Season 2 Episode 17

Joey and the Big Move

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On Joey's Magna Doodle: What appears to be Joey's truck going duning.

    • Two of Michael's friends would later go on to star as nerdy types in hit shows. Masi Oka (Arthur) went on to play Hiro on Heroes and Simon Helberg (Seth) went on to play Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory.

    • Goof: In the beginning, while Joey is showing the new apartment, Zach stands on Michael´s left side. Next, Zach is holding Michael´s right hand. And when the camera goes away, they´re back at their initial positions.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: I'm gonna miss living with you. These were the best two years of my life.
      Joey: And the most recent two years of mine.

    • Joey: That's my house! My house is on fire! Hey, I live in that house, you gotta do something!
      Fireman: Yeah, we're doing our best. We think we're gonna be able to contain it to the kitchen.
      Joey: (choked) But... that's where the food lives.

    • Joey: I got you a cigar.
      Jimmy: (reading on the wrapper) 'It's a Boy'.
      Joey: They didn't have 'It's a Man'.

    • Jimmy: Hey Michael. How are you doing?
      Michael: (to Joey) You told him?
      Joey: What, how did you know?
      Michael: 'Cause he's not yelling at me.
      Jimmy: What, I yell all the time?!
      Michael: Yes! You're a crazy person!
      Jimmy: It's 'cause you're creepy!!

    • Alex: Why are you always assuming you can take no responsibility and everything will magically just work itself out?
      Howard(enters): Hey Joey, I noticed you weren't packed up so I arranged to have someone do it for you. See ya! (Howard leaves)
      Joey: That was nice, huh? Okey, I don't get everything I want. Like now, I'm wishing that...
      Howard(pops back in): And I will bring you pizza. (Howard leaves)
      Joey:It's tough to learn when God loves me, sooo much.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jimmy asks Joey if he heard Al Franken's radio show, and then mentioned Stuart Smalley.

      Al Franken is a comedian, writer, and politician best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and for his 5 best selling books. Stuart Smalley was his most popular SNL character.

    • When one of Michael's friends goes by speaking Hindi, Gina thinks he is speaking Klingon.

      Klingons are an alien race from the Star Trek universe with a deep, gruff language. There actually is a Klingon dictionary that was written and is popular among Trek fans.

    • Joey found out that Michael was recreating Tom Cruise's underwear dance from Risky Business.

      Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, having a long string of hit movies like Top Gun, the Mission Impossible series, and Jerry Maguire.

      Risky Business was one of Tom Cruise's first movies, about a young man who finds himself needing money quickly after wrecking his father's Porsche while his parents are away. He turns to a high class call girl for help with disasterous and zany results. The scene where he dances alone in his underwear is one of the most popular from the movie and to Tom Cruise fans everywhere.

    • When Joey comes into the house full of Michael's friends, he thinks they are playing Star Wars. They mock him saying Star Wars, not Star Trek. Then Seth says that the USS Enterprise is featured in the Star Wars films and calls the other two friends C-3PO and Chewbacca mockingly.

      Star Wars is the hugely popular series of movies made by George Lucas (there are 6 of them) It has also been made into cartoons, books, and video games, not to mention massive amounts of licensing. Chewbacca and C-3PO are characters from that franchise.

      Star Trek is also a hugely popular space saga created by Gene Roddenbery. The USS Enterprise is the most famous ship featured in most of the series' adventures. Star Trek has also been the subject of many movies, TV shows, books, cartoons, video games and merchandising.

    • Joey says that people can't come over just because they got scared watching an episode of CSI, prompting an outburst from Alex.

      CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) is a massively popular show about criminal forensic experts and the numerous crimes they solve. It often has disturbing plot lines pulled straight from news headlines in real life.