Season 2 Episode 18

Joey and the Beard

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • This episode doesn't deal a lot with the Joey and Alex thing, but I like it anyway!

    Joey really is more stupid in Joey than he was in Friends. He's the only person in the world who doesn't know that a famous actress is gay and is set up to go out with her. He does get it later, after various people tried to tell him. Gina thought it would be so much more fun if he didn't know, and so do I. Joey and the actress continues to go out together even after this revelation, and this developes Joey as a character. Alex seems to think so too, but unfortunately she's still with Dean in this episode. Really excited to see how this will continue.
  • jimmy and gina are a hoot in this episode and you look foreward to their future and what might happen. joey is as classic as ever.

    jimmy is gettin a bit annoyin with his yelling but you can forgive for it. you dont see much of micheal and alex in this episode. joey goes out with one of bobby\\\'s clients who is a lesbian. but needs to pose straight for the cameras and uses joey as a \\\"beard\\\", which joey is unaware of thanks to gina lol. he tries hard to attract the client but fails in vain but his attempts are funny. all in all another good episode proving it should have stayed on nbc.