Season 2 Episode 1

Joey and the Big Break (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • Do not want to summarize it because that is how bad it is and I do not wish to expose anyone who was lucky enough to miss it entirely to be mistreated by a second season premiere summary.

    I have too much say so I will condense it into bullets.

    Overwrought - They were trying to force laughs down our throat and I gagged on all of it.

    Cleavage - So blatant that you wonder why the women even wear clothes. Debasing.

    Too dumb even for Joey - The jokes, the situations, the twists got even dumber than last season. I did not think that was possible.

    Too much Bobbie - There is a reason why Bobbie was a minor character last season.

    Romance - What romance?

    It was Contrite, Contrived and Contrivial. It was a con job to make us believe that they could turn it around. Le Blanc better come to his senses quick before it is too late.
  • Joey Steps up to bat And hits a Home run!

    Well I was a fan of this show befor, but now I truly love this show.
    I really thought this epesoid got to the heart of joey and what it means to be him. I think its going to be odd now that he is a star, but we will see. Anyways I have Lots of High hopes for this season and this show. Oh and the ending was funny! Wonder how thats going to work out.
  • Season Premier of Joey

    I was disappointed that Joey lost his job with Deep Powder, but I dunno... I think he's kind of a silly actor in the show any way. Any way, I laughed at this episode. I don't think Joey is doing half as well as it could, but this show was funny. And Kevin Smith being in it? Great! He's in EVERYTHING. And who doesn't love Kevin Smith?
  • Hilarious start to a new season

    I am a big fan of "Friends," and I gave last season of Joey a shot, but I thought the first season lacked the "laugh your butt off" humor I expected. But this two-part episode season premiere is a great, hilarious start to a new season! The writers justly portrayed Joey as the amusing, caring character we all remember so fondly from "Friends." Miguel Nunez, Jr. should be a good addition to the cast--he seemed pretty funny in this episode. Gina and Bobbi's new plot lines should be fun to watch.
  • Very good start!

    First episode of second season is really funny :D. The new character Zach is really good I like him a lot already! I hope he will be a regular guest. Gina as new Bobbie assistant is great too. And first scene with Joey and Alex is the best :D. "I'm still here!", lol :) Really good! I love it!
  • better than last season

    I must admit i was slighly disappointed with the first season. the pilot episode did not live up to its expectations. Coming off the back of Friends was a big ask.
    but this episode was not only funny but conclusive. it wrapped up the things that were opened up at the end of last season.
    Joey's relationship with Alex, and Joeys job position. so we felt a sense of closure.
    this episode was well written. i would have to say it was the funniest episode to date.
    i found myself laughing throughout most of the episode, compared to the once or twice i would usually for an episode of Joey.
    a very good start to the season.
    Joey has stepped above the bar, and seems much more successful that last season
  • Starting out strong

    This season is starting out strong with this episode. This is the best episode of Joey so far beating all the episodes from season 1 hands down. If the rest are like this we are on to a winner!

    The story focuses on Joey hunting for a job and meeting new people along the way. The writers are obviously aiming for a fresh start here and it seems to have worked. It feels different from season 1 of Joey and feels closer to - dare I say it - Friends.

    I hope the rest of the season carries on like this one.
  • The season premiere of Joey

    Oh my GOD this was the best episode ever. It had tons more laughs than normal episodes. Joey is on the set of "Deep Powder" but the fate of his character is still unknown. One extra, named Zach, tries to cheer him up in the hope Joey will help him (Zach) get a line to say. Zach will give Joey some tips about how to live as an actor in Hollywood. Jenna, a young actress-wannabe, moves in the building. She wants to meet Joey, the big star, but she first meets Michael who pretends to be Joey in order to land a date with her. Joey has an audition after he is killed of Deep Powder.
  • Help!!

    Wait do you have to watch this on your own TV or can you watch it on this website? I was wondering why it didn't ask for a credit/debit card... Can someone help? :(