Season 2 Episode 10

Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2005 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey is now a 'home-owner' and he would like Alex to be the first to enter his house because there's a bug in the pool. However when they enter the house, everyone is there decorating for Thanksgiving! Gina explains that she was able to enter Joey's home without a key by flirting with the security guard and showing some cleavage. Joey explains that it's his house and he wanted to host Thanksgiving. But apparently, Thanksgiving is Gina's holiday. Howie is also there. He's just been in the pool and there's a bug in his back! Joey screams and runs away.

Alex, Joey and Michael head back to the apartment where Joey grills Michael for not stopping Gina. Joey thinks that Gina will now ruin Thanksgiving. Alex thinks it will be fun. Joey tells her that she doesn't know what the Gina Tribianni Thanksgiving is. Joey and Michael start making fun of Gina and what her Thanksgiving speech is about. Gina enters the room with her play script about a Tribianni journey called 'The Crossing'. Joey doesn't want to do it because his part last year was an immigration clerk who traded visas for favors! Michael was the 'Desperate Italian Widow'. When Alex suggests telling Gina how he feels, Joey tells her no because he doesn't want to hurt feelings. Howie walks in and asks if Joey is still on for Thanksgiving with his parents. It's still on!

At the house, Zach brings Joey a house-warming gift- an orange! Joey thinks it's a symbol of their friendship- it's young, bears fruit and will eventually get stronger. Zach thinks otherwise because he thought it would save Joey from spending on juice. There's a knock on the door and it's Joey's neighbor, Dean Jordan. Dean has come for his mail- mainly Playboy magazines! Dean used to collect German Playboy but it's weird nowadays. Dean also has a dirtbike magazine and he has a track outside. Zach interrupts by showing them what he found buried in the yard- some Indian pottery. There's also a Coke can!

Joey has been spending time with Dean even though Dean is 50. Alex thinks its lame. Dean doesn't think so- he walks in and tells her that he was a part owner of the bat mobiles! Dean invites Joey to a 'Bachelor Thanksgiving' where there's a bunch of single girls but Joey declines because his sister spent a long time on dinner and he'd feel too guilty. Dean doesn't know the word 'guilty'- but he knows the color azure!

Zach and Joey keep finding artifacts around the house. Joey gets a knock on the door from a Ray Wyatt from the Native American Historical Society. Joey thinks that Gina invited him as a guest speaker for Thanksgiving dinner. But Ray is just here for the artifacts. Zach hides the artifacts as Joey and Ray walk around. Joey tells him that he has not seen any artifacts at all since moving in. Ray asks Zach and Zach tells him no. Throughout the visit, Zach and Joey throw each other an artifact bowl in case Ray sees them. Wrong timing for Michael because he comes in and tells Joey that he donated the plates to some charity. He looks at Ray and thinks that Ray is a guest speaker. Joey promises to get them back and tries to give him the other bowl from earlier. But Zach throws it at Joey and it ends up broken on the floor. After all that, Joey and Zach hear all the loud noise from next door. Joey wants to go the Bachelor Thanksgiving! Instead, Michael throws Joey the script and tells him that they have to rehearse and Joey puts on a bad Irish accent. Gina walks in with Thanksgiving sweaters. While Gina babbles on, Joey looks on at Dean's party. Dean makes a sign for Joey to go over to his house.

Gina and Alex laugh at Michael's sweater. They go into the kitchen but Joey is missing. Michael sees Joey at Dean's party. Joey gets a call from Zach saying that the Church already gave the artifacts away. Zach has the address of the family that has it. Michael, Alex and Gina start dinner early. They start their 'thanking' and Gina is thankful that she only has one brother to disrespect! Alex is thankful that she missed breakfast and has room for all the delicious food Gina prepared. Gina tells her they are not finished until they're finished saying thanks. Zach and Joey go to the family who has the artifacts. The family is using the dishes for their food. Joey tries to trade them for some new dishes but the family isn't accepting. Zach makes up the fact that the family are on some celebrity show where famous people make a local family's dreams come true! Joey is here to get the plates and replace them with new plates! They explain that there are cameras hidden.

Gina and Alex go over to the kitchen and find Michael and Joey at the bachelor thanksgiving. Gina and Alex go over to the party. Gina takes Michael and tells Joey to do whatever he wants. Gina Alex and Michael perform the play. Joey comes in and saves their play with his Irish accent. Even though Joey stuffed himself at Dean's, he's still going to eat. Everyone celebrates (with Howie and Zach too) and they explain their most memorable Thanksgiving. Dean's friend comes in and explains his Thanksgiving!