Friday 9:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Feb 06, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Miss the Show

    My wife and I loved this series, teaching us and any viewer things about a life that only a show like this could reveal. We got into their lives, their plans for the future, their trials of getting mounts and trying to get to the Kentucky Derbya plateau whereby they get recognized by the big money in horse racing. Very few shows come along that expose a way of life like this one did. Very colorful and incisive, with no scripted drama.

    They need to bring this one back.
  • A reality show about horses and those who ride them

    Ok i might be a little biased here since im not all that into horse riding anyways but here me out. I realize that we live in the era of reality everyone and everything now has a show about them, the REAL housewifes of orange county, military wives, john and kate plus eight, and the list goes on and on and on. Now i have nothing against reality shows but i just dont see the point in having one with horse jockeys. Im sure they have quite a following but lets be a little realistic here, does anyone relly care about their home life? Does anyone besides me see that eventually its going to turn into some sort of fight between the family members and become less and less focused on the racing and soon enough we just have another real world? Oh and the "acting" yeah it might be a little more realistic if it didnt sound like all of the kids were reading off of cue cards no emotion or anything in their speech. And who really has conversations like that. Maybe im being too harsh but i say run away and never watch this show. Even die hard jockey fans wont be able to tune in long