Season 2 Episode 13

Joey and the Christmas Party

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on NBC

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  • Having watched this as the second half of a one hour broadcasting block I'm including the previous episode. The running theme of these two episodes is having fun and growing up. They are presented as being opposed to one another, and demonstrate this thro

    Right out of the gate, I know from nothing about this series except the one other episode I watched early on in the first season. So, I know Joey from Friends and his sister and nephew. The other characters were new to me, but I caught on in the one hour I had with them (such is the beauty of good TV writing). I'm not home on Thursdays, so I don't watch Thursday shows -- more's the pity as this one seems to have grown a great deal since I last happened to catch it. I hope it is brought back for the fans and for new fans to be developed. The supporting cast is excellent and there's just enough growth in Joey to really like him.

    Using Joey and Alex's relationship to examine growth and fun and a reconciling of the two, while remaining funny and touching (without being too much so) is a difficult balancing act. As a block, this episode and the one immediately preceeding it are TV gold -- well done, entertaining, and engaging.
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