loud funny like the Office or Psych but it was okay, I got a few laughs out of it.
    Also, I gotta give props to my boy Dennis Leary he is a really good actor.
    All in all this show was pretty bad, It had its funny moments but everything else