Joe Millionaire

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7: The Last Episode

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2003 on FOX
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Episode 7: The Last Episode
The truth is finally exposed and the entire country is waiting to see. With only two women left, Zora and Sarah. But first, we find out the secrets of the women of Joe Millionaire and see what they had to say about Evan and the Chateau. All the women voice their opinions on what they really thought about the experience. And they all had something to say to Evan. Dana, said she fell for the ruse hook line and sinker. She convinced herself that everything was real and really wanted to move along. She was drawn to Evan because he was tall, dark and handsome. She tells us she was voted Homecoming Queen and was very upset that she didn't get to stay. She thinks he missed out because she feels she's the total package. Mary says she's the infamous lady of Joe Millionaire. Through the experience, she learned not to take herself seriously. Her blunder she thinks was the sunglasses. She also felt that Evan would've liked her more had he gotten the chance to see her sense of humor and regale in her hula-hooping ability. Katy tells us she's honest and straightforward. She says that reality shows won't change her life and thinking that, she wasn't going to go out of her way to get Evan. She also thought he was a terrible liar remarking on how he couldn't come up with a middle name in a timely fashion. Now an assistant to a producer, Katy says she wouldn't have cared about the $19,000, but a guy better be humorous for her to go out of her way. Katie thinks having money is very appealing. She says that the train date was where she saw Evan's personality and knew that he wasn't very white collar. She said right then she knew that they wouldn't connect. Katie also remarked that the show wasn't an epiphany, but another chapter in her life, just a fun experience. Amanda thought he liked big breasts and gave more power to the final five who she thought Evan picked for that reason alone. She says it's too bad he didn't get to know her because she's a romantic. Amanda also remarked that getting kicked off the show was a blow to her ego but she felt it wasn't right to pick your future mate based on big breasts. She said she doesn't think she missed out on anything, and knows she's a good catch. Dayana expected to go meet Prince Charming and got Evan instead. At the ball she hated her purple dress, and said the selection was horrible. She says she likes unique clothes that are tight and short and has always been a daddy's girl. She doesn't know what's in Evan's mind but she said he figured her out for being a girly girl and knew right then she wouldn't be picked. Upon looking back at the show, Alison says she doesn't want to go out looking for love and Evan was definitely not her type. She said Evan wasn't willing to try different foods and kept making faces. She knew if wasn't even going to try something different that nothing could ever materialize. So, she told him she wasn't romantically interested in him and didn't want to move on. She finally says her fear of love was reinforced by the experience at the chateau and that there's no amount of money in the world that would make her want to date Evan again. Mojo said she wanted to live life to the fullest, which was why she wanted to go on the show. She doesn't think Evan would've been scared away by the poem if he was truly looking for love. She also said it was a big surprise to her when she was chosen not to stay. She said Evan was wrong to assume she was there for the money because she was in fact there for love. She also doesn't think a woman is a gold digger just because she wants a guy who's financially stable. Melissa, went on the trip to test herself and do something different. Making new friends, doing amazing different things. She said she had a gut feeling that Evan wasn't for real and there were little hints that something was off. But he was so charming and they had so much fun it kind of clouded her judgement. She never even thought that millions of people would be watching the show and forgot about the cameras. She thinks she brings a lot to the table because she knows how to love. It was hard to say goodbye, because she knew she'd never see him again and it's hard to find people she connects with. We get to take a look back at Heidi and the other girls didn't like her very much. Katy says she's the same in person as she is on TV. Mojo had one word to say, "drama" when referring to Heidi. Heidi says girls don't typically like her because of her aggressive nature. She thinks it's because she took two dresses. Then she revealed she had a boyfriend and the other girls thought she should withdraw because of it. Heidi thought the other girls didn't have enough courage to say anything to her. She now lives with her boyfriend and Heidi says she wears the trousers in the relationship but is good at making her boyfriend think he does. We finally get to know Evan a little better. He said his background is like a Norman Rockwell painting. We meet Evan's parents at their Virginia Beach home. Evan was always into construction and building things. Evan's dad said he was more interested in paving the roads then playing with the other kids. Evan was short and skinny and not that popular. But after going to Military School, he came out, muscular, robust and athletic. He said he had more confidence after military school and started working as a model. He said it was like gambling, you want to get out of it but you keep thinking that you'll get your big break. So he went back to construction. Evan's friends all say that he's as genuine as a guy gets and never wants to lie to anyone. They also said it tore him up that he had to lie to these women at the end. They say he's shy, honest and genuinely looking for