Season 2 Episode 1

Joey and the Big Break (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, Joey throws off the covers to stand and Alex screams 'Still nakes!'

      Very briefly as the cover is thrown off, you can see that Joey is wearing flesh colored spandex.

  • Quotes

    • Zack: I beat out 10 other guys for this part. I am the only one who could fit through the neck hole.

    • (When Joey suggested to do romantic stuff afterwards)
      Alex: So then we would do it backwards.
      Joey: No Alex. We won't have sex at all, this time.
      Alex: Backwards time wise.

    • Gina: It's my first chance to work at a respectable place, with a desk and chair and a bathroom with lock on it, has toilets with seats.
      Joey: Where did you work?

    • Alex: I see the girls who sneak out here in the morning and they are really yucky.
      Joey: That's just Wednesday mornings. Tuesday nights are tough.

    • Joey: How does talking about Michael leads to working for Bobby?
      Gina: How does, you talking about Sarah leads you having sex with Alex?

    • Alex: I love champagne.
      Joey: Technically, in order for it to be called champagne, it has to come from the champagne region of France. This is ... beer.

    • Joey: (about why he and Alex had sex) She was vulnerable, I was upset about Sarah, and, I don't know about her, but I was trying to work off a big meal!

    • Joey: (reading a script) "We need to get rid of the body." No, I've got to make it my own. "We need to take this body and go get it gotten rid of." Yeah, that's how people talk!

    • Joey: Alex, we had sex. I'm sorry, deal with it. Okay? Michael, you're never gonna have sex. You're sorry, deal with it. Okay?

    • Bobbie: (to Gina) This is your desk, and this is your phone, (slaps Gina's butt) and this is your sexual harassment seminar.

    • Michael: Hey Joey, who did you have up here last night? It sounded like a bobcat attacking a seal. (to Alex) Hey Alex, what are you doing here?
      Alex: I'm the seal!

  • Notes

    • This episode finaly aired in the UK on the 29th of April 2007. Allmost 19 months after season one aired in the UK back in 2005.

    • Miguel A. Nunez Jr. joins the cast as Zach. He is now a regular and featured in the opening credits.

    • This episode almost has the same name as an episode of Friends in season 5, that one being called "The One With Joey's Big Break." However, this time Joey actually gets his big break.

    • This is a one-hour season opener episode.

  • Allusions

    • Joey said that he played a role in a Showtime Orignal Movie.

      Showtime is a cable television station that has been on the air since 1976. They show movies, occasional sporting events, and original programming. They often make their own feature length shows, which are called Showtime Original Movies.

    • Zack interrupts a scene and is perturbed that 'the dude that plays Dr. House' could do it and no one said anything.

      Dr. House is played by Hugh Laurie who is the title character in the show House. It is about an acerbic doctor who is a brilliant diagnostician and his cases, both normal and bizarre.

    • Joey is auditioning for Kevin Smith's new movie. He says that Clerks was the best independant film of all times, except for Con Air.

      Kevin Smith's first movie was Clerks, about 2 store clerks who discuss every sort of topic, and their adventures and mishaps in the store.

      Con Air is an action movie starring Nicolas Cage about a plane full of prisoners that successfully mastermind an escape, and the one prisoner who is a good guy (Cage) who has to stop them.

    • It is said that Gina is like Erin Brockovich.

      Erin Brockovich was a single mom who got a job with a legal company. She helped an entire town fight a corporation that had poisoned the water supply accidentally, and nearly single handedly brought the corporation to its knees.

      It is a true story that was made into an Oscar winning movie starring Julia Roberts.

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