Season 2 Episode 17

Joey and the Big Move

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

Joey is in his new house talking to Zach and Michael, telling them about his new stuff. Back at Joey's old apartment, Michael decides to tell Jimmy that he is his real father, but Joey tells him first. Jimmy is confused after this and decides to do the paternity test. Later that night, Joey finally moves to his new house, but the house was on fire. The next day Joey talks to Alex, Michael, Zach and Gina because according to the inspector, one of them burned down Joey's house. It was Gina when she and Jimmy went out there and lit a candle. Jimmy gets the results of his test and he realizes that he is the father of Michael. In the end, Joey feels good for not having to move out, so he can stay with his friends and family.
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