Season 1 Episode 23

Joey and the Breakup

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2005 on NBC

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  • Good episoide, micheal has no luck, really hated the way writer treat micheal

    During the series Micheal has had much luck with women, so when they began the episoide micheal happy and in love i was actually happy. So you can imagine my disappointed when i found out she was older women even older then Gina, it wasn't rocket science, u just knew it wouldn't work-out but i liked how linked into alex story-line about her being depressed which causes her to laugh when he reveal 45 year-old women dumped him. Then line ' i won't be lonely i have you Micheal'.

    Joey, never help ur girlfriend to get another job because she might have to move, still loved the fact they decided to put clifhanger in pre-nulitimate episoide of the season. next week episoide will be the final episoide of the season. so do u think she will move in joey?, we will just have to wait and see.