Season 2 Episode 13

Joey and the Christmas Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Joey and Alex. I think there's nothing more to say about it. A very special episode, really.

    Alex is moving on while Joey is trying to get back on her, because she fooled him about the Mexican divorce. So Alex who has decided to get active again and get her some cute guy, is hitting really hard on Joey. So shortly before they sleep together Gina tells Joey about the feeling that Alex has for him. Joey completely freaks out about that, because he doesn’t want such a relationship right now. So he uses every excuse to get out of the situation in his bedroom. Unfortunately are the only excuses Joey knows excuses some girls told him, the day of Lady Dina’s funeral. So he tries to tell them. It’s a really funny moment and I have to say, Alex looks hotter than ever in this show.
    After this incident at Joey’s bedroom Alex feels miserable and wants to get away from Joey. Joey on the other hand, wants to do everything, that they could stay friends. So Gina has to stop Joey, so he can’t get Alex for everything he thinks would be fun.
    But then the final scene of this episode starts. And because Alex got Joey the perfect Christmas present witch she ordered before the incident, Joey decides to get over to Alex and might start a closer relationship, but the only thing he gets to see is Alex kissing his future neighbour. So the thing we see last, is a disappointed Joey returning home.
    I really hoped that Joey would get together with Alex, as some kind of present to the viewers for Christmas. But it seams, that the show will always be about them tangling around each other.
    This episode had some really funny moments, for example Gina telling Joey, that Michael is acting all confident around girls or the new boyfriend of Bobbie who commands her around.
    But this episode wasn’t that funny as the episode before, but again the show has another really great episode. This time we don’t laugh that much, instead our feelings first belong to Alex and in the end to Joey for being heartbroken. So you can say this episode is a bit more drama than comedy, but I really think the mix was perfect this time.
    Thank you Joey for this beautiful Christmas present.
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