Season 2 Episode 20

Joey and the Actor's Studio

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • When Joey fights.

    In this episode we see Joey in troubles. His newly discovered love for Alex is not being returned the way he wants. He wants to take his relationship with Alex to a new level, but she fears that her heart will be broken.

    Alongside with Joey and Alex the episode tells us of how Joey gets invited to the Actors Studio to lecture on "how to become a serious actor", Jimmy realizes that he wants to marry Gina, and now needs to buy a engagementring, but how will he get the money?

    This episode gives you a few laughs. It isn't like the Tijuana-episode (my favourite) but it is good. It also gives you a hint of what's coming up in the last two episodes of Joey. It's a shame that this show is about to end. Hopefully we get to se Joey (Matt LeBlanc) in some other part in the future.