Season 2 Episode 2

Joey and the Big Break (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on NBC

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  • The second part!

    The second part is just as funny as the first concluding the story of Joey's quest to land a big role. When Michael tells him he gets a little voice in his head when he is nervous, Joey suffers from it as well. But he realises that all the stress in his life like Alex wanting a perfect next date and Michael trying to score with a girl and Gina struggling with her job is the cause of the little voices. He doesn't get the part but bursting back in the audition room after having a heart-to-heart with Gina, asks the producers for one more chance. He is determined to have a second chance and doesn't let the producers explain that he is in the wrong room. Not knowing what to do, producers start an audition with Joey. This leads to a funny audition with Joey saying lines for an action movie, when the producers read lines said by kids. Near the end he lands a role in a movie and celebrates a t a bar with his family, Bobbie and Zach.

    I didn't really get the 'romantic' scene between Joey and Alex when they were up on the roof but it was a great conclusion to a double lenght season premiere. Keep up the good work writers.
  • Joey goes crazy!

    This episode is part two of the season premiere. It follows on directly with with the first episode and is of the exact same high quality.

    The story is basically Joey going insane and fighting for a job - in very strange ways.

    There is a lot of name dropping in this episode for those eagle eyed of yours and it is actually funny. This episode shows some interesting character developments that were just missing from last season and shows that this time round more thought has been put into it.

    This is a good episode and shows what potential this show has.
  • This is the first review. Why? because nobody watches this silly program anymore.

    seriously lacking in laughs, I'm not going to compare it with friends, but they really need to do something. I watched it because there were times last season that were funny, but this episode was boring, especially the end when Joey and Alex are 'acting' a romantic evening. What was all that about?