love. Looking back at Sarah, she says she was very independent when she grew up and loved going to college and being out on her own. She's lived in Los Angeles for the last four years and was approached to go on the show. She didn't know what to expect but was thrilled to be at the chateau. She remembered thinking Evan was tall, dark and handsome. Talking about the walk in the woods, she said they were trying to ditch the camera crew and Evan started kissing her. She said nothing more than kissing happened however. She talks about her fetish modeling and said she did it to pay off her student loans. She said Evan was really good at making her feel special. Looking back at Zora, she says she thinks of herself as compassionate. She likes working with the elderly and loves animals. She said her upbringing was very tumultuous because her mother grew up in extreme poverty. She also wanted to sell some of the jewelry that she got on the show to help save her aunt's life over in Yugoslavia who's dying of cancer. She says that people will be pulling for her because of sympathy and for Sarah over her sex appeal. THE DECISION… The women are forced to wait together, eating, waiting, awkward, uncomfortable, etc. Sarah thinks Zora is too trusting and excepts everything at face value and thinks she's gonna get hurt. Zora doesn't know what Evan is thinking by picking two completely different women. Evan, still contemplating, finally makes his decision but now has to reveal the truth. He realizes that he's going to hurt both girls no matter what, one because he didn't pick her, the other because he lied about the money. Paul summons Zora the following morning and tells her that Evan wants to meet her in the salon. She waits on the couch for Evan to arrive. Evan sits next to her on the couch and Zora tells him she's nervous. Evan tells her it's been an incredible journey with her, however it's been a roller coaster ride. He said she was difficult to read but when they went horseback riding he felt great about her. He tells her there's two things he needs to express to her. First, he thinks she's incredible and has a way about her that reveals how much she cares about people and has a passion for life. He tells her he's chosen her. Zora is ecstatic upon hearing the news. Only there's one last piece of news he has to tell her. He tells her that he lied, and that he doesn't have $50 million. Zora amazingly keeps her composure and Evan tells her why he lied, because he wanted a girl to like him for who he is and not what he has. He says if she accepts him for what he's said and what he is then to meet him in the ballroom that evening. Back with Sarah, she dolls herself up and Paul tells her to meet Evan down in the salon. Evan arrives and asks her if she's nervous. He tells Sarah that he is nervous and that he has two things to tell her. First, he tells her how much he's enjoyed the times he's had with her and all their dates. He tells her he did not inherit the money and that he's a construction worker. He then tells her he did not choose her. Sarah keeps her composure as well and Evan tells her he's had a good time. They hug and Evan leaves. Ultimately, Evan says he felt Sarah was into Joe Millionaire and not Evan Marriott. As Sarah packs her stuff, Paul surprises her by bringing Melissa back to help her. Sarah tells her the truth and is shocked. They both make fun of him and Melissa says she should've asked if the necklaces were real. The girls wonder who would do such a thing? Sarah still wonders why he didn't choose her. Barely muttering under their breaths, Sarah asks Melissa if she thinks it was because of what happened in the woods. Melissa doesn't think so and says that Mojo's poem and puzzle made her look much worse than Sarah. But Sarah says she'd still like to think that enjoying their time together was not also part of the act. Sarah and Melissa then leave in a minivan, a stark contrast from limousines or horse drawn carriages. Melissa wonders how Zora will feel now that she knows she's been lied to. Zora leaves the chateau and goes for a walk to think while Evan dresses up for the potential big night. He says he really hopes she shows up. Back at the chateau, Zora continues to contemplate her decision. She packs all her bags while Evan and Paul wait in the ballroom. Evan begins pacing anxiously, thinking that perhaps she may not show. Evan thinks even if she does show up, that she might shoot him down. But Zora arrives, clad in a beautiful blue dress. She tells him that it's very difficult because everything to her is about trust. She felt like he deceived her and that she's very grateful for the experience but she has some regrets. However, the good news is that the money turned her off and she was pleasantly surprised by all his wonderful qualities and would like to continue on the journey. Evan is thrilled with her decision, he gives her a ring, promising to continue on past the show. He places a ring on her right hand so as not to scare her off and tells her it looks beautiful on her. Paul brings champagne to celebrate and Zora toasts to the journey after France. Paul then arrives and says Evan is to be congratulated for choosing a great woman and with love in their hearts all things are possible. He also says with Fairy Tales there has to be a happy ending and presents them with a million-dollar check! Evan and Zora are totally shocked. Evan doesn't know how to react but wants to thank Paul for being the messenger at the least. Paul wishes them luck and leaves. Zora says it was totally overwhelming but she's beginning to think miracles can actually happen and she does believe in Fairy Tales. Evan then asks Zora to dance as they remain alone, together in the ballroom. The End.moreless

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Hank Marriott

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Charlotte Marriott

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