Joe Garagiola's Memory Game

NBC (ended 1971)


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Joe Garagiola's Memory Game

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Former baseball star and then-current Today personality Joe Garagiola hosted this eponymously titled game show, a simple quizzer married to Concentration. How so, you might ask? Well, the contestants were shown a booklet containing the questions and answers that were to be asked before a round. Five contestants, including a returning champion, competed on Joe Garagiola's Memory Game. The contestants, each spotted $50 to start, are given 30 seconds to study booklets containing the questions and answers. After a buzzer, the show assistants collected the booklets, and Gargiola asked the champion a question randomly taken from the booklet. The champion – who was No. 1 – could elect to answer or call out an opponent's number (2 through 5). That player could answer or call any of his/her opponents to answer, and so on until a time's up buzzer sounded. At that time, that player had to answer. A correct answer was worth $5, a wrong answer lost that amount. Play continued in similar fashion until all the questions were exhausted. A second round was then played as before, with answers worth $10. A third round, if there was time, was played with $20 stakes. The winner at the end of the show won a $1,000 bonus and returned the next day to meet new challengers. A three-day champion retired undefeated with a new car. Merv Griffin created this show. But after seeing the finished project, he insisted that the series becomes an NBC Production, instead of Merv Griffin Enterprises. Joe left Memory Game to host Sale of The Century, replacing Jack Kelly while Memory Game was canceled (being opposite Let's Make A Deal) & replaced by Three On A Match.moreless