Joe Millionaire

Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 2-1

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2003 on FOX
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Episode 2-1
Joe Millionaire a.k.a. David Smith, 24, earns $11,000 a year as a rodeo cowboy in Texas. Fourteen European women, from 5 different countries, vying for his attention (and fake $80 million oil fortune) don't meet him until the very end of the episode. However, the time leading up to that was still worth watching. If possible, these women appear to be cattier and more materialistic than the ladies from the original J.M. David is flown to a gorgeous villa in the Italian countryside and given a crash course by Paul, everyone's favorite butler, in European geography and greetings in the ladies' native languages. The women party it up (drinking so much champagne their first night Paul has to order more) in their anticipation to meet him and are, shall we say, disappointed when they find out he's a cowboy. Paul's observation that European women seem to like a wealthy man as much as American women is dead-on. That QUICKLY changes when they hear about his fortune. All in all, it looks like this next installment will be as entertaining as its predecessor.

We get a little background info on David and what he does in Texas. He rides in rodeos and says that it's not easy finding a woman willing to be with someone who's always on the road and earns only $11,000 a year. The "buckle-bunnies" (cowgirls) are ok, but he likes someone a little more feminine. He seems to come from a close family and his relatives have plenty of positive things to say about him.

David arrives at the villa that's supposedly his and is greeted at the door by Paul. He gets a tour of the house, to become familiar with it and to feel more at home. Paul gives David a few lessons to help polish him up for the ladies. He keeps calling Paul "sir", which he has to break because he's supposed to be Paul's boss. Paul points out to David on a big map all the different countries the ladies are from. He tells him the capital of each and how to say hello in their different languages. This made for some humor as David asks him "Where's Dutch again?" confusing Holland's name with the language they speak. David comments "that's where they wear the wooden shoes." Paul teaches him to say hello and goodbye in Italian: Ciao. Paul asks him to repeat what ciao means, and David's guess is food. David doesn't seem to catch on too quickly. He keeps calling Paul "sir" and language isn't exactly his forte.

We move from David's gentlemen lessons to the women at a spa where they have been waiting. Let's get one thing out of the way. These women are GOLD-DIGGERS. There's no two ways around it. They like money and aren't afraid to admit it. At least they're honest. They talk about what they think David will look like and there were some pretty random guesses: Keanu Reeves, Lenny Kravitz and James Bond. These women better not have their hopes pinned on those images. One woman was more dead-on with her mental picture of him: muscular, blonde and tan.

The girls are brought to the villa in a manner suited for a princess and they LOVE it. They arrive in twos by horse drawn carriage. The first girls to arrive at the villa are Alessia and Kristyna. They're followed by Jerusha and Karolina, Anique and Yassmin, and Linda and Johanna.

Samantha Harris, replacing Alex McCloud this year as hostess, greets them at the entrance along with all the staff working at the villa.

The women continue to arrive by twos, with Caterina (Cat) and Giada arriving next. Followed by Tereza and Lina and finally Olinda and Petra.

The women are then brought to a large seating area of the Villa where Samantha fills them in on David. She tells them that David is a cowboy and the women completely throw their noses up in the air and begin to make fun. They clearly thought a cowboy was beneath them and that it was a joke. Samantha tells them that his family is in oil and his uncle set up a trust for him that has matured and is valued at $80 million. That's all these women needed to hear. The 14 gold-diggers became wannabe cowgirls in 5 seconds flat. They danced to banjo music and everything. Before you know it, the champagne is flowing and Paul has to keep popping bottles. The women, unaware that they would be awakened bright and early the next morning, all had too much to drink. When Paul wakes them up for breakfast, there are various complaints of headaches and a few girls asking for their sunglasses.

The cook and maids are hilarious. I think they just might add a little more of the comic observations we're used to getting from Paul. They talk about how much the girls drank and mention that Paul had to order more champagne because the women drank so much they're first night. The Euro-girls spend the day complaining about everything. They complain about being hungover and waking up super early. They complain about Texas and cowboys. Mind you, most of them didn't even know exactly what a cowboy does. But it was funny listening to them trying to guess and explain it to each other. Olinda, who in my opinion looks like a young Debbie Harry, did know what a cowboy was from going to a rodeo in Spain, and she admitted it takes a lot of strength and isn't as easy as it looks. What strikes just about anyone who watches is that these women criticize David without even meeting him, but have no qualms about lounging in a pool they think is his or staying in a villa they think he owns. This group of women is very…special.

While the women lounge around, David finds out he'll be meeting the girls the following day and will arrive at the villa on horseback. He was SO excited about picking his own horse that he wasn't able to sleep at night. It wasn't the thought of all the women who would definitely be throwing themselves at him that kept him up, it was the thought of picking a horse. I guess you can take the cowboy out of the rodeo…He picks a beautiful palomino named Hurricane.

Fox leads us to believe the women did nothing again the entire day (they probably didn't) and again we go to the cork popping. These girls can DRINK! Nothing as small as a hangover kept anyone from drinking again. Paul was shocked and thought that the hangovers and early wake-up would have taught them a lesson, but apparently he was wrong.

The next morning the women are awakened bright and early yet and again, and some of them actually refuse to get up. They wanted to sleep in and weren't happy that they had to wake up early for the 2nd day in a row. Eventually, everyone makes it to breakfast (hungover) and Paul tells them David will finally be stopping by before the evening's planned event. We aren't told what it is, but we know they will finally get to meet one on one. He will be arriving at noon and the girls spend the rest of the morning getting ready. For someone they spent 2 days making fun of, they REALLY want to make a good first impression on him. I wonder why…

The women stand outside the villa for what seems like an eternity for David to arrive, and we finally see him ride up the path to the villa on Hurricane. David's introduction is a little awkward. You can tell he really hadn't thought of what to say, but he was sweet and his nervousness was a little charming. He was very accommodating with the ladies and told them if they needed absolutely anything, to let him know and he would see that they got it. He tells them he looks forward to seeing them that evening and leaves. All of a sudden the cowboy jokes stop. Seeing what they think is a young, handsome millionaire, the women talk about his bright smile, his good looks and how nice he seemed.moreless

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