Season 2 Episode 13

Joey and the Christmas Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Joey and Alex. I think there's nothing more to say about it. A very special episode, really.

    Alex is moving on while Joey is trying to get back on her, because she fooled him about the Mexican divorce. So Alex who has decided to get active again and get her some cute guy, is hitting really hard on Joey. So shortly before they sleep together Gina tells Joey about the feeling that Alex has for him. Joey completely freaks out about that, because he doesn’t want such a relationship right now. So he uses every excuse to get out of the situation in his bedroom. Unfortunately are the only excuses Joey knows excuses some girls told him, the day of Lady Dina’s funeral. So he tries to tell them. It’s a really funny moment and I have to say, Alex looks hotter than ever in this show.
    After this incident at Joey’s bedroom Alex feels miserable and wants to get away from Joey. Joey on the other hand, wants to do everything, that they could stay friends. So Gina has to stop Joey, so he can’t get Alex for everything he thinks would be fun.
    But then the final scene of this episode starts. And because Alex got Joey the perfect Christmas present witch she ordered before the incident, Joey decides to get over to Alex and might start a closer relationship, but the only thing he gets to see is Alex kissing his future neighbour. So the thing we see last, is a disappointed Joey returning home.
    I really hoped that Joey would get together with Alex, as some kind of present to the viewers for Christmas. But it seams, that the show will always be about them tangling around each other.
    This episode had some really funny moments, for example Gina telling Joey, that Michael is acting all confident around girls or the new boyfriend of Bobbie who commands her around.
    But this episode wasn’t that funny as the episode before, but again the show has another really great episode. This time we don’t laugh that much, instead our feelings first belong to Alex and in the end to Joey for being heartbroken. So you can say this episode is a bit more drama than comedy, but I really think the mix was perfect this time.
    Thank you Joey for this beautiful Christmas present.
  • Good episode. Almost as good as the last one.

    Joey finally learns about Alex's feelings because Gina accidentally tells him. He decides not to sleep with her, since they were about to, and Alex feels really bad.

    Alex decides to move on, and decides to stay away from Joey. However, Joey really wants her there. When she arranges snow to fall on the apartment courtyard, Joey decides he wants to give it a shot with Alex. But he goes to see her and she's kissing his neighbor (from the mansion).

    I'm not sure if they're actually going to bring these 2 together. I was hoping that he'd go to her and they'd kiss. I was really disappointed to see her kissing some other dude. Especially that guy. Ugh. I dunno. I don't even know if this show will be on ever again. I like this show.
  • Alex kissing someone else at the end as Joey watches through the window. Too much like Friends!! Eugh!

    Ok where do I start? First of all I found it extremely difficult to pick a classification for this episode because it was hillarious and on top form as usual, but let down by one crucial point - Joey and Alex did not get together! Now I am not just saying this because I am disappointed that they didn't get together in this episode, period, it was the way that they didn't get together. Instead of Joey going out and Alex (in character!) sitting alone in her apartment she was with that sleaze. As the snow falls down we see Joey, shocked, surprised, saddened, watching her through the window - very Friends! How many Ross and Rachel moments have we seen that ended like this, Rachel at the airport early on in the show, Ross walking into the hospital room and Joey with the ring etc etc etc....

    The strength of Joey is that it is not like Friends. Now I will admit the first few episodes of the first season were hard going, but once Joey became successful and broke out of the down and out New York actor guise it really took off. We had seen struggling actor Joey, it had been done, in just the same way that these type of closing scenes have been done to death, now it is time for something else. I think a lot of people don't like Joey because it is not Friends, but in truth it is far better and it will only stay that way if it avoids repeating Friends cliches.

    All that said though, with the exception of the closing scene this was an excellent episode as usual. Zach is just so hilalrious, perfect to bounce off Joey, Gina - fantastic, Michael chatting a girl up talking about his mom's body - classic! A top class episode of a top class comedy and I hope there are many more to come!
  • Having watched this as the second half of a one hour broadcasting block I'm including the previous episode. The running theme of these two episodes is having fun and growing up. They are presented as being opposed to one another, and demonstrate this thro

    Right out of the gate, I know from nothing about this series except the one other episode I watched early on in the first season. So, I know Joey from Friends and his sister and nephew. The other characters were new to me, but I caught on in the one hour I had with them (such is the beauty of good TV writing). I'm not home on Thursdays, so I don't watch Thursday shows -- more's the pity as this one seems to have grown a great deal since I last happened to catch it. I hope it is brought back for the fans and for new fans to be developed. The supporting cast is excellent and there's just enough growth in Joey to really like him.

    Using Joey and Alex's relationship to examine growth and fun and a reconciling of the two, while remaining funny and touching (without being too much so) is a difficult balancing act. As a block, this episode and the one immediately preceeding it are TV gold -- well done, entertaining, and engaging.
  • This was a fine example of what 'Joey' should be. It should be a funny comedy while mixing drama moments and romance. Much like 'Friends' Joey has problems with the girl he actually loves...

    Joey has to think about Alex and see if they should really go at it. This was a hilarious episode (the gay marriage thing was hilarious!) and this is a perfectly good show. It might not be Emmy material, but I thought this episode was. Please NBC, Bring it Back!
  • now wait a sec. didn't i see this one already? oh no, it was friends!

    Looks like they pulled open the can that said:"ideas from 'friends' that might actually be useful for a 'joey' episode." Let me take you back to season one of 'friends' and to show the things that are identical I will put the names of 'joey' behind the names from 'friends'.
    Ross (Alex) has a crush on Rachel (Joey) for quite some time. Ross (Alex) buys a very expensive gift, a broche (Snow in California). when Rachel (Joey) gets this gift, she start to realise that she might have feelings for Ross (Alex). Then she decides to go for it, goes to the airport (Alex' apartment), only to see Ross (Alex) with another girl (man).
    Coincedence? You tell me!
    Oh and just to be clear, I didn't think that this episode sucked, I'm just saying it was pretty familiar.
  • Joey goes with zac and michael to Tijuana. While beeing drunk Joey and Zac get married

    I'd have to say this episode is as good as one of the best Friends Episodes. I'll never forget the face on Matt Leblanc when he sees that the weding tape is not michael but his and zac's. I Really enjoyed it and I really hope this won't be the last Joey Episode
  • Cliffhanger :p

    This was a great cliffhanger, shame the series seem to grind to a close afterwards. This was definatly one of the best episodes of the series, Dean now truely on the seen could become a nemisis ?Stillwaiting to see the next episode is going to be a pain but thankfully its not far off fo us in the sunny UK., As for this episode certainly holds depth of plot over some of the previous. Its a nice twist putting the will he/won\'t on an emotional side which is a far cry from the normal Joey of dumbly but amusingly bounding forward with great comedy value.